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Paranormal Novice
Where you posted: "If you try to figure out how this communication is taking place, you will understand that the technology behind the phenomenon of UFOs has installed a neural interface in human brains." 🔗

Thanks. Seems like the cause behind this misunderstanding is because of one of your conclusions/hypothesis. Based on your writing, it seems to be that you have already arrived at the conclusion that aliens are behind the phenomenon of UFOs. And you have made that conclusion/hypothesis to analyze the statement that I have made. However, because of my research I understood that if someone understand the cause behind the phenomenon of automatic writing, he/she will quickly understand that someone is using advanced technology to deceive us.

So, in my writing I have never made a statement claiming that aliens are behind the phenomenon of UFOs. Instead, I have stated that a group of posthumans that descends from a highly advanced ancient posthuman civilization is behind it.

Claim: Aliens use technology to hack peoples brains. ---->So the claim should be : A group of people that descends from a highly advanced posthuman civilization is still living among us. And they have hacked people's brains to connect our brains to computers.
Evidence: First hand, but unverifiable experiences of close encounter experiencers
Randall said:
Theory: Advanced alien technology is a more likely explanation than superstitious beliefs about the supernatural. ---- > A group of people that descends from a highly advanced posthuman civilization is still living among us. Their technology is the cause behind the phenomenon of spirits (This is for the text that you quoted. Apart from that I have stated that the cause behind the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens, the experiences associated with Abrahamic religions and paranormal experiences is this technology).

Conclusion: In cases where all mundane explanations fail, given that alien visitation is a reality, I must agree that alien intervention is a more reasonable explanation than the supernatural. - This is not my conclusion. I have not stated any alien intervention.

I asked these questions, just to clarify your view. By the way, I hope you can give me an answer to my other questions as well. I'm trying show you a point here by taking those experiences. Thanks!
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J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
Thanks. Seems like the cause behind this misunderstanding is because of one of your conclusions/hypothesis. Based on your writing, it seems to be that you have already arrived at the conclusion that aliens are behind the phenomenon of UFOs. And you have made that conclusion/hypothesis to analyze the statement that I have made. However, because of my research I understood that if someone understand the cause behind the phenomenon of automatic writing, he/she will quickly understand that someone is using advanced technology to deceive us.

So, in my writing I have never made a statement claiming that aliens are behind the phenomenon of UFOs. Instead, I have stated that a group of posthumans that descends from a highly advanced ancient posthuman civilization is behind it.

I asked these questions, just to clarify your view. By the way, I hope you can give me an answer to my other questions as well. I'm trying show you a point here by taking those experiences. Thanks!
Thanks for clearing-up the miscommunication. To clarify a little further on my end, the disconnect seemed to have been in the interpretation or definition of the word UFO and alien. This has been an ongoing problem in the field, and has now been exacerbated by the increasing prevalence of the term UAP. I've done an analysis of this problem here:

To be clear, there is a distinct difference between the way a word is defined, and whether or not there is an objectively real thing that corresponds to it. I am not "defining UFOs into existence " ( as some skeptics have heckled me for doing ) any more than the definition for a TARDIS would make it something objectively real. It's simply terminology that defines the subject matter on a conceptual level. It may be the case that UFOs ( as defined ) are not the cause for the phenomena experienced, but as the leading theory for the core subject matter, I go with the following definition:

UFO or ufo

Pronunciation: yoo-ef-oh ( plural UFOs ) or yoo-foe ( plural ufos ) noun

  1. A craft of alien origin.
  2. The object or phenomenon that is the focus of a UFO report or investigation.
Word Origin: [ Mid-20th century (1952) acronym formed from the words unidentified flying object. ]

Then we need to put the word "alien" into context, and in keeping with a more objective view which parallels that of the life sciences, I use the word alien as a reference to something originating from outside the environment in which it is found. Such environments can be of a cultural, geographical or physical nature.

Interestingly, you've added another variable to the discussion that I think deserves to be taken into consideration, and that is the variable of time. We've discussed this before on the show with thinkers like Dr. Michael Masters, as well as in various threads in the forum. It can get rather complex, but essentially, the problem we're dealing with here, is whether or not another time frame for the same world can be considered alien.

I have yet to make a detailed case for this, and will do so over the next few days, so it's possible that I might change my position, but for the time being, I suspect that the analysis will conclude that worlds from other temporal coordinates are as much "other environments" as worlds from other spatial coordinates, and therefore anything coming from there to here falls into the category of alien.

Having said that, you've taken the time to detail what I would call the "category of aliens" ( humans from the future ). Looking at it this way, I think we're now mostly on the same page ( I hope ) in terms of delineating the variables. We can certainly have a separate discussion about those as we go along, but I'm glad that we're able to deal with the disconnect in such a constructive manner.

As an aside, either by sheer coincidence, or perhaps by synchronicity, I happen to be watching the TV series The 4400, which I think @Gene Steinberg might enjoy as well, where time travel is part of the plot ( BTW: Peter Coyote appears in this several times ). And it was just last night before I read your response that I was contemplating on whether or not human time travellers should count as aliens!

