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It's not very interesting, but...


Skilled Investigator
I remember as a kid, probably 2nd grade, I saw some lights in the sky over the woods next to my house, and a friend was with me, about a year younger. She saw it, too. And I told my parents about it and so they remember it, or at least my mom does. And I remember drawing the event up for some school assignment we had to do that week that was supposed to recount what happened recently in our lives (I don't really remember, but I remember drawing it). Anyway, it was several red lights in the sky, as I recall, buzzing about. There was no sound. I could not figure out how it could be a spotlight or a balloon. They were up there for at least 20 minutes it seemed like. Just kind of.... well, I'd probably need hypnosis to remember it properly, but I've never known if that stuff works or is just leading questions that formulate false memories. Plus I've wondered if some of those hypnotists in the UFO community aren't using their sessions for surreptitious purposes, especially since they involve so many women. But anyway in the night sky, that time it must have been 1991 or so. And I was a fan of Unsolved Mysteries, so I already knew about UFOs. I know that doesn't sound plausible that a 2nd grader was into Unsolved Mysteries, but I was. I think it was 2nd grade. Maybe it was 3rd. Anyway, the lights eventually came together as one and turned a white light and flew off. And that especially did not seem like any craft I knew of. So I don't know what that was about. In later years it made me wonder if I could be remembering the faint traces of an abduction sequence, especially since it involved the woods and I did go into the woods, but not that far in. The woods was right next to our house. Anyway see how these stories are? They're always so vague as to be useless.