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December 30, 2018 — Jan Harzan

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Even though I have disagreements with Jan Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON, he's always the gentleman. He came on this week's episode on short notice and provided lots of fascinating information to consider.

Randall and I also presented our reactions in detail, plus other comments, in this weekend's episode of After The Paracast, an exclusive feature of The Paracast+.

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Paranormal Adept
Gene spent much more time than usual talking about pop culture, TV , and movies. But maybe he was helping Jan out since he didn't have much time to prepare for the show.


Skilled Investigator
Gene spent much more time than usual talking about pop culture, TV, and movies. But maybe he was helping Jan out since he didn't have much time to prepare for the show.
In my opinion that was the best parts of the show, RANDALL please interview Gene!!!!! There were many crossovers from the episode we did and I was raising my hand in my office while listening!!!!! Jan seemed reasonable, measured, open...and a great mindset to start 2019. Just an interesting "lean in" from me, I will be visiting Aurora TX soon and plan to spend a couple of days running down as many FACTS as I can....hopefully I can connect some dots!

TDSR....is you!

Gene Steinberg

Forum Super Hero
Staff member
Thanks Mark. If your trip turns up anything significant, let me know and we’ll do an episode on it.

Farlig Gulstein

Skilled Investigator
Lately I wonder if the name "Paracast" is really an accurate description of this show.

Jan Harzan has a degree in physics and was employed with IBM for decades, and currently he is the MUFON boss. Whether his policies are appreciated or not, he's no skid-row bum suffering from DT hallucinations. So when someone of this stature says that MUFON will rarely even recommend exorcisms, how can that not be worthy of fair discussion, or even a show on its own? Yet Mr. Murphy rudely refused to discuss what he termed "myths." So, exorcism is not a myth to Harzan and members of MUFON, but it is a myth to Murphy. Then it would seem the question arises, is Murphy a "host" for "The Paracast" that ostensibly discusses all manner of anomalous things with the guests that are invited onto the show? Or is Murphy merely validating his personal reductionist view of things? Whether one accepts or doesn't accept exorcism as a real experience, there are plenty of people around the world from all kinds of cultures and religions that report such experiences, so this topic would seemingly be worthy of fair discussion, beyond rude dismissal as a "myth." Regardless, this is all rather ironic in view of Mr. Murphy's comment on the last show about needing a thick skin, when here on this show he himself is helping to dish out rude reactions.

I wonder if this show is not becoming more of a "Paracaust", or "Paraclast", with a new byline of "You're about to be ParaKlassed."

If topics are verboten because the host thinks they are myths, then, wow, this is not exactly full-spectrum "paranormal" radio.

And if not, then why, for example, continually run Jacque Vallee's "commercial" blurb that says the Paracast is the gold standard of paranormal radio?

Seems rather hypocritical to me.