Again, thanks for your participation in the thread. I'm not sure what exactly will come loose if we keep pulling at it, but so far, it's interesting to contemplate some of these ideas. So correct me if I'm wrong here, but the premise is now that time traveller's from our future have found a way to interface directly with humans in our time frame and direct their actions so as to produce automatic writing ( and other behavior )?

The 4400 Trailer

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Paranormal Novice
Appreciate your replies. This discussion made me think about my write-up once again because of this miscommunication. By the way, thanks for sharing the link related to the definition of the words "UFO/UFOs." It's a great article. Everything is noted including your statement related to the word "alien." I thought of adding proper definitions to my article and I will do that in the coming days after carefully reflecting my work.

My last reply to you wasn't clear enough and I made a mistake as well. Sorry for that. In the article (my original write-up) I mentioned that UFOs belong to a group of people that descends from a "highly advanced ancient posthuman civilization." However, in my last reply to you, I have not mentioned the word "ancient." So, for example, I should have corrected as below:

Theory: Advanced alien technology is a more likely explanation than superstitious beliefs about the supernatural. ---- > A group of people that descends from a highly advanced ANCIENT POSTHUMAN civilization is still living among us. Their technology is the cause behind the phenomenon of spirits (This is for the text that you have quoted. Apart from that, I have stated that the cause behind the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens, the experiences associated with Abrahamic religions and paranormal experiences is this technology).

In support of this claim, I also stated this in my writing: "Since it’s impossible for a group of people to invent these technologies in ancient times, these experiences indirectly telling us that there has been a highly advanced global civilization existed on Earth in ancient times; after some global catastrophic event (natural or engineered), these people have never shared the technology with anyone else on Earth."

Because of the evidence that I see, I would say that this catastrophic event has taken place after this civilization becoming a posthuman civilization. Then by saying "highly advanced ancient posthuman civilization" here, I was trying to help my readers to imagine the technology of this ancient advanced civilization to advanced technology of a posthuman civilization that we would expect to see in the future (let's say in another 400/500 years from now). For instance:

i). What kind of potential global systems that posthuman civilizations would use? What's the role of future satellite communication? Will they replace the telco towers entirely? (In the future, I believe that the devices that we use will directly communicate with satellites instead of ground-based towers)

ii). What kind of potential interfaces they would have in these global systems? (Will they have teleportation interfaces? Components of neural interfaces? Remote scanning interfaces? Will they have interfaces to control (global) weather in a particular location? etc.)

iii). Will their scanning technologies be able to take body clones and mental clones of human bodies? Can doctors take brain scans/body scans from satellites? If so, what can they do with such data? Will they be able to take quantum states of objects and keep them as digital copies? Is it possible to use these digital copies to materialize these objects in remote locations again by using these digital copies with the help of phenomena such as quantum entanglement or using some other method? (A question that a physicist can answer.)

iv). What are the potential applications of these future systems? Will they create artificial superintelligence (ASI)? What are the potentials of ASI? Will the ASI be able to replicate human behavior/intelligence? Can they create non-biological intelligences that look exactly like a deceased person using mental clones and body clones? (If they also invent human teleportation, can they teleport a non-biological intelligence that look exactly like a deceased person to a particular location on Earth?)

If so, can they replicate these reported experiences? For instance:

"The form which appeared phenomenally to be the very personality of my mother in the physical form, but with presence of tangibility, voice and motion, again manifested at this seance"

"The form which appeared phenomenally to be the very personality of my mother in the physical form, but with presence of tangibility, voice and motion, again manifested at this seance, and with some clinging doubts in my mind, as to the possibility or probability of her return to earth in physical form, I determined to be more bold in my requests, and said, "if you are my mother, will you prove yourself tome and those present by coming from the cabinet (which was simply the back room empty) and speak with each of _ the friends present.

The phantom, materialization, apparition, angel, or spirit, or whatever it was, acceded to my request, and I offered my left arm for support, but it immediately took my right arm (the arm my mother preferred in life to take for the reason that it left her right arm free), and she walked with me around the entire circle of sitters, shaking hands or speaking with each and every one of those present in the circle.

One old gentleman, the first and only person in the circle outside of myself, to recognize the features, did so, as those of an old friend who used to worship at the same church as himself, in Toronto nine or ten years previously, remarking while conversing with her, "Why, Mrs. King, I used to know you at Bond Street Congregational Church, Toronto, where we worshipped together under the Rev. Dr. Joseph Wyld." "Yes, "she replied, "that was years ago."

He commented upon the recognition, and added that he did not know before now that she was the Doctor's mother. After giving me some information of a personally interesting character, and convincing as a test, she said "good-bye, ,, kissed me, and hurried back to the cabinet. Where am I at, or am I dreaming? Am I realizing that truth is truly stranger than fiction? The room was well lighted, so well that we could read a newspaper, or tell the time by our watch.

Well, these phenomena are so strange, so new, so natural, what hypothesis do you, my reader friend, adopt to account fort hem, and the accuracy of description, the truth of statement, the naturalness of voice, the perfection of duplication, of tangibility, form, features and mannerisms? I can narrate and describe in detail the phenomena, but I ask you to simply account for them. Are they spiritual phenomena, such as are recorded in history, and in the Bible and Testament; and if not what are they, and what hypothesis will fit better than the spiritual hypothesis?"

