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Look At The UFOs In This Video! well maybe


Paranormal Adept
Now I have your attention. :D

Videos like this although cool tend to annoy me for a number of reasons.

The first is the jump right to a UFO/ETH conclusion without first looking at the environment that this video is taken in.

For a start what we are seeing could be anything form ice to tiny bits of insulation and basic space junk. We have no really relative point of reference for distance so how can we tell if these are simple not just centimeters or a few meters from the camera? Well we don't.

There have been very few of these videos that really catch my eye the best of which Don broke to the world same time ago.

Anyway see what you think.



Paranormal Maven
I'm sure space junk would be the first explanation from NASA but I don't think that is what they are. There must of been something very interesting that came into view when the *cough* technical difficulties began to occur. Maybe they really have no idea of what these elusive objects are. They don't seem to interfere with any missions so they just ignore them because there's nothing they can do about them and there not a threat. Perhaps they know what these objects are, but we're still at square one because there not telling us this information. I don't have a good explanation for these UFOs and I guess that's what keeps it interesting, even though I think it would be even more interesting to know what they are. Thanks for the post.