alien abduction

  1. paraschtick

    New Emma Woods book and podcast

    Hi folks, Haven't been here for a very long time but wanted people who are interested to know that Emma Woods has published a new book ("Glimpses of Magonia") regarding her anomalous experiences. Her book, which is fascinating though a bit disturbing in some ways can be found on She...
  2. Richard Hawkins

    Alien abduction

    Here is my opinion on alien abduction. They fall in to one of three categories. 1.People who have been sexualy assaulted by a friend or family member and cover this up in their mind by substituting aliens as the attacker because they can not come to terms with the truth. 2. People who have had...
  3. R

    The Case For Why UFOs Are Owned By Humans

    So, I created this massive correlation table that will help you to gain quick insights into the mysteries surrounding UFOs, Aliens, Spirits and the God behind Abrahamic religions. The...
  4. PsyChris

    Greeting from podcast

    Hey everyone, I just joined. I regularly listen to the show over the RSS feed. I enjoy it greatly and look forward to new episodes and every now and then, diving back into the archives. I run a podcast Conspire A Theory where I dive into the paranormal, as well as hot topics and geek fandoms...
  5. S

    True Confessions of an Old Paranormal Experiencer

    Rather than the erudite arm chair philosophers regarding UFOS and so-called aliens, I present you with my life time of paranormal experiences. First I wrote these up in a document that no one would read. Now I have created 5 YOUTUBE videos. What do I want? Simple acknowledgement that this old...