Source: Dawn of the awakened mind by John Sumpter King- (p.28)

v). What are the potential human experiences? (Will their brains wirelessly communicate with satellites in order to interact with computers/applications? Can we integrate artificial superintelligence(ASI) with a neural interface to automatically write? Automatically draw? Automatically speak? Can we map artificial personalities or cloned personalities to human bodies and dynamically change personalities (which is channeling spirits/aliens)? etc.,)

vi). What if such applications misuse? What kind of human experiences we could expect to see? What kind of complaints we could expect to hear? (A person could potentially say that someone hacked my neural interface, that my speech was controlled, that my hand was controlled, that my level of consciousness was controlled to exploit/to manipulate my decision etc.,)

These are the questions that I asked myself to understand the mystery surrounding these unusual human experiences. So, I used a practical method and my theory is not complicated like time travelers, beings from other dimensions, etc. I have considered human nature (for instance, to stay in power, some people will do extremely evil things to fellow human beings) and then I have also considered how technologies can be deployed if science support it. For instance, if we could install a teleportation interface in a satellite, then what can we do? Can we replicate the phenomenon that we see in spiritualism? Can we materialize non-biological intelligences anywhere on Earth that look exactly like the aliens or souls of the dead that people report?

Hope I made myself clear now. The most important thing I see here is to find a mechanism to materialize a neural interface in human brains. Can we say that this technology is capable of doing it? It turns out to be they can. Let me take these experiences to help you see my viewpoint here. Below what you see is a healing experience reported by Rey Hernandez:

Miraculous healing of a pet dog named Nena:

"FREE co-founder Reinerio (Rey) Hernandez has described the high strangeness events that led to the creation of FREE.13 This astounding process started with the miraculous medical healing of his family’s fifteen-year-old pet dog named Nena, which means little girl in Spanish.

"The Condition of Nena:

"The Hernandez family had her since puppyhood. For several years prior to their close encounter on March 4, 2012, Nena had become increasingly debilitated. The once-vigorous Jack Russel developed arthritis, and her gait was impaired. Rey Hernandez stated that, “She walked like an old lady with arthritis—very gingerly and very slowly.” In addition, Nena had kidney problems and an enlarged heart. The dog was being treated with the vasodilator Viagra and a diuretic to remove excessive fluid from her small body. On the night of March 3, 2012, she developed the sudden onset of profound weakness of all extremities. There was no history of seizures or acute trauma. According to Mr. Hernandez, Nena could only lift her head and bark."

Events related to sudden healing:

"I was not fully conscious and ran downstairs.” As he entered the living room, Rey Hernandez reported seeing his wife and Nena rematerialize in the exact spot where they had disappeared 45 minutes before. Dulce started dancing around the room and playing with a fully healed Nena, who was jumping and racing back and forth like a puppy. Dulce repeatedly shouted in joy, “The angel cured her!”

Comments made by Dr. Joseph Burkes:“

“Joseph Burkes, MD: This case, as in several previous ones, involves what appears to be a dramatic sudden healing of multiple organs by a technology so advanced that it appears to be magic. Dogs and humans, as mammals, have similar chronic diseases. Medical science has no cures for the types of conditions that afflicted Nena. These included chronic degenerative arthritis, an enlarged heart, stroke with paralysis and chronic kidney disease. Currently established medical treatments administered over weeks to months can make these diseases better, but certainly not in the 45-minute interval that Nena and Dulce were presumably missing from the Hernandez home.”

“"Any attempt to make sense out of this narrative requires considerable medical speculation. A massive stroke in the form of a cerebral hemorrhage resulting in paralysis of all four extremities involves extensive damage to large numbers of neurons. Nerve cells have limited capacities for regeneration compared to other types of tissues."

“In either clinical setting, cardiomyopathy or valvular disease, there are changes within the heart muscle cells that cause them to enlarge.
As is the case with the brain, to cure such heart conditions requires a kind of cellular repair technology that would have to be applied to billions of individual cells."

Because of reported remote healing experiences, we could say that this technology is using a remote mechanism to do these kinds of cellular repair (instantly) as well. What does it mean? If they are able to heal human bodies this way using a remote mechanism, then will they be able to materialize a highly advanced form of neural interface in human brains in order to connect our brains to computers without physically touching us. Therefore, when we analyze their capabilities, I don’t think people have to be abducted to install neural interfaces in human brains. In fact, whoever use this technology will find surgeries as obsolete methods.

Another question that might come to your mind is that whether it is possible to hide an extremely advanced technology on Earth by a group of people? I'll give you an answer to this question this way:

i). These flying machines could deploy advanced cloaking methods, so our eyes will not be able to see these machines. However, to show their presence, such methods could be reversed. Invisibility is a future possible technology and we are aware of this now.

Ii). They could employ propulsion systems that will generate zero noise, therefore, again we are not able to know if these machines are flying in our airspace.

