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Can you or would you communicate with a shadow being?

I would ask the shadow being for a light thus causing him to unwittingly dispel himself.

Holy Smoke Batman! What a fiendishly clever idea! :p<!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig --><!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig -->
I don't know Mike. I seem to feel threatened by this scenario. This may also be a threat to "Emma".


Very Very funny stuff, beer out the nose funny.

On the topic of threatened though, Is it anymore threatening than the idea your great great grandkids might not resemble you because Your children and grandchildren married outside your genotype ?
For thousands of years we tended to breed within our own local populations, chinese bred with chinese, indians with indians etc etc. But now with global transport and multicultural societys the norm we are seeing mixed race couples all the time, which is to say new genes/DNA is being mixed into bloodlines where before it wasnt as common.

Is there that much difference between your great grandkids being part chinese or indian and part alien ?
I have had a fairly good amount of experiences and personal encounters with shadow people, so yes I would ask them questions, like why have they been following me. And you can comunicate with them, or so it might be possible to. I heard of a way to communicate with them but haven't tried it simply because it scares me a little. I don't quite remember all of it, but basically you need like a pitch black room, a candle, a fan, three chairs, and two mirrors. You place the candle behind you, the fan infront of you to block the air flow to the candle, this is more for safety because if the candle goes out, the conversation is done, so if you get pulled out of the chair or pass out the fan will hopefully put out the candle. But then you need two chairs facing you one either side of you (right and left) with the two mirriors sitting in them facing you. It has to be at a certain time and I think you have to say something and it supposidly opens a gateway for the shadow beings for you to ask questions to, but DO NOT look into the mirrors and be respectful at all times and don't leave without dismissing yourself. Now I don't know if this actually works, I have my fair share of doubts, but if it does work I still probably wouldn't do it because its a little freaky and can be dangerous.
Haha, shadowpeople, haha they dont stop talking, try dealing with shadow insects or creatures, imagine seeing seeing little black ants pour out of a ceiling then you look and they vanish ( no drugs involved, just years of experiences in crazy places)

@Stagger Lee : I know a succubus, think i mentioned that in a forum earlier, where i was arguing about evidence of it, my experiences, if you want one seriously, one will usually appear, they start in dreams before you feel it physically, no need for silly sigils and rituals, payment is your energy and or health usually, just be careful things dont get out of hand....
call out for one, visualize/state your intentions, but just be warned if you get one to come calling, when does come near, youll get a 'feeling", maybe a dreamstate interaction, or you could hear a whisper, even smell perfume or something slightly burning ( no not the oven or the pot left on the stove)
I tried it. They must not appear before sane people. [emoji6]

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I tried it. They must not appear before sane people. [emoji6]

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I dont think sane people would try calling for a otherworldy entity for a little fun....also the old saying is they have to be tempted a bit, temptation is a weakness, blood or um some other ways may help....