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Dr. Roger Leir Alien in the closet vid



Awhile back I heard Leir speak of some video that he (or someone he knows) has of what MAY be an alien in someone's closet. He stated that the video could be seen at his site. Well, I checked and no video could be found. I then contacted him about it and he said that he thought it was up at his site, but have to check. The video can be seen on at least one of his dvds/tapes.

Has anyone seen this vid? Any stills, or places on the net to download it?

I have not seen it, but I do have a question. Why is the alien in the closet? Is it gay? is it looking for some new threads? Anyways hope to see a pic of it soon.
The alien is looking for Tom cruise.. in the closet. Ignore if you aren't a South Park fan.