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Paranormal Novice
Do you still need help? Because I run a paranormal YouTube channel with over 180,000 subscribers and would love to help you set it up. Maybe we could collab?

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
So if you're able to provide some assistance to expand and improve our channel, please open a private conversation with me and we'll go forward.

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
I trust you are serious, but I've also removed your ad, since that's not in keeping with our terms.

Feel free to contact me via private conversation to talk about this further.


Paranormal Adept
The YOUTUBE site looks pretty professional to me. If the video portion of any YOUTUBE channel is a non-changing static picture, how perfect must it be? I assume that people are not sitting there staring at the picture. They are probably listening while doing something else, e.g., at work or whatever.


Paranormal Adept
Okay - I had to click on 'Videos' and then all the 2018 videos showed up. Too bad they don't show up when someone clicks on the channel. Is that intentional or a glitch? Anyway would be better if the 2018 videos showed up initially rather than the 2017.