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ChatGPT: Conversation between Human and entity from Zeta Reticuli

A radar sighting isn't physical evidence. It's a blip.

It results from a physical object, unless it's a temperature inversion or some such. But radar sightings have been supplemented by visual sightings of strange craft.

As to the rest, there are traces, damage and injuries, but not a lot. And how much of it can be proven to represent something of unknown technology?

There have been quite a few landing trace cases, or other evidence such as magnesium of a purity unattainable on Earth at the time it was obtained.

Most photos can be faked; it's a lot easier nowadays.
Some photos such as McMinnville have never been debunked for decades.

I'm not saying some UFOs don't represent unknown objects or phenomena. But we're still far away from understanding fully what's going on.
Sure, we laymen are.
Except for the AI and the chat bots, let's move the UFO discussions onto this thread.

Thank you.