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FORUM ETIQUETTE - Extraneous Quoting

Rick Deckard

Paranormal Maven
I've noticed there seems to be a lot extraneous quoting in some of the more active threads.

These are only suggestions and they are intended to improve the readability of the forum threads.

Please restrict your post to quoting the relevant text - there's no need to 'nest' quotes - if you're quoting a post that already quotes a previous post, you should edit out the previous quote.

So, here's an example:

The WRONG way...
Response to text 1
YOUR response to the last response...

The RIGHT way...
Response to text 1
YOUR response to the last response...

Also, please don't quote several pages of text and then respond with a single line of text - just quote the specific point you're responding to or the first few lines of a long post.