Iii). These machines could deploy an extremely advanced stealth technology so our radars will not be able to detect these machines, but they could implement methods to show their presence at the same time if needed.

Which means, technically a UFO could land in our neighbors’ garden or hovering on top of our house even without we knowing. Therefore, a group of people/a government, could possess this technology and work in a highly deceptive manner to hide their presence. Unless they show these technologies, it's impossible for us to know their existence.
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Paranormal Novice
Hope you are having a nice day. To make myself clear, I thought of writing this as well. And I look forward to hear your perspective on this. Thanks!


“When I saw Uri off to his car parked in front of the Hilton Hotel, we first looked into the car. On the seat in front of our eyes appeared Uri's rather large Sony CR 150 radio. We had last seen it in his apartment where he had left it earlier.”

Source: Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller By Andrija Puharich - (p.166)

The conclusion that we can derive from this:

If human beings are behind the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens (let's further analyze/discuss this conclusion of mine), then these experiences indirectly telling us that they have used highly advanced technology to materialize/dematerialize matter and also to teleport objects. I'm I right to say this?

Here we can break advanced technology further into two specific categories:

i). Hardware (Highly advanced devices.)

Ii). Software (Highly advanced applications that communicate with these devices in order to achieve a particular task. And any advanced technology will use AI-based applications)

If so, we can derive these two conclusions as well by analyzing the reported materialization/dematerialization experiences by people:

i). These highly advanced devices are using a remote mechanism to materialize matter/objects. (For instance, even if the location of the device is a satellite or some other remote location, the device still can materialize matter/objects in a remote location in space)

Ii). Materialization of an object means, atoms (which are made up of subatomic particles known as electrons, protons, neutrons, therefore, we could say these subatomic particles also have materialized in thin air) got materialized in a specific location in space.

Iii). In the above, example, this materialization was taken inside a vehicle; on a particular spot inside the vehicle. Contactees were observing and reporting such materialization/dematerialization inside their own houses. In other words, this device exhibits a capability of materialization of objects in remote locations such as inside buildings/vehicles, etc.

I'm I right if I say that these statements must also be true if human beings are behind the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens? If these statements are true, can we derive these conclusions as well:

I). They are able to materialize Atto/Femto devices? (provided they find usable phenomena to build a device)

Ii). That they are able to materialize Nanodevices?

If the above two points are true/possible, then is it possible to materialize a highly advanced neural interface in human brains? If they are able to do materializations inside vehicles/houses on specific locations in space, then from a logical standpoint, is it that we will have to agree with this statement as well?

Further, if a Sony radio can be materialized, we could derive these conclusions as well:

i). They can materialize food. (So for instance, they can materialize Dates, ghee, barley, grapes, oranges, etc.)

Ii). They can materialize various other objects (Ex.: coins, crystal balls, steel rings, books, cassette tapes, etc.)

We can come to the above conclusions since everything is made up of matter/atoms. And these devices can do all these materializations by using a remote mechanism.

Since they exhibit an ability to materialize a neural interface, then according to thoughts of a medium or thoughts/wishes sitters of a seance, is it that this technology can materialize food? If so, can we explain the below-reported experiences?

"In October, 1868, a seance was held, at which eighteen persons were present, Miss Nichol being the chief medium. Each of the sitters wished for fruit, the wish being in every instance granted. The following were brought and dropped on the table around which the company sat : A banana, two oranges, a bunch of white grapes, a bunch of black grapes, a duster of filberts, three walnuts, a dozen damsons, a slice of candied pine apple, three figs, two apples, some almonds, dates, pears, a pomegranate, two greengages, a pile of currants, a lemon, a bunch of raisins, which, as well as the figs and dates, were quite plump, as if they had never been packed, but brought direct from the drying ground. While the wishing was in progress a lady said, Why does not someone wish for vegetables, such as a potato or an onion ? ' and even while she was speaking a potato and an onion fell into her lap."

Source: Nineteenth century miracles; or, Spirits and their work in every country of the earth. A complete historical compendium of the great movement known as "modern spiritualism by Emma Hardinge Britten - (p.162/163)

Thinking along the lines, can we say that the technology behind the UFO phenomenon technically can give various psychic powers to people? According to Dr. Jacques Vallee:

"I have long had an interest in both UFO manifestations and such psychic manifestations as telepathy, poltergeists, and psychokinetics, but I have refrained (until a few years ago)from attempting to build a bridge between these two fields. To be sure, I have been aware that many UFO cases contained elements indicative of psychic phenomena. At the same time ,I have found in the literature of psychic history many observations that were suggestive of either the presence or the interference of UFOs. It would have been impossible not to recognize these connections and yet, to give just one example, when I was recently invited to speak about UFO research at a University of California extension course on psychic phenomena, my decision to accept the invitation was greeted with disbelief among astronomers privately interested in the subject."

