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After The Paracast — What You've Missed

Gene Steinberg

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Again, After The Paracast is only available to Paracast+ subscribers. Key episodes for the past year are listed below:

October 22, 2023
Long-time UFO and Cryptid investigator Stan Gordon returns to reveal more amazing sightings in his home state of Pennsylvania. Speaking with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz, he also discusses the presence of “Mystery Men” in some cases. Are they Men In Black? What? Gordon also talks about the possibilities of UFO disclosure. Gordon is also the producer of the award winning UFO video documentary, “Kecksburg The Untold Story.” His books include: Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook, Really Mysterious Pennsylvania, and his latest book, Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures. In more recent years he was also seen on The Close Encounters series on the Science Channel, Monsters & Mysteries in America on the Destination America Channel, Monumental Mysteries on the Travel Channel, In Search of Aliens on H2, and UFO Conspiracies on the Science Channel. Gordon also has been featured in a number of documentaries, including “Invasion On Chestnut Ridge.”

October 15, 2023
Gene and cohost Tim Swartz present Christopher Harmon, who claims to possess psychic and remote viewing abilities. He continues to discuss the results of his experiments on the main show and the reasons behind those results. He also discusses UFO cases he has investigated as a member of MUFON's Star Team, along with theories about the phenomenon. Harmon and his partner, Amanda, share common goals: To help and heal everyone who needs healing, finding lost items and missing persons. They have been investigating UFO encounters and abductions and say they have a great passion for unraveling the mysteries of everything. Harmon is offering an eight-week remote viewing course, set to begin on November 1, 2023.

October 8, 2023
UFOs, pop culture, sci-fi and more are discussed by Chris O'Brien and Greg Bishop. The duo talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the possible influences for UFO beings and other paranormal memes. In talking about a possible "co-creation" cause for such phenomena, possible "placeholder memories" are on the agenda. Chris O'Brien, cohost of The Paracast from 2010 through 2018, who has investigated hundreds of unexplained events in south-central CO/north-central NM. His investigations are chronicled in his “Mysterious Valley” book trilogy. He is also author "Stalking the Herd," a major work focusing on cattle mutilations. Greg Bishop has explored the strange and unknown for a number of years. In 2019, he co-authored "A Is For Adamski," an encyclopedic overview of the UFO contact movement. His long-running podcast can be heard at radiomisterioso.com.

October 1, 2023
Experiencer Michael Kameron talks to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his lifetime of incredible and sometimes frightening paranormal encounters, which include possible alien abductions. During the discussion, Kameron describes his experiences as out-of-body events. He also talks about reincarnation and the impact of his experiences to the people around him. Kameron is author of "High Strangeness: A Lifetime of Alien and Paranormal Encounters." Throughout his childhood, Kameron had been unaware that such experiences were anything other than normal, until he realized that upon reflection, something odd had been happening; that his life was very different from others who considered such supernatural phenomena as totally inexplicable. It was then that he became aware that his very existence appeared to be working in parallel worlds, and that he was ostensibly living two entirely different lives, rather than one.

September 24, 2023
UFO researcher and experiencer Preston Dennett returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about incredible high strangeness episodes involving UFOs and their humanoid crews. He covers such cases as the strange individual or being encountered by two teens interested in exploring astral projection, episodes of both missing time and gaining time, and electronic effects impacting cars, cameras and other gear. The strange cases of possible alien implants are also covered. Preston's book, "Humanoids and High Strangeness," is the latest among the more than 30 books he has written on the paranormal. Several of his books have been Amazon UFO bestsellers, and his articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Fate, Atlantis Rising, MUFON UFO Journal, Nexus, Paranormal Magazine, UFO Magazine, Phenomena Magazine, Mysteries Magazine, Ufologist and others. His writing has been translated into several different languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Icelandic. Preston's paranormal quest began in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters.

September 17, 2023
Clinical psychologist Dr. Tim Brigham, a long-time explorer of UFO lore, returns to talk with Gene and guest cohost Curt Collins about a variety of topics. There's a focus on politicians who are interested in UFOs, the limits of human perception, the cultural influences behind he phenomenon, and the serious flaws in using hypnotic regression to recover lost memories of sightings and abductions. Brigham became close friends with legendary flying saucer writer and gonzo journalist James W. (Jim) Moseley. Jim was a fixture in the saucer scene nearly since it began, as editor of Saucer News magazine; in later years it morphed into Saucer Smear and was the longest running saucer zine in the known universe, known for its ironic and gonzo approach. Dr. Brigham was appointed Contributing Editor in Smear's final years. In his lecture titled "UFOs as Agents of Psychic Transformation," he discusses the fact that witnesses often report long term, life altering effects from UFO encounters.

