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Government Hoaxing a Triangle


There is no spoon
In some of the cases where black triangles have been seen, there have been people who swore that what they saw was a large structured craft, then others who apparently witnessed the same event saying that they are sure it was 5 plans flying in a V formation.
I wonder if in any of these cases, the government has actually tracked the triangle and sent up 5 planes to try and muddy the water after the event...

I actually think it would probably be quite easy to make 5 planes look exactly like the structured craft. The main arguments against it being 5 planes used are:

1. They fly in perfect formation without messing up the triangle
A: If they flew very high (using very bright lights so the lights still looked powerful from down below) and had very good pilots, this would be possible

2. The stars were blocked out as it went by.
A: Its well known that when you have really bright light sources, any other less bright sources become invisible as your eyes don't pick them up. This is why on the moon landing photo's we don't see the stars because the light reflecting of the surface of the moon floor was way brighter.

3. It made no sound
A: In some cases the people who say they saw 5 planes said they heard a sound, this would be what muddies the water. However if you wanted to recreat this effect you could possibly have the planes fly really high (see earlier point)

4. It flew really slowly
A: Again, if the planes were high, this might be able to recreat the effect.

Now i'm probably just rambling nonsense here, but does anybody have any opinons on this?


There is no spoon
I forgot to add, that I think possibly one reason why they dropped the flares over Pheonix was to muddy the water after the actual craft flew over..... its certainly had that effect