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At What Age Did You Become Interested in UFOs?

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I wanna say atleast 7 or 8, I had dreams about aliens would arrive in my frontyard and abduct me each time, Ive had many occasions. Then star wars and star trek encouraged me more into the study of other life in the stars... My recent dream in had was I fell asleep at my girlfriends house, I woke up early morning, then bright lights and no sound filled the bedroom windows, got numb, then woke up.... or were they dreams at all? funny thing is I remember them all until the part when I would be abducted then I would "wake up". pretty interesting... as far as seeing a actual one I am not sure.. I am always looking in the sky at night, I see satellites, planes, stars and planets but could I of misread one who knows.
Gosh, I must have been six or seven - I was one of those "gifted" kids. Wonder what happened? :)

I had an uncle, who worked as a civilian employee for the SAMSO group that eventually evolved into USAF 'Space Command'. He used to bring me all KINDS of cool stuff from the space program. Oddly enough, when I developed an interest in UFOs; he never belittled the idea, or tried to discourage me in any way. I really wish he was still around, but he passed in 1979. Heck, he'd be 99 now.
Probably around 7-9 years old. I'm 19 now so I've had a decade of interest. And before that, I was already very interested in outer space. But it's only a couple years ago since I started reading seriously on UFOs, and not just aliens.
Man, that's one thing I've missed... I never missed a launch of a manned mission - and at least one of the networks would be carrying it live.
I saw a black triangle with my family in 98 quite high up in the sky stationary. It then spun on its axis around 270 degrees and shot off as quick as quick as the eye could see, so since then. Im 29 now.
I had a sort of whimsical interest when I was about 10-11 (My dad had this great book, Reader's Digest's Mysteries of the Unexplained big book o' wut)
But I really got into it when I was 19, my first year of college. Acid was involved.
Since then, I've had some mighty strange experiences, and some flat-out sightings with groups of people. and in 2010 alone i rocketed through several layers of paradigm scaffolding on the matter, starting with nuts n bolts ET hypothesis (love X-Files), and then quickly cranking up to the interdimensional hypothesis, and beyond. 2010-11 I consumed in short order Mothman Prophecies (Keel), Communion (Strieber), Supernatural (Graham Hancock), Dimensions (Jacques Vallee), Breaking open the Head (Daniel Pinchbeck), Daemonic Reality (Patrick Harpur), and various material on Gnosticism and Shamanism, leading me to The Invisibles (Grant Morrison) in 2012, which is pretty much reflective of where my thinking is today.
I became interested in UFO's at around 6/7 years old, I also was a child of the 70's/80's, enduring the fears of the cold war,etc... I remember being terrified by Close Encounters of the Third Kind, especially the scene where the young child, Barry, is abducted from his home...Something always struck a chord with that scene...I was born in the UK and as a child suffered from night terrors, I would wake to visions of beings in my room, touching my older brother, and when I tried to scream, nothing came out...I would wake in a panic...I am fascinated with the possibility of life existing outside of our world or dimension...Always keeping my eyes to the skies!
Tell us more.
Well I woke up early for school around 4 am and about 5 I went into my room and outside the window I saw a triangle with three lights flying over the mountain ridge. The way it moved was so smooth and it seemed to just stop at one point, and hover. I went to go get my dad but it was gone when we got back.