"The changing attitudes of the public bear witness to the wider acceptance of nonrational events. I receive letters from people in many different positions, commenting on the relationship between UFOs and psychic phenomena. Some of these contain personal experiences that parallel those of Geller; sometimes they quote messages received from alleged superior entities similar to those Puharich claims to have contacted"

Source: UFOs: The Psychic Solution by Jacques Vallee - (p.190/191)

Therefore, can we say that advanced technology is what’s bridging these fields if human beings is behind the mystery surrounding UFOs/Aliens? To support this claim, then people should report that they have met human beings inside these flying machines. According to FREE Experiencer Research Study:

“32% were allowed to roam the craft without supervision;”

“29% were taken on a “tour” of the craft;”“

An interesting revelation from Table 6 is that the most common NHI seen aboard a UAP craft is actually a Human-looking NHI and not a Small Grey.

Source: Hernandez, Reinerio. Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness And Contact With Non-Human Intelligence(Volume One) (P. 27)

Can we say all these statements are true from a logical standpoint if human beings are behind the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens?


J. Randall Murphy
Staff member
So, in my writing I have never made a statement claiming that aliens are behind the phenomenon of UFOs. Instead, I have stated that a group of posthumans that descends from a highly advanced ancient posthuman civilization is behind it.

Thanks for the compliment. You are certainly a deeper thinker than many, and your participation is appreciated :cool:

Now we have to deal with the idea of "posthuman". "

Posthumanism or post-humanism (meaning "after humanism" or "beyond humanism") is a term with at least seven definitions according to philosopher Francesca Ferrando ... "​

I could assume that you mean that some ancient civilization that started out on the same evolutionary path as the rest of humanity suddenly branched off for some unspecified reason and for whatever reason transcended the rest of the humans ( including us ) and went someplace else in space and/or time.

There are a lot more issues with this theory than simply time travellers from the future because then we'd have to account for the lack of material historical evidence such as the ruins of such a civilization plus the traces its own history would had to have made on the environment during its own evolution.

It's not likely that any such advanced civilization could arise on its own in some fashion isolated in some small part of the world, so that upon departing, every trace of their existence would be wiped out, leaving nothing but myths and materials that were no more evolved than other ancient civilizations.

That being said, it's not technically impossible. Just very highly unlikely, and completely unsubstantiated by archaeological evidence. How do you deal with that issue?


Paranormal Novice
Thanks for sharing the link related to the definition of the word “posthumanism.” Since that word is subject to misinterpretation due to those different meanings, I decided to remove the word entirely from my write-up. Sorry, this will be a long answer, but you will find answers to all the questions that you raised.

Where are they living?

I mentioned in my write-up that someone used highly advanced technology to make us believe in the existence of aliens and spirits. And since the phenomena reported in the literature on UFOs and spiritualism show a correlation (see this link: https://insightfulreports.org/resea...-those-who-are-still-searching-the-truth.html) to the phenomena reported in Abrahamic religions, I stated that the advanced technology has been used to establish these religions as well. I took experiences such as the below, in support of my conclusion:

i) "Jewish legends relate that certain individuals mastered a technique, referred to as kefizat haderekh, path jumping. Although there are only a few accounts of how it was actually accomplished, there are innumerable anecdotes about rabbis and sages, who were able to mysteriously teleport themselves from place to place." – This is a phenomenon reported in the literature on UFOs. This can’t be a natural ability that Rabbis had. Instead, here the ASI must have decoded thoughts and used neural data to teleport human beings according to their thoughts. So, I find that technology-based explanation is the most logical assumption here.

Source: Path Jumping in the Jewish Magical Tradition on JSTOR

ii) "Teleportation: (Kafitzat ha-Derach, "Jumping the Way"). Physical teleportation is first mentioned in the Midrash, where the saintly Sage Chanina ben Dosa is instantaneously transported to Jerusalem by a team of angels (S of S R. 1:4; Eccl. R. 1:1). The Talmud lists three biblical figures, Eliezer. Jacob, and Abishai, who traversed huge distances at miraculous speeds (Sanh. 95a; Chul. 91b). There are several other accounts of angelically assisted teleportation, usually involving religious virtuosos on a particular mission, such as one involving Simon bar Yochai's quest for an audience with Caesar in which angels progressively get Bar Yochai to Rome, past the palace guards, and then directly before the Emperor. Angels cease to be a part of later reports, and instead it becomes one of the wondrous talents available to the enlightened. Reports of teleportation were discussed by early medieval legal authorities."

Source: The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic and Mysticism By Geoffrey W. Dennis p.255

Since I found a technology-based explanation for the reported Abrahamic religious experiences and since these experiences span over a millennium, we can say that someone has given great effort to establish these beliefs. Since I saw evidence supporting the conclusion that a group of human beings is behind the phenomenon of UFOs (this highly advanced technology), I see that the most logical hypothesis here is that the people who are in the possession of this highly advanced technology are living in one of our countries.

Besides, human beings are social beings, therefore, they will not try to use advanced technology to go to another planet and while living there they will use these highly advanced flying machines just to visit us once in a while and go back to the planet and isolate themselves from the rest of the civilization. Instead, they will enjoy life with all the freedom they have by using these highly advanced technologies, here on Earth.

Therefore, although your hypothesis is another valid hypothesis, I see that they haven't branched off and went to someplace. Instead, I see a typical behavior that we could expect from human beings whose minds are keen to control and stay in power. This can be identified as the reason why they don't share this highly advanced technology with us. Hope this will help you to see my viewpoint here.

