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John F. Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy


Paranormal Adept
I conceded in my previous post above there are many secret groups or individuals that would want to assassinate ANY President, and I gave examples AFTER JFK. So, this is an ongoing problem and threat to the Presidency.

You propose all kinds of conspiracy theories as to why JFK was murdered, and you rely on the one bullet theory being false and that Oswald did not try to murder General Walker. I do rely on these being true, and that is just a difference of opinion. You have no proof for your theories. You need to disprove the NOVA program I referred you to.

But I agree with you, there are many reasons why secret groups and individuals wanted JFK dead. So what? It's impossible to prove "who all" specifically did it and why. There are many dangerous people or groups within secret or open government operations of all kinds, and that includes private or criminal operations too. I don't think the American people know the truth about what goes on that's illegal or immoral within these organizations, and the media reporting is unable to investigate such corruption when money is not spent to do it.

This is part of the decay of our culture, so unless the Internet is going to somehow reverse these conditions it will only get worse. What's worse is the high cost of education is forcing people to focus only on education for specific work occupations, but the education of a good citizen with excellent thinking skills to improve society is out.

The 1% destroy the education system, the media reporting, and they control the governments too. What's new? Until there is some natural or man made worldwide disaster the populations seem pacified, and the 1% already have their bunker caves to evacuate to too.

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
Nope. I propose only one theory which includes many subterfuges which are as the Donald Sutherland character in the movies says. -Black Ops and Plausible Deniability. I know the game well, you won't read and want to think NOVA has something new to offer. I saw a similar new presentation which I consider laughable on TV about a year ago. You can make a lot of money doing this stuff.

But it is true I identify the real culprits and propose corrective action which dovetail with what JFK was going to do. You do not need an education - especially not to earn money or get a job. Your point about a good citizen is correct - but no school even begins to approach doing that until late in a Master's Program.

We are not taught to think and our teachers are not taught anything but testing. See Kaoru Yamamoto in the Kuiper's Social Science Encyclopedia - put his name in your browser along with mine and you'll probably find an article called The Testing Industry.

Can you demonstrate you have read anything I presented? Maybe you could tell me who I identify as the culprits in charge. Who confessed on behalf of the military? Why was it done? Not the hide the ball theories but the actual players. Hide the Ball is what you are caught up in.

Here is Chomsky from JFKs neck of the woods and era. He makes a great point about education and politics which VERY few people grasp and you will almost never see a documentary or media coverage about.

McCarthyism and America's Backing of the USSR

The technocrats or courtesans of Jesuit corporate trade empire in the Americas were to become the cause of internecine Catholic battles and the disbanding of their Order on more than one occasion. Weishaupt formed the Bavarian Illuminati during one of these periods of disagreement. He had founding fathers including St. Germain (De Medicis), Goethe, William of Hesse who is related to Lord Mountbatten's family, and Mayer Amschel Rothschild who was working with Professor Oppenheim and who I think is of the family Oppenheimer. They are said to be Merovingian but I did not know much about that matter at this point in my life. John Oppenheimer and I became close friends and he wished to have me manage his south London printing company in the early 80s as the Common Market was about to flourish. The developer of the atom bomb was his cousin and we had a most interesting lunch at the Admiralty Club as my voice was heard to echo and the patrons mouths did drop, as I said Russia was a victim and there was no need of armaments or defenses if truth be known. This was before the Berlin Wall came down and I did explain the economic reasons for my position which I now know was fact a lot more than I was aware at that point in time.


There are many ways I can illustrate that Stalin was the CEO of Russia on behalf of the international financiers that include Lord Rothschild who told the Czar he would do what he did. Stalin was a Catholic trained seminarian. Here is Noam Chomsky making a most important connection.

Politics has become something totally absurd. We see Mr. Chomsky makes a good case for something quite the opposite of what people call democracy, being in fact, social engineering by elites.

"A similar move from Stalinist commissar to celebration of America is quite standard in modern history, and it doesn't require much of a shift in values, just a shift in judgment as to where power lies.