September 10, 2023
Martin Powell, Jason Gleaves and Brent Raynes return to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the current state of UFO/UAP research as a result of the ongoing work of the Pentagon's AARO. The trio also discuss the influences behind writing and illustrating the graphic novel version of "UFO: The Closest Encounter — The True Story of Calvin Parker" and how they made sure the the presentation was an accurate presentation of the late UFO abductee's experiences. Powell's author credits include working for the comic book industry, where he wrote material for both Batman and Superman. Jason is a UFO researcher, author and illustrator, and he has analyzed a large number of purported UFO photos. Brent is a long-time UFO researcher and author. He is editor and publisher of Alternate Perceptons magazine, an online paranormal journal.

September 3, 2023
Adventurer, outdoorsman and documentary filmmaker Aleksandar Petakov returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about widespread Bigfoot activities across the globe. The discussion also covers the Pentagon's new AARO site devoted to posting reports of UAP activity at military installations, whether disclosure will come soon, and even the possibility it may not have much of an impact at a time when governments aren't trusted. And what about disclosure of the existence of strange hairy hominids? Aleksandar has filmed many documentaries on such topics and more. He has chronicled over 50 Bigfoot sightings in his home state of New Hampshire, and is a Small Town Monsters crew member. He has searched far and wide for Sasquatch in the “Bigfoot: Beyond the Trail” documentary series on YouTube, which has earned over 11 million views.

August 27, 2023
Experiencer and UFO researcher Mindy Tautfest, author of “Dying To Meet Them,” returns to talk to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about curating the work of the late UFO enthusiast Hayden C. Hewes. She also discusses the question of whether there will ever be a solution to these incredible mysteries. Also revealed: how a meeting with someone who claimed the ability to "call down UFOs," resulted in a strange sighting. Gene also tells what he regards as the worst joke ever. Tautfest has appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts speaking about UFO sightings, breaking news in UFOlogy, Near Death Experiences, and High Strangeness in Oklahoma. She has had articles published in the MUFON Journal as well as Outer Limits Magazine. Her investigation of the 1975 Miracle Mountains schoolyard encounter was designated as MUFON's Top Case of Interest in 2021. Tautfest is Dean of MUFON University, Director of Oklahoma MUFON, and a member of their Experiencer Resource Team (ERT).

August 20, 2023
Historian and paranormal researcher Neil R. Storey reveals to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz details of his ongoing ghost hunting in the UK, and stories about alleged demonic entities, such as the so-called "Black-Eyed Kids." Does denying a request to enter your home from a suspicious being protect you from evil? Neal is also the author of “Bram Stoker, Author of Dracula: An Illustrated Biography." He has led paranormal investigations at some of the most haunted and historic sites across Britain since 1988 and is also the creator of the "Grim Almanac" series of books the first ever series of books to chart the ghosts, dark deeds and and folkloric history of Britain by county and the author of the ground-breaking "Dracula Secrets" and such volumes as "Jack the Ripper's London," "London Crime Death and Debauchery," "The Victorian Criminal," "The Little Book of Murder" and "The Little Book of Death."

August 13, 2023
Author and researcher Dennis Stamey returns to talk to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his ongoing journey through the paranormal universe. The agenda includes family experiences, belief systems, and how such phenomena may all have a similar cause, associated with our consciousness. Dennis was born in Asheville, N.C., the hometown of the famous writer Thomas Wolfe (author of "Look Homeward," "Angel" and other novels), and has an MA in ancient/medieval/renaissance studies and an MA certificate in modern European history. He became interested in UFOs in 1966 during the worldwide flap of the late 1960s, and has held an on and off interest in all things paranormal over the decades. Early on, Stamey started churning out a cheap mimeographed newsletter entitled Spacecraft Review and contributed articles to Gene Steinberg's Caveat Emptor magazine. He also took up a correspondence with Richard Shaver, who often called him an "idiot."'

August 5, 2023
Author and podcaster Ben Tejada-Ingram returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his ongoing Bigfoot research, and whether there is actually a cover-up, possibly government directed, to hide the truth behind such creatures. Ben also discusses the value — or lack thereof — of paranormal reality shows in providing accurate public information on the subject. Claims of demonic UFOs are also included. Ben has long held a fascination with the unknown such as UFOs, ghosts,d hauntings and cryptid creatures. He is known as “Anomaly Hunter” on Instagram and his YouTube channel, and his recent book: “The Last Dinosaur of the Lost World: My Search for ‘Little Nessie,'” deals with the possibility that prehistoric creatures could still be alive on the Auyán-tepui mountain, located in remote Venezuela.

