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Paranormal Maven
From Kelly Cahill here on this thread:

Ha yes it was me lol. Who else would be stupid enough to pretend to be me?... "global circus freak extrordianire". You guys kinda missed an opportunity with me in some ways. I just got back 2 1/2 weeks ago from spending 3 months in the USA (Cali to be exact). I will be back next year (either in late April for the "gathering of nations" powow, or in July for the annual sundance). So if you want an interview then, this is fine.
lol that's exactly that i was thinking when I saw that post. You got to be kidding me? Know how long it takes to write a book? hehe. BF the second interview that is shown on one of the pages here...with a UFO cable show in Sacremento...that is the one that is probably going to give you the best insight into this whole case, with additional information that was not written in the book because it came about later.

kindest regards kel
I'm in a state of shock that the Paracast did not jump on this opportunity to interview Kelly. This is amazing she posted here a few times.

Someone seriously needs to contact her NOW, and beg her to come-on the show. I'm very unhappy she was lost this way. Such a huge opportunity missed. No excuses...