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Consciousness and Manifestation


Paranormal Adept
I understand, but I'm not so sure everyone else does. It's as if for some people, there's an assumption that visualization is all that's required, and if one just does it enough, the thing that is visualized will somehow manifest into one's life.
What's this 'as if '? Maybe. Sure. Okay. So....? I'm not being flip - it's the task of everyone to get to the bottom of every idea. Visualization is an aspect of manifestation, but only an aspect. Much more to it. But getting to the essence of it is not a one sweep of the hand sort of thing. It takes application as any idea does.
More responsible interpretations tend to emphasize that success requires a combination of visualization and action ( work ). After all, even winning a lottery requires one to go out and buy a ticket.
Not sure what you are getting at here. You need to be less vague. Who are the 'more responsible' - who are the 'less responsible'? You seem to be operating from an authority driven paradigm. It's you who have to figure it out. There are some people sending up flares - whole rafts of them, different shapes and sizes and colors.

As the old poet said: “The Truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the Truth.” ~ Rumi

Fact is, your comment about manifestation needing action/work suggests to me that you're getting an aspect of it (not all) - when is the moment for action? What action? How do you know? What aspect of the human psyche must be alight (engaged) to know what that 'action' is to begin with? If one starts to play with manifestation one starts to suss out how it works, and 'recognizes' truth when it is spoken by a fellow traveler/experimenter. You might be surprised at what a 'late stage' action/work enters the picture, and how subtle and pervasive it is.

Here is a young enthusiast presenting his ah-ha revelation. What he presents is very familiar to anyone who has done magic working (witchy stuff :cool: ). In that (cultural) context one would use designated cups, likely special in some way, 'dedicated', blessed, wrought in symbols to evoke the divinities to create a sacred space, etc. There might be a sound - an incantation. But here it all is very simply....

This Manifestation Technique Can Change Your Life (The Two Cup Technique)

Mainstream science is speaking about sound and the impact of the presence of the electrical/vibrational being of the living human on what is around us, down to the atomic level. So it is that much of this stuff that was buried in the mysticism of the adepts starts to have resonance for the modern mind - there is a logical entre. There is a reason why the placebo effect in medicine (these days) is recognized in medicine as a valid healing attitude: the mind does impact the body, what we believe does effect change. 'Christian Scientists' (religion) have long worked with this, though they hit walls when the physical is 'dense' enough that the velocity of 'mere thought' in one lifetime cannot make headway through the knot. One has to consider what is possible in the short term, and what requires an eye to the long game. For those who have experienced manifestation they recognize it's 'laws' as we recognize the constraints of gravity.
Did you check out the Mind Serpent link above? I'm sure you'll find it to be a real treasure trove.
Did not. A 'treasure trove' of what?


Paranormal Adept
“But when He, the Spirit of Truth, comes, He will guide you into all the Truth.” ~ John 16:13

“Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32

“And the fruit of the Spirit of Truth is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” ~ Galatians 5: 22-25

Imaginal Acts Become Facts - Neville Goddard


Paranormal Adept
Likely one of the best exercises - and it is a very old (and extremely significant) esoteric exercise - is the 'Rukshau' - where one does a backwards reflection on the day when in bed at night (very difficult to remain awake through the exercise in the beginning). One traces the day backwards - from most recent action to the action before that action to the action before that to the first action of that day. Profound esoteric exercise that shows how our reality is actually created moment to moment.


Paranormal Adept
Another esoteric exercise based on the 3-day rhythm of the 'etheric body' (life body - that imbues the physical body with a coherent aliveness - it is the etheric body that carries the template for the living organism - it is the etheric body that organizes the physical stuff of atoms and molecules into the human being, or into the cat, or into the rose bush - anything living has by definition an etheric body that possesses the informing 'seed' (archetype) for the living being that will physically manifest in the physical universe).

The exercise is: say you have a question/concern about your child. You would go into a 'meditative state' and in such quiet - image your child in every particular, as clearly and accurately as possible. You would then surround that image (that imagination) with the feeling substance of your question (words are useless in this realm - words and day waking thought processes do not function/translate in the subtle realms). Surround your child's image - accurately imaged - with your question and your love. Then release it. Do this every night at the same time every night. By the 3rd day you will find the answer comes to you - often in unexpected ways. As one becomes adept at this sometimes the answer will come the next morning, sometimes at once. This is a kind of manifestation. It trains the intuition which is an aspect of perception associated with the spiritual being of the human.


Paranormal Adept
I think most who find manifestation a puzzling pov (or theory) will find the following dialog in the video between Abraham (Esther Hicks) and a very articulate, embittered man to be dead-on with their own questions. I offer it here as a final posting on manifestation.

There are some that approach subtle disciplines with all the nuance of a sledge hammer: Prove your magic! Manifest on the spot! Any actual investigation of esoteric stuff and one cannot avoid the fact that inner work is required before such can take place and even then, must follow certain 'laws' - or ''rules' - related to our current position on the space-time line, or universe (however one characterizes existence). There is such a wealth of information readily available - even of Abraham. Always keep in mind: you will never have to pay for esoteric information; money will never be asked for by a legitimate spiritual/esoteric teacher. You will never have to pay money to get the information you need at any juncture in your life - attending a workshop does cost money but a legitimate teacher will make their information available outside pay-venues (even if they also have pay-venues). Keep that in mind. The economic systems human beings devise are not spiritual, are not essential to who we really are on this planet. That being so, those who understand what is really afoot with manifestation will understand how truly liberating and 'cutting edge' this pov really is. It is also quite ancient - it can be found in most all philosophies - but it is generally not seen because our focus is on what is already manifested. It's a huge block in all our thinking - and in the end, manifesting.

The Biggest Missing Piece

TEXT: "An embittered and disillusioned anonymous man confronts Abraham on the simplicity and naïveté of their teachings."

I am moving on, the world has great need right now and most of us should be paying attention to what this world needs to survive it's current speed bumps. In many ways it is an exciting time - if the fall of civilization and the eradication of cultures - along with environmental collapse (taking place as we speak) - can be 'exciting.' Maybe like a scary roller-coaster ride, sans seat belts, might be.

I wish everyone well, though I for sure have not found posting on the Paracast a particularly benign experience overall. If there is any poster who has had to confront the dark-side of the (male) human psyche on these forums it is I (among several others). I've learned a lot but it's become clear that life is inexorably moving on and the toxicity being spewed is not worth watching even from the sidelines. I will say that with such anger and hate and sheer on-going spleen, manifestation for such who so engage will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I do not envy such, though by such one does learn. Eventually. I wish for everyone sooner rather than later.

USI Calgary

J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
... I am moving on, the world has great need right now and most of us should be paying attention to what this world needs to survive it's current speed bumps. In many ways it is an exciting time - if the fall of civilization and the eradication of cultures - along with environmental collapse (taking place as we speak) - can be 'exciting.' Maybe like a scary roller-coaster ride, sans seat belts, might be ...
I've always had the feeling that your aims are true regardless of our differing points of view. So keep evolving and best wishes. Drop in once in a while even if it's just to post something in the Official Funny Stuff thread.