What are the technologies they were in possession of by the time they destroyed the civilization?

Instead of discussing from the perspective of posthumanism (since the term is subjective misinterpretation), we could try to figure out the possible technologies that they were in possession of by the time they destroyed this highly advanced (ancient) global civilization. Because of the evidence that I see, it seems to be that:

i). They must have found technologies to help them to live longer.

ii). They must have developed an AI/ASI that can even replicate human behavior.

iii). Their technology must have been able to take mental clones of human beings.

iv). They must have replaced almost all jobs (Including the medical profession).

v). They must have invented technologies to materialize/dematerialize matter/objects.

vi). They must have had the capability to teleport objects as well as human beings, etc.

vii). They must have invented highly advanced neural interfaces that helped them to connect their brains to computers.

Although these people possess all these advanced technologies, their appearance should be just like us. Because of this advanced technology, they should be able to make us believe that their aliens by teleporting themselves, levitating themselves, healing human bodies, and materializing/dematerializing matter/objects, etc. And I think today they are living in a European country for the reasons that I have stated in my write-up. Therefore, on a daily basis, we could be talking to these people without knowing that they possess the technology behind the phenomenon of UFOs. Hope this will help you to see how I see these people.

Is it possible to destroy a global civilization that was in possession of the above-mentioned technologies in order to rule the world while keeping the technologies within the group?

I see that when a civilization achieves the above technologies, a group of people can plan and destroy the civilization in order to carry an invisible rule due to these reasons

I). AI/ASI/robots/non-biological intelligences, for instance, will be their scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. Therefore, a group of people can become independent. They will not have to rely on society.

ii). They should be able to build anything they need (Even if they want to build a flying machine, the AI/ASI/robots/non-biological intelligences will help them to build it) and materialization / dematerialization devices will also help them to achieve these tasks.

iii). If they need food, they can materialize food as well (materialization of food is reported in the literature on spiritualism).

Therefore, you will notice that these are powerful inventions. With these inventions, a group of people can plan and destroy the civilization in order to carry out an invisible rule.

However, this is not the case for a civilization like ours. If our civilization gets destroyed in the event of a global cataclysmic event (engineered or natural), a group of people cannot use technology to rule the world since we are heavily dependent on one another. Our short life span is also another major problem. A major event can easily collapse our civilization.

How advanced this technology?

To explain my viewpoint, let me take what Dr. Michio Kaku had to say:

"So teleportation exists at the atomic level, and we may eventually teleport complex and even organic molecules within a few decades. But the teleportation of a macroscopic object will have to wait for several decades to centuries beyond that, or longer, if indeed it is even possible. Therefore teleporting complex molecules, perhaps even a virus or a living cell, qualifies as a Class I impossibility, one that should be possible within this century. But teleporting a human being, although it is allowed by the laws of physics, may take many centuries beyond that, assuming it is possible at all. Hence I would qualify that kind of teleportation as a Class II impossibility."

Source: Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel - (p. 69)

His assumption seems to be realistic here. If scientifically possible, we should be able to achieve human teleportation within the next 1000 years. By this time, we should be able to take mind clones of people, create artificial superintelligences and non-biological intelligences, etc. Therefore, I don’t see that the technologies they use are millions of years advanced as some UFO researchers claim.

Now if we assume that this ancient civilization has managed to invent the technologies that we possess today by 16000 BC, before 15000 BC (less than 1000 years) they should be able to achieve human teleportation as well if it's scientifically possible. Nevertheless, I see that this global catastrophic event has taken place sometime after they inventing the above-mentioned technological capabilities.

The connection between some concepts:

If the catastrophic event(s) made their civilization lose all the technologies, it will take a considerable amount of time to reinvent the technologies once again. Since human beings will reinvent the technologies, they must destroy the civilization once again when the civilization reaches a particular level of technological advancement, cause if not an advanced civilization can understand the truth because of the technologies that they invent. This perspective will help you to see a different meaning behind these claims:

"The New Heaven and New Earth will be God resetting and recreating the heavens and the earth, where sin and the effects of sin will no longer be present"

Source: What is the New Heavens and New Earth Mentioned in Isaiah and Revelation?

Notice that "Apocalyptic events," "Great Reset," "God resetting," "A New Heaven and New Earth," "Cyclic creation and destruction,” and “rebirth” etc., are all connected concepts that give meaning to one another. If someone uses advanced technology to stay in power, we could expect to see them influencing our civilization by using such concepts. Now, if we look at the phenomenon of UFOs/aliens from this perspective, we can see why these intelligences claim to be aliens showing an interest in armageddon/apocalypse as well:

For instance, according to Dr. I. D. E. Thomas:

"Some have difficulty in accepting the fact that these space beings are malevolent because some of the predictions they make parallel biblical prophecies. They have been known to quote from the Bible and to have shown remarkable interest in scriptural references to the last days. Armageddon is number one on their priority list.

