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After The Paracast — What You've Missed

Gene Steinberg

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January 23, 2022
Gene and Curt Collins, our special guest cohost, welcome researcher/author Kevin D. Randle for further discussion. He focuses the main part of the interview on his current view of the Roswell crash, and his plans for yet another book on the topic. He also offers his skeptical view of the curious case of Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso, co-author of a controversial book, "The Day After Roswell," in which he placed himself at the center of critical events, such as the alleged distribution of alien technology to private industry. Randle is the prolific author of more than 100 books that include "Roswell in the 21st Century," a comprehensive look at the results of his 30 years of research into the legendary case.

January 16, 2022
UFO historian/researcher Jerry Clark rejoins Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins, first to talk about his career as a country/folk songwriter. Jerry also explains why he has become quite optimistic about the status of UFO research, citing the new Pentagon UFO/UAP office established in the 2022 defense budget. But what about all those older cases, and which ones might qualify for a reexamination? Clark was born and raised in Canby, Minnesota; he attended South Dakota State University and Minnesota State University. In his "other life," he has written songs which have been recorded or performed by musicians such as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall, and has collaborated with Robin and Linda Williams.

January 9, 2022
Student of high strangeness Steve Ward rejoins Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz , to discuss the amazing — and sometimes outlandish — claims of the late Richard S. Shaver about being victimized by two ancient races — the deros and teros — allegedly inhabiting caverns within the Earth. Gene describes his friendship with Shaver during the 1960s and 1970s, including the interviews he wrote and published in Caveat Emptor magazine. The discussion also includes the writings of sci-fi/UFO pioneer Ray Palmer, who often claimed that Shaver’s writings predicted the arrival of flying saucers in our skies. Steve’s is a correspondent on Mack Maloney’s Military X- Files radio show. He also has his own podcast broadcast on the Paranormal UK Radio Network called The High Strangeness Factor, and has contributed to such books as: Weird Winged Wonders: The Twilight World Of Cryptid Creatures, and Mothman, and Other Flying Creatures of the Midwest.

January 2, 2022
Paranormal experiencer Keith Linder visits Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz to discuss more incredible encounters with possible poltergeists since moving into a possibly haunted home in Bothell, Washington. Keith will talk about such episodes as his personal possessions disappearing fro a locked safe and nasty consequences that occurred after he agreed to beta test a new Microsoft Xbox and Kinect gaming system at his home. Keith is an IT professional — holding over four certifications in the information technology field. His hobbies are fishing, sports, football, basketball, the outdoors, movies, sci/fi, a proud geek of just about anything dealing with technology. His books include The Bothell Hell House, Attachments — Poltergeist of Washington State Part Two, and Poltergeist — The Night Side of Physics.

December 26, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz continue the discussion with UFO investigator Tom Ferrario, first covering the strange mysteries at Marley Woods, and other possible portal areas where the paranormal reigns supreme, locations of frequent reports of UFOs, mysterious creatures and other strange phenomena. There is also talk about the possible changes in UFO configuration from structured craft, about visits by strange people that may be related to the MIB. And what about the work of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Ted Phillips and Ray Stanford? Ferrario has worked as a divemaster, machinist and electrical engineer on projects in the United States, China and Bermuda. He has been an independent UFO researcher since 1969 and was a key member of ate Ted Phillip's Special Investigations Unit known as S.I.U.

December 19, 2021
Gene continues the special fearless guest cohost roundtable with Curt Collins and Tim Swartz The discussion turns to paranormal and sci-fi pop culture, with an emphasis on the strange case of Richard S. Shaver, who claimed that races of abandoned beings exist in caverns around the world, the worst of whom are known as the dero. Gene recalls his friendship with Shaver, who died in 1975. Other topics include the strange case of Fred Lee Crisman, someone who wrote about Shaver’s deros, was a key figure in the controversial Maury Island UFO case in 1947, and was later mentioned in connection with probes into the JFK assassination. Curt is the author behind Blue Blurry Lines, the website focused on the UFO mystery, and The Saucers That Time Forgot, which he runs with Claude Falkstrom. Tim is an Emmy-Award winning television producer/videographer, and is also the author of a number of popular books on the paranormal.

December 12, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz continue the discussion with UFO researcher and retired technology executive Joe Foster, in which they cover the search for life in space, whether we need to consider a different technology in the search for alien broadcasts rather than expect the interstellar equivalent of “I Love Lucy.” What are the possible motives of alien visitors, and do they wish to do us harm? In considering the prospects for UFO disclosure, the trio considers what other governments might know. Foster also explains why he is disappointed with the status disclosure so far. Foster spent years working in diverse positions including: Technology Program Management, IT Project Management, Data Center Management, etc. However, this was just the icing on the cake considering the paranormal events that he witnessed over the years.