July 30, 2023
More cutting-edge commentaries from UFO researcher/author Kevin D. Randle, as he continues to discuss with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz the claims of a cover-up of evidence by Pentagon whistleblower David Grusch. There's also talk about the possible genesis of the Roswell Slides (Not Roswell Slides) hoax, and about the flaws in the book, "Trinity: The Best Kept Secret," from Jacques Vallee and Paola Harris. Within the UFO community, Randle is often regarded as one of the preeminent experts on the reported crash of a UFO near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. Randle’s writing is not limited to the UFO field. He is the author of more than 100 books that cover no just UFOs, but action-adventure, mysteries, and science fiction. His current book is a re-release of "The Washington Nationals: Flying Saucers Over the Capital," a comprehensive study of what is regarded as one of the most compelling UFO events in modern history.

July 23, 2023
UFO author/researcher Fred Andersson, author of "Northern Lights: High Strangeness in Sweden," to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the Swedish government's skeptical attitude towards UFOs. It's compared to the way the U.S government deals with the mystery. He also talks about possible human effects, strange phenomena that follows a sighting, along with a unified paranormal theory encompassing a host of strange incidents. Another topic: Does paranormal phenomena exist separate from the people who witness such occurrences? There's also a pop culture discussion in which the current strikes of U.S. actors and screenwriters is discussed. With a focus on high strangeness, the paranormal, and UFOs, Fred has carved a niche for himself as an out-of-the-box thinker and explorer of the weird.

July 16, 2023
Researcher and author Aaron Deese continues to explore reports of dogmen and werewolves. He talks to Gene and cohost Tim Swartzabout the possibility that strange creatures may actually blink in and out of this reality from the multiverse. Or does psychiatrist Carl Jung’s collective unconscious theory explain the cause behind strange creatures, ghosts and even UFOs? There’s even a discussion about the Men In Black legend, with a focus on one of the first to report visits by the MIB, none other than Albert K. Bender, a key figure in Gray Barker’s 1956 book, “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers.” Aaron has had an interest in the unsolved for most of his life. He is the author of “The Texas Dogman Triangle” and the former Editor in Chief of Paranormality Magazine; he and his wife Sara host the podcast “Hey Strangeness” and live in Austin, Texas with too many cats.

July 9, 2023
We present outspoken author/commentator/podcaster Brian Young for a special pop culture episode. Brian joins Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to discuss, among many topics, the apparent failure of super hero movies in the first part of 2023, including "The Flash," along with the tepid box office performance of "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny." Have the movie studio executives misjudged the demand for such fare? Does the public still care about such long-standing film/TV franchises as "Star Trek" and "Star Wars"? In his "civilian life," Brian is co-host of "Transatlantic History Ramblings," an international podcast hosted out of the United States and Wales UK. He also specializes in Boxing history, Victorian crime, with a focus on The Whitechapel Murders (Jack the Ripper) and has had a life-long interest in the weird, the wild and the paranormal. He is co-author of the critically acclaimed book "The Wrestlers Wrestlers': Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling" (2021 ECW Press).

July 2, 2023
UFO Researcher/filmmaker Dean Bertram continues the discussion with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about Raymond A. Palmer, whom he regards as "The Man Who Invented Flying Saucers." Palmer's impact on UFO history is covered, along with decades of efforts at UFO disclosure, the Pentagon UAP whistleblower, government disinformation and other topics. Bertram has a PhD in history from the University of Sydney, Australia. His doctoral dissertation was titled “Flying Saucer Culture: An Historical Survey of American UFO Belief.” His writings have been featured in a range of publications, including Fortean Times, People Magazine, The Spectator, and The Australian. He hosts the podcasts Talking Weird and Mysterious Library on the Untold Radio Network. Bertram is also a filmmaker and film festival programmer. He runs MidWest WeirdFest, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and is currently shooting a feature documentary about Palmer and the Shaver Mystery.

June 25, 2023
We are rejoined by long-time UFO researcher Paul Ascough, author of “UFOs — The Real Story Revised Edition 2023.” He talks with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about pop culture, such as the “Paul is Dead” rumor, where Gene offers a new slant (not to be taken seriously) on the topic. And what about UFO abductions and the possibilities that extraterrestrials might be integrating in our society? The discussion turns to UFO whistleblower David Grusch, the growing concerns over his so-far unproven claims, and what government secrecy might be all about. Ascough has spent over 50 years involved in UFO research and investigation. He has had his own sightings and was a member of the British UFO Research Association. He’s also retired from the medical field, having worked as a qualified nurse, occupational health nurse and qualified paramedic.

