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Inflation — Tips To Save Money


J. Randall Murphy
Driving 5 KPH ( or MPH ) under the posted limit everywhere I went in the last 9 days let me go 3 more days without having to buy gas.

It's hard to do ( I know — I got a ticket a couple of years back for doing over 160 KPH ). However if everyone would just drive a little under the limit, except on hills where you can take advantage of gravitational acceleration, it would literally drive gas prices down by reducing demand and sending a powerful message to the markets. Also strategically plan your trips to avoid unnecessary trips or distance.

Yes — people give me dirty looks as they roar by at 10 over the limit, but most of the time they end-up at the same red light I do. I roll up quietly beside them and they look all flustered and stressed-out. Sometimes the light turns green just as I get there and I pass them, leaving them sitting there. Then they just do it again. That's why corporations win. They are organized and disciplined, while Larry leadfoot can't stop himself from doing exactly what they want him to do.