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Ghost Story - Just Breathe


Paranormal Novice
The room was quiet when she finally slipped into bed .Her husband softly snoring was the only noise that invaded the peace.

Thoughts raced through her head. She wondered, when had she become so complacent with death? Another one had passed, she felt nothing. It had been a long night; she felt for the family, she always did.

She had believed it was a certain privilege to be around when a soul crossed from this life to the next, but lately she felt nothing.

Was she becoming so hard, that it didn’t matter anymore? Was it because that there was so much death around her, that she coped by indifference? Breathe she told herself, Just breathe. Really, what was wrong with her? Jaded and faded, she knew summed her up perfectly. That was her last thought as sleep overwhelmed her.

Shit,why is the lamp on, she thought as she woke suddenly? Why could she see the bed and her husband lying beside her? Her bed room was laid out before her eyes, the dressing table, the side table, even the door. She could see her body curled on its side and her husbands back, well that’s bizarre she mused.

I’m floating she thought and then abruptly she was jolted back into her body.

Story Continued here...