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At Last — The Phenomenon!


Paranormal Novice
I've been following this for years and I'm super excited for it to finally be coming out! The vast majority of people in the world are pretty ignorant to the history of the UFO phenomenon, and a film like this really has the potential to cause a paradigm shift in popular belief.

That being said, as much as me and the rest of the UFO community will thoroughly enjoy a film like this, it's real value is it's ability to inform those who are unaware of the reality of the UFO phenomenon. And the most hardened segment of the uninformed are the ardent skeptics, some of which are vocal in their disbelief, going out of their way to debunk any claim presented.

Now I got wind of a certain story being included in the documentary, a story involving a man who started experiencing bouts of high strangeness after witnessing a UFO. One example of this high strangeness being an alleged midget who showed up at his house, started speaking to him in some unknown language, and then disappeared right before his eyes. To be clear, I personally I find this account to be fascinating, but I'm somebody who's been studying the phenomenon for many years, and I've gained a nuanced understanding of the topic. The problem in including anecdotes of this nature is that you risk alienating those who are already prone to disbelief - and simultaneously arming the card carrying skeptics with reasons to write the topic off all together. A story of a disappearing midget is exactly the sort of thing that many skeptics look for when seeking to confirm their prior bias, and throw the baby out with the bath water. I hope James reconsiders his decision to include this story, I really want this film to reach its full potential in it's impact on the public perception of this oh so misunderstood topic.