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Im down to earth, very critical of conspiracy.. But this is no conspiracy


Paranormal Novice
Names Ben, Located in Australia.

For a long time none of the typical conspiracy theories have really swayed me because im a stern believer in hard facts and that gut feeling which kicks in when something is true.
The fact that i saw 20 odd miltary, inteligence personel get up at the 2001 conference and comment on their experience is good enough. 50% of those who spoke projected a scared, flucuating tone of voice. I know for a fact that the way half the group spoke was related to the severity of this issue and the possible flack they may recieve from the Government.
I truly, 100% believe what they said is fact. I also, believe that roughly 5% of the total images available related to real sightings.. Ive done research and i can spot defects in images quiet easily so i know for a fact that this 5% is either reverse-engineered or acctual et.

I am going to support this site, the disclosure and CSETI all the way..
I will personally see that these videos, audio and facts reach the eyes and ears of everyone i know, every community site i know and hopefully government officials here in my country.

To look at those testimonies, to hear them speak and to conclude those facts can be debunked is foolish. No properly educated person, with morals and a belief in human-rights can dismiss what we have here.


Woody Sideman

Hi Ben

I think the point that is being made is that there is a conspiracy.

That said, though, if there is such a conspiracy then why is it needed? Dr Stevens is of the opinion that large energy corporations and companies that produce hardware/ software for the military are behind it (the purpose being the retention of power and control). I'm from N Ireland and am able to look at the USA from a sensible distance.

Presumably, the leaks in the Manhattan Project must surely have been the initial stimulus for secrecy on all matters relating to national security. If this secrecy then required compartmentalisation then it is possible that these individual groups may well have become autonomous during the long timescales involved.

There is a worrying thing about it all though. One of the witnesses at the press conference reported that a LGM had been shot and killed. Y'know, this is a cause for concern for me. Why should a USA soldier arbitrarally decide whether I (and all my fellow human beings) should be declaring war on a superior civilisation?