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Another unusual visual phenomenon


Paranormal Maven
Just mentioning this for general interest.

It's happened before, though not really

Just now, I momentarily lowered my head
into my hands, with eyes closed.

The first unusual thing was that instead
of the usual nearly black field of vision,
I saw a medium brown flat surface, which
was in clear focus and looked like wood.

The grain patterns were distinct.

So far, so good, but the REALLY unusual
thing was that if I rotated my head left or
right while keeping eyes closed, ...

NOT MOVE WITH MY HEAD! As if it were
a real surface, in fixed position!

Usually if I move my head with eyes closed,
the slight trace of eyes-closed pattern does
move with my head.

I'm gobsmacked when this happens!

Is some sort of paranormal prankster at work

-- Squirrel
I have heard some remote viewers describe their sessions this way. Possibly this was something that you saw (or will see) physically in your daily life and now there is some connection.