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Jan Harzan, MUFON Exec... Pedophile?

Creepy Green Light

Paranormal Adept
MUFON will not recover from this. It is effectually the beginning of the end for this Ufological dinosaur. I say goodbye and good riddance. They’ve added exactly ZERO to the understanding or explanation of the phenomena generally referred to as “Ufology.”

Perhaps some of the more serious-minded directors and team members will re-form into a new organization better suited to collecting and sharing ufo data.

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MUFON's been a joke since the 90's. Especially all the B.S. in "Filers Files".


Paranormal Adept
Institutional amnesia by design. Some intrepid researcher should take the time and make the effort to compile a history of all the troubling decisions, actions, statements, social media posts and behaviors of everyone involved with MUFON from the State Directors on up through executive ranks and board members. I think it would be eye-opening once compiled and we could see the toxicity of the “inner circle.”

Exec. Dir. Jan Harzan’s pedophilia. Former director of abduction research, John Carpenter, selling confidential patient info to Bigelow for personal profit. State Dir. John Ventre’s unacceptable comments. Board member and “channeler” JZ Knight’s all-around batshit craziness, including anti-semitism and racist comments.

That’s just off the top of my head. If social media feeds were researched of all State Directors I shudder to think of the dark, ignorant, negative posts and alt-right and QAnon opinions that would be found.

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