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Lights, going for you? Everyone else experiencing?


Paranormal Maven
Hi, thought I write here. I had again this experience, that I actually did earlier sent photos here.

I was about to go into a taxi cab (a car), when I looked up and saw it. It was this blinking blue-white thing.

I could see clearly that it was sometime beneath clouds, so it was maybe 4000ft. Lower clouds occlused it for time.
I'm a pilot (PPL) so I do know.

Only thing I could think is that its not military, Russians, or anything like that.

Do any on you have any similar experiences?
Considering that aircraft don't use blue lights as navigational markers, this could be something unusual. The UFOs seen around the time of the 1973 Pascagoula abduction event were all described as having an intense blue light.
Its strange indeed, I've seen it now three times over last 5 years in the same area. Oddly it has not been in exact same position, but close. Its completely stationary and brightness varies.. Pictures don't make proper account for its brightness. Stars were well visible behind clouds when I took that picture above.... Its very blue indeed, I was thinking at least as blue as Rigel, but 100x brighter...

I suppose a little personal background is good here: I'm professional engineer, and I also took astronomy at the uni. I also have a Private Pilot's licence PPL(A) so I'm very familiar with aircraft lights and the airspace above. So I guess I can say with little weight that this is not a plane, satellite, Iridium flare, Russian rocket, Venus, meteor, Chinese lantern, drone or anything like that. I've gotten access to local UFO research archives to find out if there are anything like that reported locally...