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I Have a video of ghost/apparition/something...How to proceed?


Paranormal Adept
Hello , I chose to upload to youtube so you all can see this. I have the original 5-6 hour original video that was taken. I used windows movie maker to clip the minute long segment out. You guys and gals are the first in the world to see this. Its in HD so make sure you toggle to 1080p. If you zoom in on it when it makes the wide swinging arc through the bedroom, doesn't it have the shape of a fish..

If anybody knows of a good video analyst that would take a look at the original, PM me... Thanks.
Thanks for sharing your video, ManitobaCanuk. I'm no video analyst (or really expert in anything video-related). Initially I thought "dust particle" like others said but the movement at 31 to 35 seconds looks deliberate and graceful, not really like a bit of dust riding on a draft. I wouldn't say it is 100% paranormal but it would be very interesting to see what someone with expertise thinks. You may want to message Chris O'Brien and ask if he would look at it (or if he knows someone reputable who might be willing to).

As a side note, has your son considered trying to take additional video from different angles (possibly simultaneously if you have multiple cameras)? The glare on the TV/monitor (whatever it is) is rather piercing and could be reflecting off of something.

I would also be interested in learning more about the experiences you and your wife had on the property and what your son was seeing that encouraged him to record, if you are willing to share. Also, did he note anything significant or memorable that happened the night he captured the video?

EDIT: for some reason I only saw page 2 and not page 3. Looks like you already got in touch with Chris. :)