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Marc Davenport, Author & abductee, is gone


Gil Bavel

I just found this on the http://www.livefromroswell.com/2008archives.htm
web site. Marc Davenport, MUFON investigator, Author ofVisitors From Time: The Secret of the UFOs, and my friend, has died. This is the article:

A Sad Note:
Marc Davenport made the transition from this life to the next on Sunday, April 20. Marc was a dedicated seeker of the truth who believed that we all had a right to know. He fought for human rights, liberty, justice, and the preservation of our planet. He was the author of Dear Mr. President: 100 Earth-Saving Letters and Visitors From Time: The Secret of the UFOs.

Marc was married to Leah Ann Haley.

Marc was deeply grateful for all of his friends and supporters. His wishes were that instead of a formal service to mourn his death those who loved him would hold private gatherings to celebrate his life.

The family requests that donations in memory of Marc Davenport be made to Covenant Hospice; 5907 Berryhill Road; Milton, FL 32570 or to the International UFO Museum and Research Center; 114 N Main Street; Roswell, NM 88203.

I'm so shattered by this news right now I don't even know what to say. He had a great impact on me, was an inspiration as a writer and a human being, and did lectures for me at least twice. He hooked me up with Kansas State Sectional Director for MUFON Tom Nicholl, and several other investigator/lecturers.

I can't believe he's gone, and that it took me this long to find out.

He was a very special person, and we will never see his like again. He was kind, generous, intelligent, funny, knowledgeable, thoughtful, well educated, and he did his homework. He never pretended to know what he was talking about if he didn't, and tried never to speculate. He was a scientist, and had a curious and singular mind.

His book made so much sense of the UFO phenomena, and he had a wonderful ability to break down scientific terminology to the lay level so it could be understood by anybody. That's one of the reasons he was such a popular speaker and in such demand.

I had always hoped he was working on another book--in fact, I thought he was just finishing one up last year, just an impulse--I guess I thought he'd always be around, and he was much too young to die so soon.

Here is a photo of Marc, and one of Marc and his wife Leah Haley, who survives him. They are good people. I am so sad for his loss, and whatever else there may be in this universe, it is the lesser without him in it.


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Thank you. He would have been a great guest for the Paracast. Skeptical, save for the fact that he was an experiencer, diligent, nose-to-the-grindstone type. He had a lot of friends in the UFO community, and made friends easily. He graduated from the University of Missouri at Rolla, with an engineering degree, and applied his scientific method to any and all cases that came his way.
I hadn't been in touch with him for about a year, and I miss him dearly already.
This is sad news for me. The Book VISITORS FROM TIME is, perhaps, my all time favorite UFO book. It has such an interesting and insightful "take" on this very strange experience.

I have also read most of Leah Hailey's books, and she is quite clear that her experiences are troubling and haunting. And now this. I feel sad for her.

I highly recommend anyone interested in this very strange phenominon read VISITORS FROM TIME.

peace and strenght to anyone who knew him...
Mike C!
I got a nice response from Leah Haley today, she is glad for the comments and condolences.
Does anyone know what caused his death? Is it impolite to ask, since he was a relatively youngish guy.
I don't know, FW, and as you pointed out, I didn't ask... Leah didn't volunteer. He was young, too young to die... it hearkens me back to Karla Turner's death, because she also died young, but we knew what the reason was--because Marc and Leah sent out cards and notices to everybody they knew in the UFO community about her rare and fast-acting sort of cancer.

I would like to know, too. Hopefully, eventually we'll find out what it was.

I will say this--Marc was more than an environmentalist--his first book, "Dear Mr. President", was a collection of form letters that could be sent off to the environmentalist-in-chief--so presumably he took care of himself.

I have had a meal with the two of them, after a lecture, but I don't remember what they ate... it was a long time ago and after a long day. But it was at Perkins... how good could the food have been? :)

I will share a story about him--I asked him to do a favor for me, and he did it without question--it was kind of shallow now that I think about it--I had a bunch of lecture programs left over, and I mailed them to him for him to autograph so I could sell them for a little more... and he did; he signed a huge stack of them and sent them back. How trivial and tedious of me to ask. But he did without a thought. What a true hero of mine he is. A really great human being.
Marc Davenport, Author & abductee, is gone

Here is the autographed lecture program of Marc Davenport.

I still have a few left, they're $5 postpaid in the U.S.



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Marc Davenport, Author & abductee, is gone

Marc Davenport update--Cause of death known

I have some difficult, new information about Marc's death.

Apparently, Marc also died of a difficult form of brain cancer, as did Karla Turner.

His was called [FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]medullary carcinoma. You can only imagine how horrible it would be to have this kind of cancer and know it.

[FONT=Trebuchet MS, Arial, Helvetica]
If you check out this URL, there are some podcasts with Leah from when Marc had been diagnosed, and she also talks about her ongoing abductions and MILAB encounters. There's also some discussion of his final visit to Eureka Springs for the UFO convention there, when he was on oxygen, and couldn't get out of the car--knowing it would be his last. It's very sad.

This is going to be a hard one to let go of--why are these abductees/researchers dying of brain cancer? And why so quickly? If you look at the picture of Marc on the web site I listed, and the picture of him that I posted above, they look like they were taken 30 years apart. It's been only fifteen.

I think maybe there is something here more than just plain coincidence. Katharina Wilson would be the next logical one to fall--but I don't know if she's still active. Or how this scheme to knock off medium-sized researchers that are too close to the truth goes.

I don't want to make this sound like a bad J-horror film, but I think there is something more mysterious than UFOs behind this.
Marc Davenport, Author & abductee, is gone

What an incredible and serendipitous find this was. I've been moving recently and came across an old letter from Marc Davenport, from even before he spoke here.

I'll just let the letter speak for itself. I didn't know I had it, and I don't expect to find anything more. Enjoy.


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