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Black Triangles. . .Really a Prototype?

Let me see if i can capture the triangle in still and post it, you are correct most people can only see the insects.The triangle is in frame one it is hard to catch it with naked eye. 4 others are in middle frames in middle of windsheild very high in the air and just barely visible with frame stills. I will keep working to show you but some people cant see them at all.
In this screenshot it is over the second post from left and landing in ditch behind first pole, behind grass if it where an insect you would not be able to see it land behind the grass. Others have thought it was an insect as well but this picture is of the third craft that appears. There is a total of five i have counted so far and each have a different flight path.Not windsheild debris as others think as well it is to far away and goes behind the pole and you can clearly see that once you train your eyes to see it.


notice it is in a different postion as my first screen shot and is not the same craft.
I honestly don't mean to offend.

IMO you are grasping at straws. I am open to being wrong, and will read replies to this thread. Perhaps I've missed something. I've honestly tried to see something non-mundane several times and have failed.
In my second screen shot you can not see the triangle above the pole? The second pole from the left ? No offense taken most people can not see them. The only people that have seen them so far has been trained photographers and Air Force trained observors. They are there just most people cant see them, its must be part of the phenomena is the only thing I can find for an answer. I assure you they are there I promise that.