Independently of Jefferson and Bakunin, others were coming to the same understanding in the nineteenth century. One of the leading American intellectuals was Charles Francis Adams, who in 1880 described the rise of what is now called the "post-industrial society" by Daniel Bell and Robert Reich and John Kenneth Galbraith and others. This is 1880, remember. A society in which, Adams says, 'the future is in the hands of our universities, our schools, our specialists, our scientific men and our writers and those who do the actual work of management in the ideological and economic institutions.' Nowadays they're called the "technocratic elite" and the "action intellectuals" or the new class or some other similar term. Adams, back in 1880, concluded that 'the first object of thinking citizens, therefore, should be not to keep one or another political party in power, but to insist on order and submission to law.' Meaning that the elites should be permitted to function in what's called "technocratic isolation," by the World Bank -- I'm being a little anachronistic here, that's modern lingo -- or, as the London Economist puts the idea today, 'policy should be insulated from politics.' That's the case in free Poland, they assure their readers, so they don't have to be concerned about the fact that people are calling for something quite different in free elections. They can do what they like in the elections, but since policy is insulated from politics and technocratic insulation proceeds, it really doesn't matter. That's democracy.

A decade earlier, in 1870, Adams had warned -- they were worried then about universal suffrage, people were fighting for the right to vote -- he warned that universal suffrage would 'bring the government of ignorance and vice, with power in the hands of the European and especially Celtic proletariat on the Atlantic coast,' those horrible Irish people, 'an African proletariat on the shores of the Gulf and a Chinese proletariat on the Pacific.' Adams didn't foresee the sophisticated techniques that would be developed in the twentieth century to ensure that policy remains insulated from politics as the franchise was extended through popular struggle and to guarantee that the general public would remain marginalised and disaffected, subdued by the new spirit of the age and coming to see themselves not as free people who have a right to dignity and independence but as atoms of consumption who sell themselves on the labour market, at least when they're lucky.

Adams was in fact expressing an old idea. Eighty years earlier Alexander Hamilton had put it clearly. He said there was the idea that your people are a great beast and that the real disease is democracy. That's Hamilton. These ideas have become ever more entrenched in educated circles, as Jefferson's fears and Bakunin's predictions were increasingly realised. The basic attitudes coming into this century were expressed very clearly by Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, attitudes that led to Wilson's Red Scare, as it was called, which destroyed labour and independent thought for a decade." (2)

So Oswald supposedly was after a fascist corporate General for being a person calling Democrats pinkos. Not anything but garbage! He lived in Russia, was Marina as stupid as this - they knew Russia was not Communist. Only J. Edgar and a few McCarthy types bought that nonsense. And Oswald knew Castro was something like a Communist. He was involved in Operation Mongoose or other anti-Castro efforts but also wants to kill someone who is against communism. Is he a supporter of communists or not? Was Kennedy left leaning like the Senators the General was calling pinkos? Why kill Kennedy? No way he was a lone nutter!
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Paranormal Adept
So Oswald supposedly was after a fascist corporate General for being a person calling Democrats pinkos. Not anything but garbage! He lived in Russia, was Marina as stupid as this - they knew Russia was not Communist. Only J. Edgar and a few McCarthy types bought that nonsense. And Oswald knew Castro was something like a Communist. He was involved in Operation Mongoose or other anti-Castro efforts but also wants to kill someone who is against communism. Is he a supporter of communists or not? Was Kennedy left leaning like the Senators the General was calling pinkos? Why kill Kennedy? No way he was a lone nutter!
All we need to see is the actual note. It is written in Russian, so Marina could read it. No other Americans would likely know how to write in Russian, and, also, mimic the handwriting style of Oswald.

IF you say that is a set-up too, then we have a vast conspiracy on our hands that was widespread considering that evidence turned-up later. And, Oswald was dead by that time too. I'm sure Oswald's fingerprints could have been taken on the note if there were any doubts at the time, so your conspiracy theory will have to take a giant leap to incorporate this kind vast conspiracy including fraud and forgery within the FBI and/or secret services, etc. These are very unlikely to be the same people in on the murder conspiracy you believe in.

