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Haunted Office :-)


Paranormal Adept
If this is a hoax it's pretty darn well done imo. Very spooky. :cool: Best viewed in full-screen.

When the clicking starts after 1:00 in the hallway - just to speed things up for you - it's the handle of the nearer door to the camera, though the noise is not always synchronous with that handle moving. I think there is suppose to be another door handle moving, t00.

At approx 1:37 we are vouchsafed a glimpse of the ghost against the wall. Very quick moving. :)

TEXT: "This office ghost only come at 3 am. Look at what it does to this office!"
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Here are some of the comments - :cool: Some of the commenters have not watched it closely enough. No security guards walking around, for example.

Comment: "Total crap...You can hear the explosion just as the papers fly out.
Also it is too easy to just cut the film in between setting up the chair to be pulled by a string, it is easy to see that is what was being done, always being pulled in one direction. Nice prank you pulled on the security guy watching the cameras."

Comment: "Total fake. Notice how the security system constantly switched cameras every 6 seconds or so in the beginning. Then after 3am it will jump to every 2 second to 20 seconds. Almost as if it was edited."

Comment: "Absolutely fake as fuck. When the screens went on there was no reflecting light on surrounding area."

Comment: "4:24, the paper is stuck on the ceiling, the paper is obviously attached to a string there. This stuff is to easy to fake. And come on, at least be original, a chair being pushed, the computer screens flashing. Looked more like a horror short film to me. I'm not trying to put you down, but you tried a little bit to much."

Comment: "Lots of strings. I knew as soon as the first chair moved."

Comment: "The human eye can only see 1/10th of 1 one billionth of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic light. So when someone says "seeing is believing", has only shown how limited their intelligence really is. "When science decides to study the non physical phenomena, it will learn more in one decade that all the previous centuries of it's existence." Nicola Tesla. Has anyone noticed the shadowy figure that passes by at the 1:38 to the 1:40min. mark against the back wall? Unless there has been computer graphics involved here I'd say this definitely needs more investigation."

Comment: "In some of the frames you can see a guy walking about in the back ground, i used to do security and i think there might be a few very bored security guys there."