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Destination Truth - Hoia Baciu - Romania

7 String

All things 7
All things considered the show isn't too bad. Despite the fact that thechost sounds some what like Kermit the frog,,,,, he has a certain wit about him and an air of skeptism that is refreshing. I'm glad they came back for another season. I just take it for what it is, entertainment. The yeti episode was probably my fave from last season.



Paranormal Novice
Hi Everyone.

I know this thread has been dead for a while but I am quite interested on the subject. I actually live in Romania and i can tell you that the Hoia Baciu forest has quite a reputation for its paranormal activity. As a matter of fact I am planning this summer an expedition.
Thing is that a lot of stuff is happening there, and it's been going on for decades, maybe more. Nobody knows what's causing it. There have been a lot of specials on National TV about the forest. The curly guy from the episode that gives Josh a map has been researching the forest for over 30 years. I should lay down a couple of documented facts about the forest first:
- the forest is located near a large town (Cluj) overlooking one of the boroughs. As a side note, I have some friends living there and they are afraid of going in the forest mostly due to many urban legends about the place.
-random photos taken in the forest show weird things
-x-ray film left in the forest shows images
-strange lights appear at night, sometimes coinciding with the spring and winter equinox
-locals really fear the place
-there is a "circle" zone where no plants grow
-in some parts the forest there are radioactive hotspots (won't forget my geiger counter)
-there are no documented events of which i know where a human suffered any kind of attack or injury

This is the forest: cluj - Google Maps

A good article to read on the subject would be this one, although it contains no images (link is to the romanian version of National Geographic): 403 Forbidden

Now, facts about the show:
-Josh claims he found a rental car on a RUSSIAN website. We don't speak russian and we have no affiliation with Russia - especially that part of the country which is the farthest from Russia (Romania is in NATO and the European Union)
-Translations are accurate
-The curly guy is the forest researcher and he's been at it for more than 30 years, wrote books on the subject
-Getting the cockpit ceiling fall off midflight, can happen in Romania :)

So, in conclusion, do you think there is any way of obtaining the complete attack footage?


Paranormal Novice
Hello paranormal fans!
We just started a campaign to raise the remaining funds necessary to finalize a pretty complex documentary about Hoia-Baciu Forest, "one of the most mysterious places on Earth" as you know. More details here:
Any help will be deeply appreciated. As a form of "thank you" you will get some very interesting perks for every amount offered, once the project is completed. Even a simple SHARE can make the difference!
The official website and a teaser video will be released next month, when the filming is scheduled to begin.
Thank you very much and have an absolutely wonderful day!