June 18, 2023
Conspiracy theorist Donald Jeffries visits Gene and cohost Tim Swartz and continues to explain the reasons for his distrust of authority. He talks about the UFO mystery and how governments treat the matter, the alleged UFO whistleblower David Grusch and his increasingly extreme claims about secret UFO evidence, the harmful effects to public information from media consolation, reports of the Men In Black, and the fact that people these days appear to exist in two realities. Jeffries began researching the JFK assassination in the mid-1970s as a teenage volunteer with Mark Lane's Citizens Committee of Inquiry. His latest book is "From Strawberry Fields to Abbey Road: A Billy Shears Story," written along with Don Wilson. It's an absorbing look at one of the wildest rumors to ever come out of the entertainment world — the infamous "Paul McCartney is Dead" legend.

June 11, 2023
UFO investigator Christopher O’Brien, a former Paracast cohost, returns to join Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to talk about the state of UFO research, along with some reminiscences of the past in the field. He has appeared on in over 90 TV show segments and films that include: Ancient Aliens, Coast to Coast, UFO Hunters, Inside Edition, Extra, Tucker Carlson Originals and TC Today, and he co-produced and edited the film It Could Happen Tomorrow, and he’s the winner of two 2012 EBE film festival awards—for Best Feature and Peoples Choice Award and the Award winning documentaryAccidental Truth. His research was funded by Laurance Rockefeller from 1997-2000. Chris also investigated hundreds of unexplained events in south-central CO/north-central NM. His investigations are chronicled in his “Mysterious Valley” book trilogy.

June 4, 2023
Gene and cohost Curt Collins have a lengthy discussion about the impact of a controversial book from Paola Harris and Jacque Vallee, “Trinity — The Best Kept Secret.” The book, now in its second edition, claims to offer “Breakthrough research [that] reveals the earliest evidence of [the] U.S. government’s UFO recovery. Hard evidence has existed since 1945 for the actual recovery of unidentified flying craft in the United States, according to this research book…” But does the research hold up?. A number of seasoned researchers, such as Kevin D. Randle and Douglas Dean Johnson, have written articles concluding that the evidence is unsatisfactory, that the case is a hoax. Gene and Curt talk about the key rebuttals, and why questions about the case remain unanswered as of the date of this broadcast.

May 28, 2023
Paranormal researcher Robert Bitto of Mexico Unexplained! continues to explore amazing encounters through the ages in that country. He joins Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to cover such topics as our ongoing fascination with monster tales, the reality behind ancient artifacts, possible dimensional portals or hot spots where frequent paranormal events occur and other mysteries from Mexico. Gene reveals a possible paranormal experience involving a pagan woman, a friend of his, who predicted his further career direction years ago. Bitto has had over 30 years of experience in Mexico, as a student, as an employee for a large multinational corporation and as an owner of an imports business founded in 1999, Sueños Latin American Imports. He’s clearly a very smart guy, having also been president of the San Diego chapter of Mensa from 2015-2016.

May 21, 2023
Researcher Travis Roy continues to explore amazing reports of possible giants across the ages around the world, with the emphasis on the U.S. Speaking with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz, Roy talks abut his research methods, how he accumulates data and his ongoing plans for the future, which include a book. He states that the bones of possible giants have been discovered by archaeologists and anthropologists of the not-too-distant past. There are at least 700+ documented accounts of literal giant bones being exhumed from places all over North America. Newspapers once reported the findings of these skeletons. From 1850-1940 they constantly made the news. But then they suddenly stopped. Why? A conspiracy perhaps? More important, how can researchers nail down the facts behind these reports and acquire more solid evidence of the possible reality of giants?

May 14, 2023
A student of the paranormal, Maxim W. Furek, returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the possibilities for ancient astronauts, UFOs, Roswell, whether famous inventors have been influenced by ET. Controversial artist and experiencer Richard S. Shaver is also on the agenda. His books include “Coal Region Hoodoo: Paranormal Tales from Inside the Pit.” Miners claim that being trapped in the bottom of a coal mine is as close as one can ever get to being in Hell. “Coal Region Hoodoo” takes us even closer inside that forbidden, paranormal pit. Furek’s other books include: “Sheppton-The Myth, Miracle & Music,” “Somebody Else’s Dream: Dakota, The Buoys,” “Timothy,” and “The Death Proclamation of Generation X.” He has a master’s degree in Communications from Bloomsburg University and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Aquinas College.

