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Clueless Wonder


Paranormal Adept
Hey Don,

I have an excellent guest suggestion for you. His name is Clueless Wonder and he deals with intelligence in the UFO community.

Snippet from his blog:

By Clueless Wonder:
"The UFO Trail included posts about and submissions from scientists, mental health professionals, authors, filmmakers, researchers, scholars, skeptics and more. My intention was to provide a factual account and well rounded view of what came to be known as ufology. It became abundantly clear there were relevant aspects of the UFO genre typically being overlooked for a variety of reasons, none of which are conducive to better understanding what's actually going on.

The general thesis I developed is that a genuine mystery may lie at the heart of humankind's fascination with the unknown, but public perception of whatever phenomena it may include has been exploited, distorted and manipulated for a variety of reasons. The perpetrators span several demographics, including the intelligence community, hoaxers, disingenuous writers, con men and, in all reasonable likelihood, lunatics, among others."

End of Quote

The UFO Trail

BookCoverImage (1).jpg

I listened to one of his recent interviews and was impressed with his rational approach and interest in exploitation in the UFO community by intelligence agencies.


Paranormal Maven
I recommended him a few weeks ago to the Paracast and Gene indicated that he was contacting Brewer. I hope it works out. I heard a George Noory interview with Jack, but obviously think that Gene and Chris or Don could do a much better job.

His book is one of the more important that I have read about the field - not so much about whether the phenomenon is real but how ufology has been affected by various interests. I don't always agree with some of the links he draws with intelligence operations, but the research is solid and interesting in light of the many guests that the Paracast has interviewed (Including Jacobs and Marden).

Given the post-slide reflections about the state of ufology, he offers an important perspective.