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And one more...This one a time slip?


Paranormal Novice
I'd written this up for something else awhile back:

This is an unexplained event that happened to me in Scotland in 1989, and possibly to a British Army officer sometime between 1938 and 1945.:confused:

I was staying at a B&B in Inverness, a city in the Scottish Highlands. The house was incredibly lovely--filled with Glasgow-style turn-of-the-century furniture and fittings. It spoke of the years before World War I when art and utility were combined in new and sensual ways. It did not speak at all of the sparse, hard years of World War II.

In my room, my bed sat to the left of the doorway, facing a fire with a Glasgow-style beaten-copper surround. One night, I was lying there, looking at the beautiful fireplace. Although it was about 10 pm, there was still light in the room, as it was early summer and the days are long in the north. I had just begun to drift a little when suddenly I saw a man in a military uniform sitting at a desk. Curiously, he and his desk were partially occupying the same space that I was. At about the moment that I realized my toes were poking through this man's desk blotter and he was writing on my calves, the door opened and a woman in a maid's uniform entered carrying a tea tray. The man at the desk looked up at her, and in doing so, seemed to see me, too. As the maid set the tea tray down in front of him, he looked at me in shocked surprise. Then everything faded and I fell into a normal sleep.

The next morning in one of those mind-bending synchronicities, I was sat in the B&B's dining room eating breakfast. Other guests were talking to the owner about the history of the house. She told them that during WW II the house was used as billet for army officers.

That's the end of the nicely written part, and really, that's all there is to it, but I've always wondered if I didn't experience some sort of time slip...


Nothin' to see here
Seems to be explainable by the notion that time is not linear, rather everything happens at the same 'time'. Somehow two parallel realities were overlapping.

Im of the opinion that many ghost encounters are simply an overlapping or synchronising of different dimensions/parallel realities.

The 64 trillion dollar question is, what causes these dimension overlaps to happen in the first place? Now that Id love to know.


First Minister of Uncommon Sense
There was a a story I read on the Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society page (www.torontoghosts.org) that was somewhat similar. A man was walking down a Toronto street one night when he saw a woman approaching him. As she got closer, he realized she was wearing period clothes and IIRC, was slightly transparent. As she passed him, she looked at him with the same look of shock that he had. I remember he stated that he thought it was a "time slip" or something of that nature. If I see if I can find the story and post the link.


Reality Support Tech
I love stories like this, thanks for sharing it.

Now I wonder if there is a way to determine who the officer & maid were, then see if they ever reported a ghost of your likeness. How odd it would be if they had...before the haunting--from your perspective--had occurred yet!

I never tire of saying: Reality has a database, and the database is riddled with bugs.