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Conspire a Theory Podcast


Skilled Investigator
Hey everyone, back with a few more fun shows. a variety of interests to choose from, Enjoy!

Jack Carroll Memoirs part 3
The exciting conclusion of my interview series with a remarkable experiencer.

Ken Gerhard
Interview with the cryptozoologist. We talk about the history of Bigfoot and the influence of myth.

Miracle Austin: Vampires, Voodoo, And the Rougarou.
Interview with Author of the teen voodoo series, "Doll". We discuss writing, being a person of color in literature and bit of representation. Then we get into the fun stuff like Vampires, Werewolves, etc...Oh My!



Skilled Investigator
Various Experience Account recreated.

From SA UFO/Cryptid investigations. A woman saw a green gray type in the corner of her hallway hanging. It disappear once she jumped in shock.
As a boy a man saw a "elf" like being in he bedroom. It smiled and waved, he threw a stuffed crocodile and it disappeared.
Shannon Legro of Into the Fray podcast, had a childhood sighting of seeing 4 shadow men running threw the forest while she was on her ATV.


Great artwork .
These objects/ beings are real and can pop into our dimension at their choosing and control the surrounding weather patterns. If it was some covert intelligent design (human or none ?) the fact folks are going missing and not returning should be concern to everyone. Because it could be one of your love ones, one day. Yes holograms could be part of this cat and mouse game in the paranormal? as a tool of terror. However, it should worry everyone with a soul (who care) when any human goes missing. Whatever controls the phenomenon it vast and it is growing in its activity. Anything that interferes with humans going about their everyday life is a threat.


Skilled Investigator
Hey guys, It's been a pretty hectic but here's some new episodes for you.

060: Stephan Edwards: Disclosure.

Myself and Stephan sit in a Philippine restaurant to have a conversation on Disclosure. We also bring up key moments in past Disclosure culture.


Somewhere in the skies with Ryan Sprague: Conspiring Theories

I think this episode should have been called, "Chris yells at me for an hour!" I finally get the chance to sit with Ryan to talk a bit the going on's in UFO lore and current events.

Either episodes topics like disclosure, Ancient Aliens, and a bit of Hynek added in for good measure.


Skilled Investigator
@USI Calgary
Yeah, I can understand that. This is the first time Stephan and I had a chance to really sit and talk at length about anything. I think his statement in the beginning on the Giants, joking or not, caught me so off guard. I don't think I recovered my momentum from that point. Thanks for tuning in.


Skilled Investigator

061: MUFON's Ken Jordan

My interview with Texas State director for MUFON, Ken Jordan.


Feeling a little goofy, the Bigfoot and his elusive Spider crawl method.