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Paranormal Novice
I just spent an hour and a half watching a YouTube video recorded by a fellow by the name of Carl Munck. I've never heard of him before this, and I became interested in his presentation. His thesis in that when the prime meridian is located to coincide with the Great Pyramid of Giza, other great pre-historical monuments can be proven to be connected by a grid system he discovered and de-coded. Has anyone heard of this guy? Is his work for real, or has it been disproved? I'm not sure when he developed his theory. Anyone? The video on YouTube is titled Carl Munck-The Code.
Munck has some good math and the Pentagon Dodecahedron is still a secret even though it probably won't result in summary execution as it once did for any who disclose the secret. Ivan Sanderson, Tesla, Coleman on Oak Island, Cathie and many more along with what Elias Ashmole and others knew join in what epigenetics and Gravitational Wave research is getting close to. As Above (Cosmic Thought Field) So Below (Earth Energy Grid and megaliths) are all involved.