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January 5, 2020 — Jerome Clark and Chris Rutkowski

Gene Steinberg

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Paranormal Novice
I was interested in the discussion of the Patterson bigfoot encounter and film footage.

Jerry Clark suggested an ape-like creature may have been what Patterson filmed.

I'd like to insert a blow-up of the Patterson creature's face:


My impression is decidedly, the creature does not appear to be an ape, but rather, a large humanoid.

** Also, I was extremely interested in what was new information to me, when Jerry mentioned that it's not uncommon, when viewers of anomalous phenomena photograph what they see, the camera records a bright blurry area, as opposed to what the observer's eye saw. That's encouraging. The observer wasn't crazy.

I tend to suspect that these "real but not always present" phenomena may well be items crossing into our presence from other dimensions.

-- Squirrel
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USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
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I was interested in the discussion of the Patterson bigfoot encounter and film footage ...

Lie Detector - Unlike Travis Walton, Heironimus passes

Why anyone still believes the Patterson story is beyond me
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Gene Steinberg

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Again, Chris and Jerry also appeared on After The Paracast, part of our Paracast+ subscription service.

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