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Dream this morning

I don't want to come off as someone pretending to be psychic. It doesn't take a psychic to predict that "something" calamitous may happen in the future. I had a dream yesterday that had a similar feel to other dreams I've had that seemed to predict something bad.
I was amongst a group of people under a carport in front of a house. No one would go inside of the house because it had ghosts. There was an absolutely insane lightning storm going on...no rain, but it was very windy. The entire sky was filled with blue bolts and then came a rumbling...Kaboom! A "Huge" red lightning bolt hit the ground in the distance. It produced such a shock wave my visual field distorted into ripples. My ears felt smashed. This happened twice more. Three big-ass red lightning bolts.
I went to bed before midnight. This is unusual for me go to bed that early. I woke up around 3am and couldn't go back to sleep until around 7am. I did doze off for awhile and was having a ,what seemed to be a run of the mill dream. I don't remember what the details were until it changed. I started hearing footsteps around my bed and at first I am trying to ignore this because I know that I need the sleep. The footsteps keep getting louder and louder they sound like they are going around in a circle. Now I an starting to get a little scared and try to commnand whatever this is away. This doesn't work so I ask who in the hell are you. Two loud wispers answer me one in both ears. They said something that starts with a K sounding word. Now I am freaked out and wake myself up.

After thinking about this the footsteps sounded more like marching of soldiers.

I have tapped into world events before but I usually don't figure out what the dream image or feeling means until later. This has that feeling to it becasue I was not able to shake off the dream/experience. It could just be a dream too.

KOREANS? Maybe it was a precognitive dream about the march of North Korea...
Less than a month after posting this the war in Russia and Georgia happened. Maybe that was it. Usually but not always if I am tapping into a world event the dream and the event are only a few days apart so it is easier to tell. The K word was not korea unless it was in Korean
Second-hand dream report: A couple months ago my wife dreamt of sitting in an abandoned movie theater listening others debate about what to do about "tall walkers", as if there was a war and they were the enemy.

Does that term "tall walkers" mean anything to anyone?
I heard the phone ring this morning but I didn't feel like answering it because it woke me up and I didn't want to sound out of it. I looked at the clock and thought I should probably get up.

I was still in bed awake and heard my fan start sounding off what I call warping. This is always a precusor to some kind of experience. I heard the fan for a few minutes and decided whatever was going to happen it wouldn't be that scary because it wasn't in the middle of the night.

Sure enough a few minutes later I see a white man dressed in a plaid shirt and blue jeans enter my room. He is standing next to my bed and is talking away. I can't hear what he is saying and try to ask him what he wants but I still can't hear him. My mouth is not moving very well but I am trying anyway. He finally stops talking and leans down and gives me a hug. The hug was more visual than tactile.

As he is leaving my room he grabs a tissue from my head board and blows his nose. I could hear him blowing his nose very well and I do have a box of tissues on my head board.

Then a very large black woman that looks like she came out of the deep south from the 1960's or 70's enters my room. She walks around my bed and gets in the other side and is right next to me. I could even smell some body odor. She is also talking to me and the only thing I can make out is that she is balling me out for not listening to the other guy. I told her I couldn't hear him but she could tell me. I look at her and she starts to talk about something deep in the cellar and then I couldn't hear anything else.
At this point I decided to get myself to a fully conscious state of awareness I didn't care anymore. Non of this was scary just weird and merlinial (thanks for the new word).