I don't think the note is a fraud, forgery, and part of the conspiracy, imo. Also, you do NOT support the one bullet theory too, and you need to debunk the NOVA show. It's only about 50 minutes viewing time, so if you're sincere about following new evidence to get to the truth you will watch it and prove it's BS, imo. You are the one that wrote the book about the conspiracy including the one bullet idea as being impossible. Not me.

I have some things to be doing for the next several days offline, so I won't likely be responding much to your posts until next week. You are certainly a new welcome forum member with your vast knowledge base that is well beyond the capacity of most of us to absorb, so you will have to be patient for some of us to attempt to fully understand what you write about.
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Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
So Oswald was not a communist hater and he was an equal opportunity serial killer Marina liked. NO ONE in America speaks Russian or writes it and has enough money to pay Marina to say it is his hand-writing? My brother did at that time. I am sure he would have done whatever he was ordered to do. No actually he didn't go to Russia or learn to write Russian until about a decade later. OK, If that is what you or the Warren Commission want to believe - who cares? The one bullet explanation they gave is roundly disproven in almost all people's minds including Connally who was the recipient of one of the bullets and who kept the lie alive as a good soldier until his death. The majority of Americans think it was a lie.

My book dealt with all American Assassinations as well as it's Aspirations. Who created America and why. And if you think true history has no plans or planners and media fairly presents history - you are a fool. FDR said; "If it happened it was planned." I cannot say if FDR was a total dupe and alter or slave of occult forces just because he was run by two occultists. I am pretty sure Woodrow Wilson was.

I had a brief sojourn inside the bowels of the Dragons and a Wiccan group with a leader named Lady Morgana - for about six months. She was involved with the Rat Pack and knew the Kennedys personally (wink). She was the last consort for Gary Cooper and her 18 year younger sister was also a top looker, world class. Shortly before I met her Mel Gibson chased her through the lobby of Treasure Island or whatever Steve Wynn Casino was built at that time. Many of these Wiccans thought I was a looker and did the possession stuff on me, and tried to do more. Have you read the link on Colonel House I put here somewhere? It is titled The MOST Important Man of the 20th Century.

I got a little on Mary Jo and Marilyn from Morgana. We talked for two weeks before I joined her coven and took courses with them. She said "Why do you want to join us, you know so much?" To my face, she said that; but later I found out from another High Priestess under her who I was dating that she said I was "A Machiavellian Prince sent to overturn her Temple." That was a little less than two decades ago, and I really was floored to find she had this lady I was dating spying on me. I did not really know much about the Dragons and thought her larger or higher up Dragon leaders she had told me about had nothing to fear from me. But what I have written is what they may have feared.

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
Oh, I should add. Her younger sister who went by the magical name Lady Blackwing Ravenheart and who the Navajo Elders who took her in to live with them when her mother died in the two years I lived in Vegas after meeting them - called her their Keltic Warrior. My magical name was Tuatha as in Tuatha De Danaan. Ravenheart was a top scholar who The Discovery (HBO or whatever) Channel hired and she found them totally and morally corrupt so quit their high paid job after six months. She took pictures of mine of a Stele I found near the Pelota at Chichen Itza to her friend Al Bielek. No interviewer who I heard interview him knew anything or simply allowed his crap to go unchallenged. She was a Masters Degreed archaeologist and believed she had an implant by aliens. I witnessed her give a lecture while Speaking in Tongue and channelling her Melungeon forbears. She did not remember saying what we heard her say.

I can explain implants in her case were not alien despite what she thought or believed. I have been involved with more powerful High Priestesses and scientific control subjects of paranormal research including by the FRNM and Baba Ram Dass or Esalen.