Source: The Omega Conspiracy: Satan’s Last Assault on God’s Kingdom by Dr. I. D. E. Thomas

As stated earlier, they must destroy our civilization in order to stay in power. Therefore, because of these predictions made by the intelligences claim to be aliens and the claims in the Bible, I see a hidden threat that our civilization has failed to identify.

If an advanced civilization(s) existed on Earth, where is the evidence?

The question that you asked is a logical question that people were asking from alternative historians who were claiming that highly advanced civilizations existed on Earth, but they have failed to give a proper answer to the question. To understand our history, let's consider the following assumptions:

i). A highly advanced civilization never existed in the past.

If so, we should not find anomalies that cannot be explained. However, this hypothesis, cannot explain, for instance, how the great pyramid of Giza was built and other anomalies that alternative historians report; therefore this cannot be the truth.

ii). A highly advanced civilization existed in the past, but the civilization was destroyed due to a natural cause.

If a highly advanced civilization(s) existed and if the civilization was destroyed due to a natural cause, then we must be able to find evidence in support of the existence of highly advanced civilizations in the past. However, we cannot find convincing evidence in support of this hypothesis either. Skeptics ask this question from alternative historians by taking natural cause as the assumption of the destruction but this assumption cannot be used to explain the data.

iii). A highly advanced civilization existed but a group of people intentionally destroyed the civilization in order to stay in power/to carry out an invisible rule on Earth. (We descends from the people who survived the cataclysmic event(s))

If this event has taken place, it’s logical to assume that they will not leave anything for us to conclude that a highly advanced civilization existed in ancient times. Instead, we might be able to find some traces that support this conclusion.

Here are some of the data presented by alternative historians/researchers in support of their claim:

1). According to Andrey Sklyarov who is the founder of Laboratory of Alternative History:

“and this one of them looks like in a close-up. The depth of this cut is about 1 cm, about 2/5th of an inch at times maybe more. Basically, this is a V-shaped cut with a width of about 3-4mm or about 3/20th of an inch, on entry at the top and practically zero width at the bottom. It’s about 1/10th of a millimeter, maybe 1/250th of an inch. Not a single one of our modern materials which we use for cutting can withstand the load exerted upon it given a similar circumstance of working with granite-like this. In other words, we can’t even imagine what this tool could have been made out of. Here we have the same grooves but a bit further down. The width of the cutting blade was about 1 to 2/10ths of a millimeter or about 1/250th of an inch. For a comparison, the blade on a modern disk saw can’t be wider than 1cm or about 2/5th of an inch”

He further states:

“The first conclusion is this: Are there facts which prove that ancient times had an advanced civilization left its mark on our planet? Yes. There are. Furthermore, a technologically advanced civilization which was capable of advanced machine manufacturing. There are so many traces of this. We found literally thousands of cases of signs where advanced technologies were used. So in my view, the question of was there or wasn’t there some kind of a highly advanced civilization on Earth in ancient times? I consider this case to be closed. There was.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuAZ2HojyJY

"Traces of Ancient Gods' Civilization"

“The facts are undeniable evidence that the ancient gods representatives of advanced civilization with high technology is indeed a reality, and not a fiction nor fantasy of our ancestors. This not only makes us radically revise the image of the ancient history of mankind, but also gives us a unique chance to penetrate into the knowledge and technology of the gods’ civilization, to use this knowledge and technology for the development and enhancing our own civilization.”

Source: Laboratory of Alternative History

2). According to Christopher Dunn:

"As an engineer and craftsman who has worked in manufacturing for more than forty years and who has created precision artifacts in our modern world, in my opinion this accomplishment in prehistory is nothing short of amazing. Nobody does this kind of work unless there is a very high purpose for the artifact. Even the concept of this kind of precision does not occur to an artisan unless there is no other means of accomplishing what the artifact is intended to do. The only other reason that such precision would be created in an object is that the tools that are used to create it are so precise that they are incapable of producing anything less than precision. With either scenario, we are looking at a higher civilization in prehistory than what is currently accepted. The implications are staggering.”

“This is why I believe that these artifacts that I have measured in Egypt are the smoking gun that proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that a higher civilization existed in ancient Egypt than what we have been taught. The evidence is cut into the stone.”

Source: Forbidden History: Prehistoric Technologies, Extraterrestrial Intervention, and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization (p. 254-255)

3). According to Randall Carlson:

“What I’m suggesting is not necessarily that the Gothic Cathedral builders of 800 years ago were able to measure the Earth with that accuracy but then again it does seem to imply that somebody was that somebody was able to measure the Earth that maybe there is been a tradition going back to who knows when from the building of the pyramids coming down through the age of the Greeks right down to the building of Gothic, European Gothic Cathedrals 800 years ago.”


Because of the data that these researchers are putting forward, I find that the third hypothesis is the most logical hypothesis here that explains the data; which is that a highly advanced civilization(s) existed but a group of human beings destroyed the civilization and removed the evidence as well in order to stay in power/to carry an invisible rule.

