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David Marler and "Triangle UFOs"

Well, now that you've also heard David Marler on the Paracast, and have had a chance to read his book, what do you think?
Conversion of the nuclear product.

Uranium and plutonium are naturally fused Earth stone/dust products. The above ground atmosphere interacts naturally with the bodies...and with Earth stone keeping it sealed/cooled from releasing nuclear radiation.

The ancient review....Earth origins were irradiated by exploding Suns and planets, caused by origin males on original Earth. The atmosphere as an origin was converted and water's creation saved Earth.....as Earth was disintegrating by radiation removal of crystal fusion (called Atlantis). Atlantis in the holographic atmospheric recorded radiated light message states Atlantis-sAtanlit.

Earth nearly was disintegrated....other planets exploded...which is why dust is swirling in star systems as old planets, and other planets completely exploded.

Earth holds a huge body of sand/dust/holes.......crystal melted into bored out holes, water/crystal formed lava, saving Earth. Earth was placed beneath water, as the atmosphere fell out. Evaporation replaced the atmosphere, along with volcanic gases erupting.

Gas therefore exists in our atmosphere and is cool.

Power plants built, human technology wanted both products to be defused, converted, turned into a fuel, and the fuel burnt.

Hydrogen enmasse in our atmosphere in liquid form, part of the removal to form fuel.

UFO signals witnessed sucking up or dropping water.

The ancient occult method....a signal above the peak of the Pyramid relating to the Sun (nuclear sound or radiated sound). Pyramids and Temples in a world scheme.

UFO bodies seen coming out of the salted water......from volanos and mountain areas...from and around earthquake sites....and also hovering over nuclear power plants.

To change a fusion is to hold a constant signal to cause the natural fusion to defuse.

The atmosphere formed the condition for the signal or wavelength to be activated, to coincide with the power plants to allow for conversion.

UFO nuclear atomic orbital signals manifested as the interactive signal exchange, signal use, signal loss and signal changes for this activity to occur.

Natural life witness to the conditions of the atmosphere changing for the nuclear fuel creation.

The triangle/pyramid involved in nuclear signal also.

The atmosphere received/forms the signal of triangulation.......it uses the gases in the atmosphere....the gases seen burning in the triangulation begins to remove/burn the gases. Inside of the emptied out atmospheric body we see the gases burning inside of the triangulated signal formation.

All different types of UFO nuclear orbital held constants interact to form the signal for the nuclear power plant reaction.

Human and natural life, then gain the fall out wavelength changed by the gas burning and get irradiated/attack....as the natural cooled radiated signal gone.

If you take a good look at the black triangles with lights inside of them, you should be able to see that gas is actually burning, forming the light itself.

If you change the atmosphere, you also change the pressure. This is why the situation causes ground victims, for if you change pressure in the upper atmosphere it causes the "suck up motion".

Luckily for most of the UFO victims, as the signals interact with the cold poles....the frozen ice melts and replaces the cooling flow to stop the gases from burning. Lucky for us we have the frozen poles....but what will happen when the poles, that have demonstrated to have melted, no longer support the condition of blocking off/changing the burning interaction....allowing the fuel itself to be gained?

Increasing nuclear power plants demonstrates a huge amount of increased life attacks.....obviously more UFO signals would be formed with the amount of power plants using the atmosphere to convert the nuclear product.