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Black triangle over Bay Bridge, MD


Paranormal Novice
Back in 1995 (Wed. June 7th) I was sitting on a small beach at Sandy Point State Park, Maryland; it's on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It was about 1:30 pm on a bright, clear, sunny day. I was looking to the east at some sailboats going by. I spotted a big black object following the bay in a northerly direction. It was a huge black triangle. I saw no lights, no markings. It went directly over the bridge and and then started to roll to the left in a northwesterly direction. There must have been 15-20 people on the beach. It glided directly over us. Absolutely no sound or noise came from the craft. Judging from how it cleared the bridge and again using the bridge as a reference point this craft was about 250 feet wide. Huge. We were all looking at it as it came over us and continued to watch it as it changed course to the west; we lost sight of it as it went over some trees. We spoke about it afterwards as everyone had seen it. The entire sighting was about 45 seconds to a minute long. It was truly strange and bizarre. A gentleman said that it was probably some time of navy glider since there is a base close by; The Naval Academy is just up route 50 in Annapolis as well. The size, the matte metal look to it and the lack of noise made this sighting unique. I have never before or since seen anything like it.
Incredible story. I live in MD and know exactly where you are talking about. Based on your vantage point it must have been moving pretty quick. How high do you think it was? Any other markings? My good friend and his wife saw something similar near ft. Collins co around 1994 or 1995

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A b2 bomber is about 200 ft wide. Sounds like it looked nothing like this? Were the sides roughly even?
I don't remember any markings at all. No windows ( at least not visible), no lights, no sound.
It cleared the high tower on the right, looking from Sandy Point state park like the picture here.
I have seen videos and pictures (not in person though) of B2 bombers and from my vantage point it did not resemble the B2. It was more like a solid, black right triangle.BayBridge-SPP-2L.jpg