May 7, 2023
Long-time researcher Steve Mera visits the show to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about all sorts of strange phenomena, including the possible manipulation by the force behind such events, whether mermaids are real, the presence of banshees in the UK and possibly Point Pleasant, W. Va. in 1967. Mera maintains that UFOs and other strange occurrences are all somehow related and may have the same or a similar source. He is the director and owner of Phenomena Magazine LTD, the world most recognized e-Zine of its kind. Mera continues to conduct investigations and research into numerous subject-related phenomena around the world under the heading of 'Project Doorway" with his colleague and fellow researcher Barry Fitzgerald, from the long running TV show, "Ghosthunter's International."

April 30, 2023
UFO documentarian Ron James returns to reveal more secrets from his 2023 film,“Accidental Truth — UFO Revelations.” He also talks to Gene and guest cohost Curt Collins about the reactions of politicians behind closed doors to UAP evidence, and the ongoing efforts by the organization he represents, MUFON, to present their evidence to Congress. And just what is the “Midwest UFO Bar Test”? What about disclosure prospects? In his long career, James has won 19 national awards, including 4 EBE awards, The Telly Award and the Aegis Award for Excellence in Broadcasting four times. He currently produces his own shows including “Bigger Questions,” “Spacetime,” “MUFON Presents” and more, and maintains an independent movie and TV production studio in Los Angeles.

April 23, 2023
Anna Maria Manalo and Tom Conwell, authors of The Night Visitants: A Ufologist, An Experiencer And The Undefinable, continue to speak about paranormal phenomena with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz. This episode focuses heavily on animal-related experiences, including stories about The Rake, a humanoid monster originally conceived as an urban legend. There are also discussions as to the possible shapes of reported extraterrestrial visitors, and what does Manalo mean when she refers to her books as "creative non-fiction"? She is the is an author of paranormal suspense memoirs and anthologies of covering various topics. Conwell, a retired security software specialist, has assembled a map of UFO sightings which has revealed many anomalies and is now an integral part of his research studies. He worked as an Electronic Technician with the U.S. Navy and Honeywell, Inc. for 42 years.

April 16, 2023
Hollywood publicist and UFO experiencer Daniel Harary, owner of The Asbury PR Agency of Beverly Hills, CA, returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his UFO encounters and notable events in the field. There’s also a discussion of government disinformation, and the controversies surrounding such episodes as the alleged MJ-12 documents. Harary also reveals the topic of his next book, a factual volume that will focus strictly on his various paranormal encounters, which include not only his three UFO experiences, but his ghost and poltergeist-related incidents. A native of Ocean Township, NJ, Daniel worked as Stage Manager at the legendary Sunshine Inn concert hall in Asbury Park in the early 1970’s, with such now iconic musicians as Bruce Springsteen, KISS and Fleetwood Mac. As a PR person, he has also rubbed shoulders with hundreds of other big stars from film, TV and music.

April 9, 2023
The Paracast features a return visit from noted Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski, as he talks with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his ongoing research into the phenomenon. He explores such topics as to whether his annual sighting surveys indicate the possible presence of ET, and what about the state of UFO research? Are the governments of Earth hiding evidence of UFO reality? Two of Rutkowski's books, published by Dundurn, "Abductions and Aliens" and "The Canadian UFO Report," were national bestsellers. Some of his other books include: "The Big Book of UFOs," "When They Appeared: Falcon Lake 1967: The inside story of a close encounter," and "Canada's UFOs: Declassified." He is a science writer who has devoted much time to investigating and studying reports of UFOs, writing about case investigations, and offering his insights into the broad UFO phenomenon. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy and a Master’s degree in Science Education, specializing in Astronomy.

April 2, 2023
Author and UFO experiencer Colin Saunders returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the sightings featured in his book, "Triangular UFOs of the United Kingdom." Included is a report where someone observed hieroglyphic-like symbols on a craft, and another where a dentist felt his implant vibrating when he approached a UFO. When he attempted to touch it, it had the feel of a liquid. Sanders also talks about reports of MIBs in connection with the sightings he reported, including a case where two of them told a witness not to speak of a sighting. His encounter with a triangle UFO along with his family in 1999 totally changed his view of the world we live in today and was the beginning of his quest to learn more about the mystery. Saunders has spent his entire working life as a Technical Design Draughtsman, including stints in Sweden and Germany as an Avionics Designer on civilian aircraft. His hobbies include fishing, a passion for old watches and classic motor cars.

