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David Biedny Has Passed On

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Maybe he wanted to mend fences. I hadn't talked to him in 13 years.
He was on worse terms with Lance Moody whom he once banned. I didn't get along great either. Once, after I posted a point by point refutation of his ideas, he referred to me as "this dork" but said "I can't ban him …."
Anyway RIP.
Btw does anybody know the condition of skeptic CDA/Christopher Allen ? Been a long time since I saw him in KDR's blog.
At a time when any member could delete their own posts without limit, Moody went in and removed everything he ever posted (which took threads he introduced with him).

That makes it hard to disagree with the original decision to ban him, though it was later rescinded.
Moody wasn't banned for deletions. Biedney actually saw merit in some of what moody posted on Roswell. But he just couldn't stand the tone of Moody's posts. He was harsh about that and said "I'm banning you Lance."