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Charles Hickson - 1973 Pascagoula UFO abduction, dies at 80

Resurrecting an old thread here. I met a bloke in the hotel bar yesterday who is a good friend of Calvin Parker and also knew Charles Hickson. We had an interesting chat. He was convinced that both guys were legit with their stories. Hickson apparently stuck to his version of events right till his dying day.

Soon after the affair, an investigator said that those guys (Hickson and Parker) "are either telling the truth or they should be in Hollywood."
The Pascagoula humanoids were some of the most bizarre looking ufonauts ever. It used to be that every UFO encounter had its own unique craft and pilot type. Now everything is stamped in the Grey or Reptilian form.

They were still basically humanoid which not every reported entity is. I don't think reptilians make up a high percentage of reports, and there are still a variety of forms.
I've often mulled the thought that a post-biological species might custom-build both 'craft' and 'occupants' for each event.

Not every event. Long after '55 Hopkinsville entities were seen again.

And then maybe they optimized the 'occupants' for what works, and it's left with a few variants. Like genetic algorithms eventually settle down on stable structures.

There seem to be more than a few types probably reflecting the variety of missions, or multiple sources of origin.