March 26, 2023
Author and podcaster Curry Stegen, tells Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his amazing journey through the mysterious world of paranormal events. He explains how he got involved researching the unknown, and some of the phenomena he has encountered along the way. He has captured EVP audios of strange voices and presents one of them in this episode. Is it real, just your imagination — what? Stegen also talks about the ins and outs of paranormal research, detailing his visits to possible locations of strange phenomena. A retired Air Force Reserve Officer with over 25 years of service, he has been investigating and exploring the paranormal for close to 10 years now and got involved to discover for himself if there really is life after death. In the first year into his journey, he got his answer. He is the author of “Walking in the Shadows of Strangers,” and, for over five years, he has hosted the Passion for the Paranormal Podcast.

March 19, 2023
Author and archaeologist Mark Olly joins Gene and cohost Tim Swartz to explore the myths and reality of Robin Hood. According to Olly, his book, "The Life & Times of the Real Robyn Hoode," depicts a genuine historical character whose long life was both similar, and decidedly different, from the versions portrayed in all those famous movies. The result is possibly the most complete genuine framework for the investigation and discovery of a character that represents heroic resistance to powerful and corrupt authority the world over, but who appears here as a solitary mortal man with all his human failings. And it appears those Merry Men were, by and large, mostly genuine people. This voyage of discovery reveals hidden mysteries of the true power of the north at the time of the founding of democracy through the Magna Carta 800 years ago.

March 12, 2023
Explore the possibilities of intelligent life from outer space with researchers Barbara DeLong and Ken Goudsward, authors of "Before Roswell: The Secret History of UFOs." They also talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about Ken's book that includes a name not allowed on terrestrial radio, and why searching for radio signals from interstellar space via radio telescope is a poor idea. What about sub-space radio, channeling? Are there other methods to send signals across space? Goudsward's books also include "UFOs In The Bible" and "Magic In The Bible." In addition to exploring the unknown, he is a systems analyze with expertise on industrial robotics, software engineering, and data design. DeLong is both a researcher and experiencer, and has been working professionally in the spiritual field since the early 70’s in addition to being a full time special education teacher and a single parent.

March 5, 2023
Discover the mysteries of the unconscious mind and the paranormal as Robert Davis and Dave Beaty return to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about their upcoming documentary, "The Consciousness Connection" Topics include the possibilities of life after death, the relationship with near-death experiences and UFO abductions, the strange case of the Havana Syndrome and the Pentagon's UAP investigation and its limited results so far. Dave Beaty is an Emmy Ward winner, and Robert Davis is a retired professor who has conducted research into the behavioral and neurosensory sciences. Beaty's career highlights include national programs on Travel Channel, History Channel and PBS and, more recently the viral UFO documentary film “The Nimitz Encounters,” which has received over 5 million YouTube views since May 2019.

February 26, 2023
UFO researcher George Wingfield returns to continue to explore, with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz, the inner details of the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UK UFO encounter. As described in his book, "The Rendlesham Forest UFO Mystery and Project Honey Badger," witnesses to a landed craft and, later, lights in the sky, may have been the unwary victims of a government experiment. Wingfield also talks about the frightening possibilities of what has been labeled the "Havana Syndrome," and government efforts at mind control. He has written about and lectured on a number of subjects that include British history, prehistoric sites, astronomy, UFOs and crop circles. He has traveled extensively and spoken on radio and TV in Britain and the US. Wingfield has also attended and sometimes lectured at various UFO conferences over the last 32 years in both the UK and the US.

February 19, 2023
Our very special fearless roundtable episode continues with Gene, Curt Collins and Tim Swartz. The focus is on those alleged UFOs — or balloons — that the U.S. shot down after felling a Chinese surveillance balloon. The original U.S. government UFO program is compared to the current study and whether it'll amount to anything. There's also a discussion about the work of the late Fortean author/researcher John Keel. Curt is the author behind Blue Blurry Lines, a popular website focused on the UFO mystery, as well as its legends and hoaxes. He also runs The Saucers That Time Forgot with Claude Falkstrom, focused on unearthing “tales that UFO history has overlooked, or would rather forget.” Tim is an Indiana native and Emmy-Award winning television producer and videographer. In addition to writing paranormal books, he is writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide.

