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Let's Help Phyllis Galde & Fate Magazine

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
As you know, Fate magazine was an originator among paranormal magazines, founded in 1948 under the direction of Ray Palmer and Curtis Fuller.

It has since gone through several owners including Phyllis Galde, a friend of the show.

Well I received an email from a friend of hers about her recent stroke. Phyllis has a long road ahead for recovery, and we wish her the best.

It's a tragedy in the United States that not all of her bills are covered by insurance, so her friends have set up a GoFund me account to help her with the remaining medical bills and living expenses.

Here's the link:

Here's the letter with more information:

Hi, my name is Meg Tobin and I am a friend of Phyllis Galde. Phyllis recently had a severe hemorrhagic stroke. She was admitted to the ICU at Mission Hospital in Asheville NC, eventually transferring to the neurology unit. After discharge, she was transferred to in-patient rehabilitation at Care Partners in Asheville.

Phyllis spent one month at Care Partners receiving intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy. The area of the brain where the bleed occurred affects coordination, balance, and fine motor skills. Initially, she could not walk and her speech was quite impaired. Through these therapies, she eventually was able to walk with a walker and her speech improved. Eventually, she was discharged to her home with assistance from loving friends and family who have traveled long distances from all parts of the country to assist with her care. She received home health care services from Pardee Home Health. A group of wonderful nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists have helped in her recovery journey. She is very fortunate to have amazing medical services in her community which saved her life. Not all services were covered by insurance, which has resulted in sizable medical bills.

Phyllis is optomistic about her recovery, but at this time she still requires the use of a walker and cannot drive. Her time in the hospital and rehabilitation center has been detrimental to her businesses, FATE Magazine and Galde Press, which has led to reduced revenue and income. She has been unable to do any computer work with the magazine for the last 4 months. Family and friends have assisted in customer service and filling orders to the best of their abilities. FATE is a "labor of love" for Phyllis. She continues to receive notes from readers about the stories they love to read and how much they enjoy the magazine. These notes keep her forging ahead with a skeleton staff and limited resources. A response to a letter in Issue 738 sums this up.

Phyllis lives on her farm with her animal companions including cats, dog, goats, pig, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl. Her stroke has prevented her from caring for them and she has required outside help in their maintenance. The animals are her company on the farm and bring much joy to her.

Funds will be used to pay for medical bills and living expenses.

Thank you for reading her story.