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Paranormal Novice
This story starts back when I was in kindergarten or so. So we lived in a small house connected to a trailer which had a living room, then a kitchen, then down the hallway my room, a bathroom, closet, & my uncle's old room. I was a very shy kid, I wouldn't even talk to my own mother & I was always afraid to be in the trailer, preferably starting in the kitchen onwards towards the bedrooms.

Well the garbage was located behind the door going to the kitchen from the living room & I had gotten done eating & had to put my scraps in the trash. So I went into the kitchen, dumped my scraps & I started to get the feeling that someone was watching me so I looked up down the hallway & standing in the doorway to the end bedroom was a tall, dark figure that was almost as tall as the frame with no face. Just all black & staring at me. I freaked & refused to sleep in my room ever again.

So I started sleeping on the couch in the main house living room, & I would constantly wake up to the feeling that I was being watched so I would sneak into my mom & step dads room & sleep in his pile of clothes on the floor. Well my mom actually ended up leaving us after that so I would sleep in her spot on the bed with my little sister in the middle, & step dad on his side.

A bunch of us girls at school did that bloody Mary thing & even though I never seen anything that day, I started having these nightmares that I was being watched by a girl in a white dress with long black hair & acouple of times I felt like I was touched. Eventually the nightmares stopped after we burned down the trailer & I got a room of my own in the add on basement & my step dad met his now wife.

(I was in high school now). She moved in, & her son would sleep in the room next to mine in the basement & my little sister would sleep on the couch in the basement which was right outside my room. Well they had a baby who would sleep upstairs in her nursery & they slept in their room upstairs. Our hallway upstairs when pressure was applied would make creeping noises so you always knew when someone was up & moving around.

It started out with the end cupboard opening by itself even after being duct taped down. Footsteps on the stairs, upstairs in the hallway. I brushed it off.

I started to babysit the kids while my step dad & his wife would go out drinking & I would send William & Sam to bed downstairs & I would stay with the baby upstairs with the dog. Well one night I heard creaking in the hallway/footsteps & I waited for one of the kids to come around the corner. No one did. My dog immediately looked up, jumped off the couch & went to the end of the hallway & just stared. I was rocking the baby in the chair & I heard my dog start to growl. After awhile he stopped & went back to the couch.

On many occasions I would be rocking the baby & she would look behind me smiling at something & just stare but no one was there. One time the whole family was outside around the fire & I layed down on the couch upstairs. I turned my back towards the hallway & I closed my eyes but I wasn't sleeping. I started to hear the creaking in the hallway so I thought my sister was coming to get me to go outside & all of a sudden I felt a hard push & I opened my eyes & no one was there. I went outside & asked if anyone came in & they all said no.

Sometimes when I would be sleeping in my room I would feel like someone was watching me & once I seen a face near my closet. My sister started sleeping in my room with me because she said she was scared to sleep alone out on the couch but wouldnt say why she was scared. One night I woke up to her sitting up on the bed, walking slowly to the door, opening the door & just staring out in the dark. I got up & tried asking her what she was doing & as soon as I touched her she turned towards me, shut the door & just stared at me. I turned on my light & her eyes were red. I shut the light off, led her back to bed & asked her about it the next day-- she didn't remember any of it.

Overtime I became depressed, had an eating disorder & kept having suicidal thoughts. I started to black out too & one time inparticular I woke up feeling dizzy, I went upstairs for idk what reason, was going back down the stairs & everything went black. Woke up on the concrete floor, feeling no pain just very light like I wasn't myself. Talked to my step dads wife & she said she was also hearing footsteps & what not but my step dad didn't want to hear about it because he thought we were being crazy.

Well I moved out (to michigan) & acouple times with my ex in bed with me, I heard someone saying my name & when I opened my eyes I seen someone standing at the end of the bed. He also seen the same thing.

I was always drawn to the cemetery up there & would find myself walking around in there & sitting for awhile. I felt good there. Well moved back to Wisconsin, & again different house but seen someone at the end of my bed. Ex & I broke up due to him cheating & I fell into a dark path with alcohol & sleeping pills. Found out i had IBS later on.

Let my new bf acouple years later move in & I got worse. One night I was laying in bed, he was out sleeping on the couch, & I heard a man say my name & actually seen a man standing in my doorway. Went out to the living room & the bf was passed out. We broke up, & after awhile I met my now husband & he moved in with me.

One night I was alone & I heard knocking coming from the spare room. Went in, nothing. Closed the door & right away knocking. Went in, nothing. No trees or anything that could cause it. Acouple other times i heard some noises while i was alone but brushed it off.

We bought a house & moved & had a baby. It happened suddenly but my husbands wedding ring split. Not all the way through but a chunk was missing from it, he says he didnt hit his hand on anything or knew what caused it. About two weeks ago I found out my husband cheated on me. I was & still am devastated but two days after I found out I was downstairs putting laundry in the baskets behind the laundry room door, I started to get a feeling that someone was watching me, I looked up & someone pulled their head back behind the door (it was like a gray/black mass). Asked my husband if it was him when I was done & he said no.

When I'm home alone with the baby laying in bed I start to get cold randomly & I hear noises throughout the house. Throughout my whole life I've had some sort of experience nomatter where I am. The whole thing with my husbands wedding ring freaks me out because as soon as I seen the chunk missing from it I had a bad feeling that it was a sign that he had went against our marriage & that's exactly what happened.

Is something trying to communicate with me? Did it do something to his ring on purpose? Is something connected to me & has it been this whole time or is it all just a coincedence? Why is it wherever i go, i have these experiences? I don't know what any of this means so I thought I would share & see if anyone has had a similar experience or could possibly give me some advice.
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