February 12, 2023
Cutting-edge theorist Allen Greenfield continues his discussion with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about a variety of topics. He talks of his family background, the prospects for the ongoing Pentagon’s UAP Study, and why he doesn’t believe in a Silence Group or government secrecy on the topic. He will point to other possible solutions for this amazing mystery of the ages. Allen, Gene and other long-time researchers, including Rick Hilberg, were pioneers of the teen Ufology movement in the early 1960s. Today, after decades of writing and research, they remain close friends. In his books, Allen provides proof of UFO and Occult connections and exposes the UFO mystery with the discovery of hidden Secret Ciphers and Rituals used by UFONAUTS, Contactees, Occult Adepts and their Secret Chiefs who have maintained communication with Mysterious Ultraterrestrial beings who control force beyond our comprehension and human adepts, stretching from antiquity to the present moment.

February 5, 2023
Paranormal author/editor/researcher Brian Allan returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about a lifetime of personal encounters, the secret Vatican Apostolic Archive, also known as the Vatican Archives, and what might be found there, the possibility of life on Mars, and so-called "plague ghosts." Allan is editor-in-chief of the international online publication, Phenomena Magazine. As of this episode, he has written twelve books, all dealing with various aspects of paranormal in one way or another. His current title is: "Book of Secrets: Aliens, Ghosts and Ancient Mysteries," published by Flying Disk Press. Allan has also been privileged to receive Strange Phenomena Investigations prestigious Tartan Skull award for services to Ufology and the paranormal in Scotland.

January 29, 2023
Author/researcher Graeme Rendall returns to talk further with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about vintage UFO sightings, as described in his book, “Dawn Of The Flying Saucers: Aerial UFO Encounters & Official Investigations 1946-1949.” You’ll also hear his views about possible ancient sightings, and where he remains skeptical of the alleged evidence about so-called ancient astronauts. And what about those myths about possible Nazi flying saucers? Do they have any connection with possibly genuine inventions from before World War II? He’ll also reveal what he really thinks about the reality of the UFO phenomenon. In addition to exploring the unknown he has been an aviation and World War Two history enthusiast from an early age, when he was given Airfix model aircraft kits “to keep him quiet.” Married to Jo, he lives in Weardale, a picturesque part of Country Durham, UK.

January 22, 2023
UFO researcher/podcaster Peter William Shelley returns to explain to Gene and cohost Tim Swartz why he is skeptical of so-called abduction claims, giving some examples. In connection with the wide use of hypnosis in abduction research, Gene discusses his early experiments with hypnosis, revealing at least one partly-successful attempt with a post-hypnotic suggestion. The Pentagon UFO/UAP study is also explored as Shelley reveals his skepticism that it'll amount to anything positive in learning the UFO secret. He is host of "Shadowy Spectrums," which focuses on sightings in the rest of the world. So far, he has interviewed UFO and paranormal researchers from Sweden, Spain, Chile, Hungary, Japan and Argentina. Currently he resides in Bogota, Colombia, where he has lived for more than 10 years and works as an English teacher.

January 15, 2023
Author/folklorist/historian Mason Winfield returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about paranormal events in Western New York. Included is a description of some of the people Mason has encountered who are just faking it, organized religion's approach to the paranormal, reports of UFOs observed around nuclear installations, and psychiatrist Carl Jung's theories about the possible causes of such phenomena. He has written or edited twelve books, including "Ghosts of 1812," a study of the Niagara war and its folklore (Western New York Wares, 2009), and (with Michael Bastine) "Iroquois Supernatural," a study of the traditions of the Six Longhouse Nations (Inner Traditions International/Bear & Company, 2011). His niche is the paranormal, a field with many components. Mason considers himself a paranormal generalist. He takes the field seriously, and he is taken seriously as a researcher.

January 8, 2023
Author/podcaster Heidi Hollis returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the demonic nature of the Shadow People and Hat Man, and the dangers posed by the latter. She also reveals that some of her discoveries and evidence have been ripped off by Hollywood over the years. She is also host of Dark Becomes Light on the iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network. In her civilian life, she was trained as an Occupational Therapist treating clients with psychological, cognitive, learning, and physical challenges to reach their fullest potential. But nowadays she spends most of her time exploring paranormal phenomena, and trying to understand the strange experiences her listeners have reported to her over the years.

January 1, 2023
Author Mark Gober returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his “upside down” look at such topics as consciousness, the paranormal, UFOs and reported alien visitors. In connection with his 2022 book, “An End to Upside Down Contact — UFOs, Aliens, and Spirits—and Why Their Ongoing Interaction with Human Civilization Matters,” Gober discusses UFO disclosure, and what the authorities might know about the mystery. He has been named one of IAM’s Strategy 300: The World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists. Gober graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where he wrote an award-winning thesis on Daniel Kahneman’s Nobel Prize–winning “Prospect Theory” and was elected a captain of Princeton’s Division I tennis team.

