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Dyatlov Pass Incident is a Classic Missing/Mute Case

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Alan Lowey

Paranormal Novice
I've just started reading the excellent book Dead Mountain by Donnie Eichar. It's the best account there is of the 1957 lost Siberian hiking party, later found in strange, bizarre and unbelievable circumstances.

It also has the classic signs of a so-called cattle mutilation incident. This detail is especially incriminating:

"According to the files, one of the women was missing her tongue. And when the victims' clothing was tested for contaminants, a radiologist determined certain articles to contain abnormal levels of radiation."

After reading these three books; Missing 411, Stalking The Herd and now Dead Mountain, there is an obvious underlying connection. All three are perpetrated by the same type of entity. The behavior and profiling doesn't match that of a highly advanced extra-terrestrial. Therefore is must be an entity which has evolved here on Earth.

Do you agree with this reasoning? I would be interested to know your thoughts.


Edit: I forgot to mention that it also the classic drop in temperature storm during the rescue mission:

"The sun is dropping. The searchers don't have much time before they must turn around and rejoin the rest of the team at base camp. Weather conditions are volatile in the northern Urals - snow can fly in fast and thick without warning, and hurricane-force winds are a persistent menace. Though the morning had given them clear skies, threatening clouds have since collected, and the wind is already whipping snow from the ground in prelude to a storm."

The next part of the book is amazing:

"Conflicting thoughts of relief and horror flood the searcher' minds as they approach.."
I need to grab Dead Mountain, thanks for the tip. This case really stirs the imagination and I'd like to know more. I am drawn to tales of man vs nature where man vs supernature is suspected. Especially in the lonely places like high mountains, vast deserts, and most of all dark caves.
My guess is that the crew got killed by accident in some kind of military exercise or test. They then staged the scene to cover it up. I think the purpose of the grotesque nature of the coverup was that investigators would get hung up on the weird stuff and not the obvious evidence like the military boot found on the scene
His background was basically the same as the other students. He returned home and his whereabouts were well documented.
Am I sure? Of course not. They only thing I'm sure of is what I've read. And Occam's razor.

The survivor, Yuri Yudin, being responsible doesn't seem to come up much.
You can pull from UFO skeptics to answer your two main concerns.

UFO skepticism will tell you that scavenger activity will account for the tongues being missing first. Most animals will eat the soft tissue of a body, such as the eyes, tongue, ears etc..

UFO skepticism will tell you that even base commanders with training using radiation detection units will improperly read them or use them incorrectly, as many skeptics do with the Bentwaters data.