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There was a little boy who was around 3-4 years young. This night he went to visit one of his family members with his parents. Boy decided to stay over night. But his parents went home. Unfortunately that family member got drunk and tried to kill the boy. The boy gets away with several scratches and a wound. For some reason the parents decided to come back due to "a bad feeling". The parents looked shocked and went home with their boy. But no! That night wasn't over yet! His mother tells his father infront of the boy "maybe we should give him away" in fear he might be too much of a trouble after what happened to him. His father follows his mother's idea, they went to a strange building. Boy pretends like it was nothing what happened to him a few hours ago, in hope that they would change their mind. And they did, a moment later they went home for real this time. The boy did not quite understand what exactly it meant what they've done/said (parents) but he felt alone at that point.
All his life he tried to fight everything, his fury and anger increased with each following year. He never let out his pain on anybody though, but he has smashed a lot of things. For some reason he forgets what the parents have said that night. But deep down he can't feel ever enough because he knows he's got nothing/no one.
Some years later, his father betrays him, leaves him on the street and tells some strangers "you can have him". Nothing happened though, the boy goes home too a moment later. His mother tells him some of the time that he's a monster because of his weird behaviour.

Well, the boy finally grows up and remembered that night again. He finally understood why so much went wrong in his life. The day before he finally disowned his mother, was the day he wanted to show her his new idea he came up with. She rejected it though. Her religion/own beliefs were more important to her than his son.

The boy also has learned to suppress the need to cry when he feels the pain, to not to look weak he says. He hasn't cried for years. He even wanted to kill himself in style with his own hand made Tanto, but choose otherwise.

I know that story a bit better than I can ever write about it. And it is a bit worse, I left quite a few details out.

His problem is he says that he feels kinda bad for disowning his mother because she did in fact work for its family, where in other hand his father has drank himself to death.

How would you react? Would you give her another chance? Would you accept them again?

Definitely not. He should not feel guilty that he does not want to have anything to do with a person who very much hurt him. I know about this. I disowned both of my parents. His mother is poison, usually termed toxic. No one should ever force himself to have or maintain a relationship with a toxic person. Now, if she has changed and apologized so that he can have a positive relationship with her, that is different. It is nice to have family if you can. Unfortunately, most toxic people don't change.
Can somebody delete this whole thread please? I leave this forum anyway. I don't agree merging different topics into a single thread. It's kinda weird. Don't merge an unfortunate topic into science etc.

Stupidest forum I have ever been at.

It was nice talking to ya though. Bye