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J. Randall Murphy
SharonAHill-01a.pngSharon A. Hill researches paranormal topics, pseudoscience, and natural anomalies with a special scholarly interest in how paranormal investigators use science and interact with the public. On this subject, she has written Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Amateur Paranormal Researchers, published in 2017, the only comprehensive study of modern ghost investigators, cryptozoologists and ufologists that assess claims of the paranormal. A trained geologist with a Masters in Education, she has written for Skeptical Inquirer and Fortean Times, and created and ran the popular weird news website Doubtful News for many years, as well as producing a related podcast, 15 Credibility Street.

This promises to be a very interesting show, for skeptics and believers alike. The show will be recorded Friday Sep. 28, starting at 2:00pm Pacific.


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Sharon A. Hill was an excellent guest. To bad she was last minute. But I have a feeling she'll be back, and next time we'll give you all more time in advance to post some questions and comments..