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
You may think the albino who wore thorns around his genitalia or flagellated himself was a fiction made from a creative mind in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Opus Dei and The Pilgrims or Beacon Hill Mob along with an inner sanctum of European nobility inside the Knights of Malta are all just fictions too. My oldest brother and I were targets of the Head of The Knights of Malta in Canada when we were young. Our Regimental Sargent-Major named Joe Frendo-Cumbo was a very outgoing friendly sort and I wondered what he knew or saw in us. He only pursued us as far as I know but some others higher up or older members of the officer's club were probably in the Knights. At the time I knew almost nothing about Camp X or my own name including being named after a founder of a Templar re-organization in Scotland which may be the earliest Rosicrucian society you will find in history. Of course the name does not make it so just because it is the first such group with Rosicrucianus in it. Yep, we are related to Robert the Bruce as my father had said was a family legend. I did find proof a few years ago.

Study this link hard. Here is one little part of it which you really have to take a month or so of further research to grasp. JFK and Khrushchev were going to end the Cold War. Rockefeller made his first visit to Moscow to direct an end to Khrushchev just a weekend before it happened. Do not accept any meaning attributed to the word 'communist'.

"Daniele Ganser, 'NATO's Secret Armies', p. 70-71: "On election day in April 1963 the CIA nightmare materialised: The Communists gained strength while all other parties lost seats.... the Socialists were also given cabinet posts in the Italian government under Prime Minister Aldo Moro of the left-wing of the DCI [Christian Democratic Party]... Kennedy had allowed Italy to shift to the left. As the Socialists were given cabinet posts the Italian Communists, due to their performance at the polls, also demanded to be rewarded with posts in the cabinet and in May 1963 the large union of the construction workers demonstrated in Rome. The CIA was alarmed and members of the secret Gladio army disguised as police and civilians smashed the demonstration leaving more than 200 demonstrators injured. (46) But for Italy the worst was yet to come. In November 1963, US President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, under mysterious circumstances. And five months later the CIA with SIFAR, the Gladio secret army and the paramilitary police carried out a right-wing coup d'état which forced the Italian Socialists to leave their cabinet posts they had held only for such a short period. Code-named 'Piano Solo' the coup was directed by General Giovanni De Lorenzo whom Defence Minister Giulio Andreotti of the DCI had transferred from chief of SIFAR to chief of the Italian paramilitary police, the Carabinieri. In close cooperation with CIA secret warfare expert Vernon Walters, William Harvey, chief of the CIA station in Rome, and Renzo Rocca, Director of the Gladio units within the military secret service SID, De Lorenzo escalated the secret war. Rocca first used his secret Gladio army to bomb the offices of the DCI and the offices of a few daily newspapers and thereafter blamed the terror on the left in order to discredit both the Communists and the Socialists. (47)" Andreotti earned the label "the most powerful man in Rome, after the Pope" in the 1960s."

Le Cercle membership list - Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics

Robert Baird

Paranormal Maven
I do not know if you know about Gehlen and other activities in the post war era falsely called a Cold War. It was in fact a Hegelian Dialectic manoeuvre which Eisenhower addresses in his Military-Industrial Complex speech. It is in a scroll in the Movie JFK if memory serves.

Reinhard Gehlen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I met a former member of the Waffen SS about 18 years ago in Belize. He was in charge of the German Auto Club in Canada and he read a book I had done on the Pyramids. He was from Toronto and familiar with some artistic work my company had done. I suspect his wife was a Krupp, she was there but after a couple of times she did not come with him to talk with me. ITT and Krupp as well as many other German industrialists had strong ties in America. You could go so far as to say these international cronies funded both Hitler and the rise of tyranny in Russia (NOT communism). Prescott Bush was one of the people found guilty by US courts. Oh enough about that, I have covered it here already I think. (Search Manchurian Candidate stuff for Jupiter Island)

We talked openly about secret associations or Brain Trusts which were warranted due to the total lack of transparency and outright denial of facts. That denial included Nuremberg Trials refusal to allow reasonable defenses showing American and British backing of Hitler as well as the use of mind control methods co-developed by all parties. He agreed that his Auto Club was just a front, he confirmed or was surprised to hear I knew about his neighbors at the Bayview Country Club and how I used that knowledge to thwart an attempt on my life or my company. That is where the Mafia head honchos met. Toronto today has a lot of top worldwide Mafia types living in Woodbridge. Laws were created clandestinely to protect them. If anyone wants to know more I can wax eloquent on it and the Iron Duke, Francis Cutaiah (sp), Morton Schulman and more.

