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Energy Wave


Seer of All Things Spooky
This happened to me a few days ago...
I was standing in my bedroom taking off shoes, and I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out....swimmy headed, and a little nauseous. I had to sit down. In a few seconds, the cable box on the other side of the adjoining wall rebooted itself, and then a lightbulb blew out.
It was like an energy wave went through the house, and got me in the process. It made me feel very weird.
Has anyone else had an experience like this? It was a first for me.
Yes I have had waves where I felt like I was going to pass out but I also have a complicated medical history the might attribute to this feeling.

Thursday August 15 I could not function for a good five hours. Was that the day you felt this? I also thought it might have been related to a dream or tapping into something I was thinking about the night before.

Several years ago Seattle experienced a 7.1 earthquake. Twenty minutes before this I felt light headed and had to rest. When the earthquake started I thought oh great I am getting abducted. It wasn't until I realized that I could move that I figured out what was going on.

I just looked it up and it was on feb 28, 2001 and a 6.8.
I just reread you post and as far as the other energy things such as the lights and TVs or things rebooting themselves yes to that too.

It might have been the 14th instead ot the 15th. Great I am loosing track of what day it is.
thanks for your reply, Ally....I wondered if my experience was related to some kind of tremor too.
I believe this happened last Sunday...Aug. 10th. I meant to write it down, but you know how that goes!:rolleyes: