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Is the classic alien abduction memories morphing into Secret Space Program memories?

Discussion in 'The UFO Forum' started by SheaOlmsford, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. SheaOlmsford

    SheaOlmsford Paranormal Adept

    Aug 27, 2017
    Likes Received:
    In this post I posit the idea that the UFO Phenomena (whatever THAT may really be) might be morphing before our eyes. Or....maybe not.

    Some of the non-nuts & bolts researchers have suggested that as the mainstream becomes quite comfortable or at least jaded about "alien abduction", that the phenomena behind it all (a control system as Jacques Vallee suggested decades ago?) may morph into something NEW.

    Is that possibly happening now>

    Corey Goode has created the science fiction solar system upon which others are now laying their own tales of supposed recovered memories. They even use the same terminology.

    This is how memes spread. I have studied the infectious nature of memes in history, especially in areas where there can be no evidential support, such as in religion, e.g., sightings of Mary, Saints, and Jesus. Everyone takes their personal experience LITERALLY, even if a more sophisticated view might be that ALL such experiences originate from one Trickster Source. This source gives the abductee and experiencer one of several motifs, such as benevolent service-to-others space brothers versus vicious service-to-self aliens. And these 2 camps fight each other over which is real. Same goes for visions of Christian or Islamic religious characters. There are even valid sightings of black magicians on UFOs with glowing red eyed black dogs!

    Is ALL of this conflicting information true? Is there literally a science fiction world of space fleets (e.g., Babylon 5 or The Expanse) floating around the solar system, fighting among themselves with Flash Gordon and Battlestar Galactica ambiance? Or could this all be false memories or staged physical events made to overwhelm the psyche of the recipient? What if EVERY such experience, including SSP experiences that totally match Corey Goode's fictions, are all a smoke screen? You were on Mars. I was taken to the Pleiades. Someone else was taken to the inner-Earth. Another was taken through time to ancient Atlantis. Yet another was taken to Draco to watch the Reptilian aristocracy feed on humans. And,. of course, another person was taken to the Galactic Federation, The Council of Nine, The Council of 12, the Saturnian Alliance, the Dark Alliance, the Ashtar Command, the Arcturian Consortium, The Confederation of Elders, The Dave Clark 5, The Galactic Core of Ascended Masters, the Space Command where you met Duck Dodgers.....On and on it goes.

    Back in the 1980's, the meme was pretty much about alien abduction, based on the books by Budd Hopkins, Whitley Strieber and John Mack. The entire meme was "aliens from space are abducting us." This meme ran strong for 30+ years and still has many adherents. But to the mainstream culture who loves to slum it in the alternative community, it has become quite stale as a meme. It is turning green with mold around the edges.

    So what has energized it? THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM meme! Now experiencers are not having fleeting memories of alien abduction obsessed with our genitals. We've moved on from that. Now experiencers are having fleeting memories of participation in the SSP. This gives people a lot more drama and power. No longer are they merely victims of unfeeling aliens or benefactors of space brother wisdom (which you could find in any Hallmark Card). Now they are highly trained 007 Agents! Now they are endowed with incredible Ninja skills. What lonely alienated (no pun intended) 20 something could resist? But to me it is all just part of the game. There is an actual intelligence around us, and it likes to play the TRICKSTER card, which is an eternal archetype. It plays with us, gives us wild stories that seem true, and watches us trot back to the ant colony to spread our tales.

    Their purpose? I do not know except that it doesn't seem to benefit the recipient in any way, except to perhaps inflate the EGO. "I am not just a loser who has trouble in normal social encounters. NOW I am a highly trained soldier that once graced the halls of a starship like the Enterprise!"

    To these kids of ufology (mostly in their 20's) I say this. Listen, kids. Take a step back from these simplistic SYFY channel story lines and look for who (like in the Wizard of Oz) might be creating all these memes in the first place. Who has downloaded all this into your minds, and why? The more you remain only at a fundamentalist level that takes every report LITERALLY, the less likely you are to find the ultimate truth.

    So to wrap this up:

    1. Has the source of this phenomena (if there is but one source) moved on? Is it phasing out the abduction scenario and now giving humans memories of SSP involvement?

    2. Are these "kids" just making things up, are they mentally ill or are they literally having memories resurface of SSP involvement?

    3. If so, are we to just automatically assume that the entire wild and wacky Flash Gordon world of SSP tales is literally true? Or are we to start wondering if this is yet another delusion foisted upon people by the Trickster element that may have been providing us with the alien abduction scenario?

    Whatdaya think?

    If you don't think this is happening, check out as much of this YOUTUBE video as you can stand. These people are starting to pop out of the wood work and organize as a community.

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  2. blowfish

    blowfish Whittingham

    Jan 24, 2010
    Likes Received:
    In space and passing through time.
    Very good post and going on this excellent blog by researcher Mr Chalker theozfiles: The Australian scientist who was a potent part of the UFO "Invisible College" - Dr. Michael Duggin (1937-2016) - a tribute find your question interesting regarding the Secret Space Program. Being in the camp of most likely hidden assets for any major all out conflict which could result in nuclear warfare its plausible. One aspect reading into Mr Chalker blog ( Gene and Chris nice to see him back on the Paracast soon) was 'the father and daughter Eyewitness Case in Australia' of seeing the UFO (whatever they are human action or non human) .Weather and fact the child was on her own during the sighting and other cases of children , disabled and adults , animals going missing in bad weather conditions can its 'Modus Operandi ' ? Also slavery in humans civilisations in the past is not new and still ongoing today in many parts of the World. In addition, youth blood taken by high end for youth regeneration through private blood banks are out there. Long space travel would need a number of facilities and effects on humans traveling through space would impact the body. For example we all seen the effect of anti-gravity on the astronauts during space stints and fact they have to be carry into a ambulance for medical checkup after. Referring to Barney and Betty Case how could the humans in the spaceship able to walk off the so called UFO / Flying Saucer if they came from secret space program from outer space and yes it plausible a stage affair ? However, highly risky they new a number of the top brass and where are the de-classified files if it was a MK type operation on them? Therefore, we need to sort the wheat from the chaff regarding the UFO subject of the unknown.
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2017

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