This link takes you to Gehlen's Organization and proof of major efforts I suspect he knew full well about. In fact I think he was a member. I have also posted a link to the Cercle or Le Cirque (Not the great New York restaurant.) which included Konrad Adenauer mentioned in this report of 60 year old documents confirming things I discussed with my Belizean German friend.

"The new discovery was brought about by a coincidence. Historian Agilolf Kesselring found the documents -- which belonged to the Gehlen Organization, the predecessor to the current foreign intelligence agency -- while working for an Independent Historical Commission hired by the BND to investigate its early history. Similar commissions have been hired by a number of German authorities in recent years, including the Finance and Foreign Ministries to create an accurate record of once hushed-up legacies.

Kesselring uncovered the documents, which were given the strange title of "Insurances," while trying to determine the number of workers employed by the BND.

Instead of insurance papers, Kesselring stumbled upon what can now be considered the most significant discovery of the Independent Historical Commission. The study he wrote based on the discovery was released this week.

An Ease in Undermining Democracy

The file is incomplete and thus needs to be considered with some restraint. Even so, its contents testify to the ease with which democratic and constitutional standards could be undermined in the early years of West Germany's existence.

According to the papers, German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer didn't find out about the existence of the paramilitary group until 1951, at which point he evidently did not decide to break it up."

Wehrmacht Veterans Created a Secret Army in West Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Some day soon I will discuss an OSS (retired as General and brother of a four star general) who provided me so much about Kennedy and Bush along with an inside man at a Cabot and Lodge institution who gave me more five years later, when I returned to the Northeast.

Fedora Chronicles

Paranormal Maven
Oswald Didn't Act Alone: The Fedora Chronicles Rants
Nov 22, 2014 - Eric Renderking Fisk discusses The Kennedy Assassination and proof that Oswald had accomplices or didn't do it at all.

For an English II final project I had to take a controversial subject, research it and then make a convincing argument for or against an aspect of this subject. I was supposed to read six books, but I read nine.

If you're interested, the article is there and I don't want to waste our time by trying to reiterate or paraphrase it.

If Gene and Chris ever do a show on this event, I would like to be a part of it in some way.


Paranormal Maven
Instead of asking who killed Kennedy ask why Kennedy was killed. Who benefited and what changed.

Most likely he was taken out by the CIA or someone in the State Department. There has always been a big revolving door between the CIA, State Department and the Oil Companies which very often forced presidential policies, particularly when it came to the Middle East. Kennedy was very much aware of it and wanted to reduce their hold on the White House and the country as a whole. He wanted to break up the agency (CIA). Of course the CIA wouldn't have any of it and they came up with a clever plot to eliminate the threat.

If you remember, during the Carter administration, there was an intelligence report produced by the CIA that Soviet Union was running out of oil, and the United States must do whatever it takes to arm the Saudis with the latest US weapons in order to protect them in case the Russians decided to make a move on the region. President Carter reluctantly based his policies on this report and of course as it was later discovered it was a complete fabrication, designed to raise the price of oil and make Saudi Arabia the dominant force in the Middle East.

BTW, LBJ was very much connected to the oil business as well.


Paranormal Adept
This guy seems to have a pretty good understanding of everything. I really like this video. They have audio recordings of the guy laying out the assassination plan WEEKS before Dallas. They are eerily similar to the actual events. Moreover, they show that ANOTHER gun was also discovered near the shooting.

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Paranormal Maven
I heard a different theory on the "Bob & Tom" show once that seemed logical... JFK'S wife was nagging in his ear in the car and he finally had enough and took his own life....

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