However, this will raise another question: "If a highly advanced global civilization existed, is it even remotely possible to destroy all the evidence?" To find a logical answer to this mystery we have to find out the capabilities of this highly advanced technology.

i). This technology is able to dematerialize matter. For instance, when teleporting a human being or an object, the human body/object seems to be dematerializing from one location and materializing in the other location (the concept of teleportation). Therefore, because of this capability, they can dematerialize human bodies entirely, and then they can even rapidly destroy any remaining evidence of the civilization as well. ASI will involve in this process.

Ii). If the technology is able to create massive floods/storms, this will also help them to destroy evidence. The following experience gives us an indication that they possess this capability as well:

“Ted Owens (1920-1987) was an American who won notoriety by claiming macro-psychokinetic (PK) powers: an ability to control the weather on a large scale, direct lightning strikes,and cause or predict accidents. He claimed he was the agent of alien ‘space intelligences’ acting through him. Certain observers were impressed by the frequency with which his predictions of future events matched the reality”

Source: Ted Owens | Psi Encyclopedia

If human beings are behind the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens, these experiences indirectly telling us that they are able to control the weather on a large scale. Therefore, this capability can also be used to destroy evidence.

Iii). They should be able to create massive fires. This capability will also help them to destroy evidence.

Iv). Since they have access to our brains, they can erase our memories as well selectively, so we will not know what happened to our history. They can do this over a long period of time.

Therefore, when we consider the possible capabilities of this highly advanced technology, we can find a logical answer to the question that you raised. Until our civilization accepts the existence of UFOs, we will not see an alternative explanation to understand the mystery.

On the other hand, if someone tries to control the narrative of our history (by destroying evidence), they will have to actively suppress our history. If so, we could expect to see people reporting such incidences. Here is a documentary about suppression:

These researchers report strange deaths, someone misleading them/monitoring them, strange phone calls, etc. If we ask the right questions from these researchers to identify if their experiences can be traced to this advanced technology, we should be able to find supporting evidence as well. Therefore, when we consider all these data, I find that the most logical explanation to the mystery surrounding the phenomenon of UFOs/Aliens is that the technology belongs to a group of human beings and they are living in one of our countries.
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J. Randall Murphy
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Thanks for sharing the link ...
I watched the videos ( some pretty interesting stuff there ), and read through your post. Lots to consider.

Myth Versus Reality

Yes, there are plenty of texts and legends passed-down through generations of what come across as some sort of technologically advanced and/or evolved presence on our planet. Add to that what I believe is sufficient evidence from firsthand modern accounts for such a presence, and it's not unreasonable to propose that there are connections.

However we can also make connections between superheroes and mythology, both of which are virtually all fictional, and as we move into the past, there's insufficient evidence by way of texts alone to justify the belief that all or any of them represent an objective reality for their time. This doesn't mean that such myths and legends don't contain some grain of truth someplace, but they're certainly not reliable enough to base belief on.

Ancient Technology - Suppressed Archaeology

Yes, there are some ancient megalithic structures and some apparent out of place artifacts, but none of them in and of themselves amount to anything more than piles of stones or curiosities that may ( or may not ) have a perfectly rational explanation. The Dark Side of Archaeology video was very interesting and well put together ( thank you ! ). On the more skeptical side of the Ancient Aliens debate, the following is a must watch:

Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Highly Technological Civilizations

When it comes to the unlikelihood of a high-tech ancient civilization I base my reasoning, not on the possibility that a few humans had conceived of high-tech and managed to isolate themselves from the rest of the world so that their base of operations remained undetected ( to this day ). But on the reasoning that the infrastructure required to make such technology real would require efforts that leave behind such widespread remnants, that it would have been virtually impossible to make them disappear to the extent of the absence apparent today.

For example, let's consider something as simple as a basic printed circuit. We don't even need to get into digital processors. Obtaining the various metals would first require a series of mines in various locations to extract the raw ore. Then it would require a series of refineries to produce the purified raw materials, which in-turn would also require more mines and refineries to have been constructed first, which would have required a lot of trial and error, leaving a trial of technological evolution in its wake, not unlike what we have today, which has required the collaboration of literally millions of people worldwide over generations, which has necessitated a mass transit system, at least as advanced as rail, and mega- shipping which would also require its own production process all the way from the mines to the refineries to the fabrication plants. And this doesn't even begin to touch on petrochemical extraction and refining in order to make the plastics. When you take into account all the variables required. The ancient high-tech lost civilization theory collapses under its own weight.

However, it is entirely possible that there could be alien bases that have been built here based on technology and materials brought here from elsewhere, and the next most reasonably hypothesis at this time appears to be the ETH or more accurately, the Interstellar Hypothesis.


Yes, experiments have been done that seem to support the idea of the teleportation. However on closer inspection it looks less like teleportation of objects, and more like "quantum teleportation" which is a signal transmission rather than a material "thing", and even if it gets to the point of material things, then we're still dealing with the issue of copies as opposed to originals, which wouldn't make much difference when it comes to basic materials and many inanimate objects. However living beings and items that have value because they are the originals are another story.

Grant it, this subject by its nature raises all sorts of philosophical questions concerning the nature of reality, where there could be loopholes that render such objections moot, but that's more than we need to get into here, and would be better discussed on the
Philosophy, Science & The Unexplained thread.

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