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Benjamín Solari Parravicini

Rudolf Steiner

Skilled Investigator
Note: I don't think he was a real prophet, but is popular among the small esoteric underground in Argentina.
He was born in 1898, was a painter and sculptor, teached on the Liceo Español, and several other artistic departments od the Buenos Aires city goverment. He claimed been in contact with "angels" or "superior beings", whom tolled him about futures events, he drawed them, calling his paintings "psychogaphies". Many people said that he predicted the Indigo Children, the fall of the Soviet Union, the electronic music, the rise of Fidel Castro and a mysterious "Gray Man", who will bring to Argentina a Golden Age of wealthness and peace (sadly, this is today even more far than ever).
If you are interested in him:
Wikimedia Error
El mensaje profético de B. S. Parravicini (in Spanish).
Seems I can't find good material about him in Enlgish.


Skilled Investigator