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First Psychedelic IPO Takes Investors on a Higher Trip
Other Investment Opportunities Aren’t Far Behind​

"Unlike traditional antidepressants, which often take weeks to months to positively affect mood
and are ineffective for about 30% of the population, therapists are starting to turn to psychedelics
for their patients, and witnessing startlingly positive results."

1621197829642.pngMore from The Road To Roota Guy. Check out this cool image he used on his site. The theme here is that he's into all the money conspiracies and what this actually symbolizes is the "Every cloud has a silver lining" ... as in actual silver ... which has a long history of being manipulated down and in theory someday should "break-out" like gold did. As the same time, it looks like the Sun gleaming of of some sort of cool silver UFO. He even uses the word "alien" in one of his latest podcasts below in reference to a bald guy. This guy is priceless ...

Check out his Road To Roota Theory back on page one.

Crypto Currency Update - Theta

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I realize this is an old thread and my comment is somewhat off topic.
The opening poster stated his house value had plummeted.

In reality it was because his house value was much too high .
The correction simply brought it back to what the true value should be.

A house should be regarded as a home .... not an investment.
Sure ... you may have paid $100k for your house now valued at $400k
You sell it and think you profited $300k

But the nicer new house you desire cost $600k
You have gone backward by $200k in order to still have a home of your own
You justify the $600k "investment" ..... " because it will go up in value some day"
This is a foolish dog chasing his tail.

The smart dog is the real estate agent who takes 3% to 7% of your house when he sells it ... and 3% to 7% of the new house you buy .... even though he has no investment in the house.

Another smart dog is the mortgage lender who makes you pay up to half the value in interest payments.
He also has no investment in your house.

A wise man will buy a modest house he can afford .... pay the mortgage off as quickly as possible .... and end up with $500 to $1500 per month for himself and his pleasures and is beholden to nobody.
Most people do not know how our money supply works . Including bankers and economists .

I do.

Our money is created out of thin air ... not backed by precious metals ... but backed by something else that is quite secure.

If you folks are interested hit the like button and I will explain it.