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Interesting Triangle Craft ARV?


Skilled Investigator
Saw this recently (last couple of weeks) on Above Top Secret ... so I'm thinking (and looking at it, it doesn't seem right to me) its a hoax ... and anyway some of those people look a bit ... odd: they look like something by the British painter L.S. Lowry (he famously painted "matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs").

Still I could be wrong :rolleyes:
Might I enquire as to your source of this dramatic photo?

Interesting, the photo is hot-linked, not uploaded, so we have the actual origin of it..


Which means that this came from dcodereport.com. Ok went to the site... reading the headlines one at a time .....


Oh, here is the article about the pictured triangle

NEWS REPORTS : Black Triangle UFO - Triangular UFOs | TR-3B - ET Aliens - Bizarre - Oddities - Weird - Cosmic : dCodeReport.com

SPECIAL REPORT : Black Triangle UFOs : Alien Technology

Black Ops Have Engineered An Incredibly Advanced : Gravity-Defying : Triangular : Super Secret : Aerospace Platform


from that article

Exact wingspan and length of the TR-3B are not known : our sources estimate the TR-3B to be 600 feet wide (180 m) with a length of 450 feet (140 m)

Two problems with that statement (if this is indeed a TR-3B):

1. The craft in the picture looks to be pretty close to an equilateral triangle -- the width is nowhere near 1.33 times the length.

2. If the dimensions are true, then the people in the picture are somewhere between 30 and 40 feet tall.

Now, the article does say it is a copy of an actual photograph, and that this might have been of an early German prototype. But, with no other details about the photo, it could even be a screen shot from some video game.

Could also be an easily photoshopped image of a triangle placed over some 1960's ad of people looking at a car or something.

Neat photo, people don't look real though, and in my eyes the article and the photo have no credibility.

Ok, done. Slay me.
Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ, either way I guess I owe you a beer.:)

Speaking of beer -- you are in Canada, right? Do they still have Black Label beer up there? I used to have some of that years ago, from Carling Breweries, I think. It was a decent beer at a decent price.

Sorry so off topic.
You guys are right appears to be a doctored photo

whats with all the handwriting also?

oh well its nice to look at maybe a good poster

Bobheck, yes we still have Black Label, it's goodncheap'. (Sorry bout the off topic, but beer is life, life is the beer.) I personally agree with you guys, looks shopped. Hey, I wonder if there are any photo-experts on this forum who can weigh in on this pic? Anybody know an expert? Anybody?

The craft in the picture does look like it is a well-designed aircraft, and for the amount of theses things that have been sighted it would make perfect sense for these craft to be military tech. Just slingin some opinions. Maybe it's the Black Label talkin'.

Looks fake. Highlight on top of aircraft looks like light source is above and behind the craft yet the shadows on the ground look like the light source is projecting from straight overhead. If it was indoors there would be multiple overlapping shadows from ceiling lights inside a hanger. A single light source indoor would project a shadow larger than the craft.

Looks like a composite of two images or more. The people are definitely from a separate photo because the they look like they were also photographed from a lower angle and stretched to match the image of the craft.
This is a hoaxed photo. I saw an article on the person(s) who put it together and the sources used. To lazy to look for it now though. But, yes, it's fake.