December 25, 2022
Folklorist John Kruse returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about the legends, myths and possible reality of fairies. The discussion covers fairy lore in other countries, whether these beings are all human-like, and other magical creatures. As well as "British Fairies," John writes two other blogs on Wordpress; these are broadcastbarnsley.wordpress.com, which discusses music and fashions of the 1970s and johnkruseblog.wordpress.com, which is a forum for his wider interests in the arts, history and the like. In his "civilian life," John worked in the field of social welfare law for over 30 years, specializing in civil enforcement (bailiffs' law). He gained considerable practical experience as an adviser, consultant and trainer and wrote numerous books and articles on current and historical enforcement law.

December 18, 2022
UFO author/investigator Philip Kinsella revisits Gene and cohost Tim Swartz continues the discussion of the events surrounding the various editions of the book “SKY CRASH – Throughout Time: A Continued Investigation into the Rendlesham UFO Mystery” which he co-authored with UFO investigator Brenda Butler. He also talks about the current Pentagon UFO/UAP investigator, how the government and the media treat UFO cases, which he regards as "a shambles reality." He asks why that book suffered through the onslaught of bad publicity by nameless, faceless bureaucrats? And why did the initial encounter with the military propel Brenda into a strange world where fate, it would seem, was to play its hand. Philip maintains that Rendlesham was no stranger to UFO activity, and the 1980 event was not the first of its kind. Incidents witnessed by locals had been occurring before and well after the initial encounter with many of the military troops stationed at the twin bases.

December 11, 2022
Paranormal researcher/author Brent Raynes, who has explored strange phenomena for years, talks with Gene and cohost Tim Swartzabout his ongoing research of UFO experiencers with the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial and Extraordinary Encounters (FREE). His work includes a chapter for their book “Beyond UFOs” (2018), and he also worked with the UFO Contact Center International. He also wrote “John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries” (2019), about the legendary Fortean investigator. Raynes is also the editor of the online magazine Alternate Perceptions. He has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops and has appeared on radio and podcasts such as The Paracast.

December 4, 2022
Brandon Thomas, creator, producer and host of Expanding Reality, returns to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about such topics as the reasons for his getting interested in paranormal encounters, the possibilities of ancient civilizations and whether we are living in a simulated reality. Brandon's His now impossible-to-ignore feeling that the picture of reality authoritative figures were painting, did not align with his observation of life around him. This has presented Brandon with an interesting set of lenses to view the world through. He shares his massive heart and love for all life with his wife on their ranch in north Texas. He had his first spiritual awakening ignited by the book "Conversations with God" and his introduction into Unity Consciousness.

November 27, 2022
Author, researcher, historian, lecture Brian Young returns to reveal to Gene and cohostTim Swartz about his personal ghost encounter, and whether there was any possible reality to it. And what about his UFO sighting? There’s also a pop culture discussion about the world of rock and roll, and the famous people Brian and Gene have met and interviewed over the years. Brian is what he calls an “open minded skeptic,” and is co-author of the critically acclaimed “The Wrestlers Wrestlers’ : Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling” (2021 ECW Press) and is co-host of Transatlantic History Ramblings, an international podcast hosted out of The United States and Wales UK.

November 20, 2022
More details on the UFO documentary, “Moment of Content,” about the 1996 UFO crash and creature sightings in Varginha, Brazil. Director James Fox tells Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about his ongoing attempts to gather more evidence about this sensational case. He also discusses his future plans, and his views about possible outreach efforts on UAPs by the U.S. government, and how much the authorities might really know. As a filmmaker, writer, director, and producer for more than two decades, Fox has focused his career on what he’s come to call the “parallel history“ of UFOs. Again and again, he has discovered that there’s far more to these unexplained sightings and encounters than most people realize.

November 13, 2022
Film producers Ron Meyer and Mark Reeder return to talk with Gene and cohost Tim Swartz about pop culture, the film industry and its excesses, and becoming involved in covering paranormal events. Ron has produced and directed feature films, including the first feature film for Discovery Communications, “Legend of the Spirit Dog." He is author of two novels with Mark Reeder, and two other novels, their latest being "Bigfoot Singularity." Ron leads flow workshops, is a 5th black belt in Aikido and a world-renowned fossil collector. In October 2021 his new science fiction novel “Aliens 2035: the End of Technology" was released. He recently completed a new five-part television series “The Paranormal Highway” scheduled for fall 2022.

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