December 5, 2021
A pop culture episode, in which Roswell, New Mexico's John LeMay joins Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz to talk about popular genre films, which include Godzilla, a character that originally appeared in a black and white Japanese film in 1954. They cover the various iterations of the character over the years, including meetups with King Kong and other creatures. And did you know there was a failed attempt once to pit Godzilla against a giant version of the Frankenstein monster? Also discussed is Edgar Rice Burroughs Pellucidar series, which featured battles playing out between humans and dinosaurs within the Hollow Earth. LeMay has written over 30 books on Southwest history, cryptozoology, Ufology, and cinema history, which include genre sci-fi and fantasy.

November 28, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins discuss the unexpected outcome of the appearance of researcher and scientist Colm Kelleher on The Paracast, in connection with the publication of the book of which he was a co-author, “Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders’ Account of the Secret Government UFO Program.” The discussion covers the implications of the apparently misleading New York Times reports that formed the basis of the initial perception of the government’s program to investigate UAPs. What about the revelation that the funds used to pay MUFON (a civilian UFO group) for its work with AAWSAP came from the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency? How will the implications of the work Dr. Kelleher and his team performed be explained to a public looking for evidence that extraterrestrials are among us?

November 21, 2021
We are rejoined by paranormal skeptic Mick West, author of Escaping the Rabbit Hole. During this episode, Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins question West about such issues as the great divide between believers and skeptics, 9/11 and conspiracies that involve alleged controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, and people who believe in a flat Earth and whether they are serious in making such claims. And can believers in false conspiracy theories be deprogrammed? After retiring from his profession as a video game programmer, West has focused on investigating and explaining conspiracy theories such as Chemtrails, 9/11 controlled demolition, and False Flags. He also covers more esoteric topics such as UFO’s, pseudoscience, Flat Earth, photo analysis, and quackery.

November 14, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Bob Zanotti explore the mysteries of the Garden State. But first Gene recalls a possible premonition about 9/11 that he felt when he and his family toured the World Trade Center in the summer of 2001. Also explored: The strange case of contactee Howard Menger, a sign painter from High Bridge, NJ who claimed to be in connect with human-like extraterrestrials from nearby planets, or was he the victim of a government mind control scheme? Bob presents a set of exclusive interviews he and the late UFO photographer August C. Roberts recorded days after the first Wanaque Reservoir UFO sighting that occurred on a cold winter night on January 11, 1966. And did infamous UFO jokester Jim Moseley really call the police in that area with a fake UFO story days before it happened?

November 7, 2021
Prolific paranormal author Nick Redfern returns to speak with Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins about the endless possibilities of time travel, as covered in his book, Time Travel; The Science and Science Fiction. He also covers the strange history of the late UFO writer/researcher Gray Barker, whose book, "The Silver Bridge," provided a fascinating alternative look at the Mothman phenomenon. Nick discusses another of his books, Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife, and whether the group he identifies as Collins Elite had any influence on the U.S. government's current posture towards the mystery. Nick joined a rock music and fashion magazine, Zero, in 1981, where he trained in journalism, writing, magazine production and photography, later going on to write freelance articles on UFOs during the mid-1980s. He is the author of over 60 books covering UFOs, conspiracies and all sorts of strange mysteries.

October 31, 2021
Paranormal researcher/broadcaster Paul Eno covers the amazing phenomena he has covered over the years, including sessions involving possible exorcism and paranormal parasites. And then there are poltergeists. Paul’s early mentors included parapsychology pioneer Dr. Louisa Rhine, Fr. John J. Nicola S.J. (technical advisor for the film The Exorcist) and legendary, first-generation ghost hunters Ed & Lorraine Warren (of The Conjuring fame). He graduated from two seminaries but, in 1977, was expelled from a third because of his paranormal work with less than two years to go before ordination. He ended up as an award-winning New England journalist, including six years as a news editor at The Providence Journal. As this show was recorded, Paul’s latest book is Dancing Past the Graveyard: Poltergeists, Parasites, Parallel Worlds and God, Red Feather, 2019. The next, to appear in 2022 and co-authored with his son, Ben, is Behind the Paranormal 3: Uneasy Skies, featuring their own UFO encounters and those of their most prominent radio guests. Our special guest cohost is Tim Swartz.

October 24, 2021
The Paranormal Detective, Greg Lawson, returns for further discussions of his detailed forensic analysis of Roswell testimony, as described in his book, Roswell: The After-Action Report. He talks about the value of so-called deathbed confessions, whether they can be trusted, and why some soldiers and other alleged eyewitnesses might have lied about their experiences related to the 1947 report of a crashed UFO. Is the Roswell case ever going to be solved, or will it remain the stuff of legend? Lawson is a career law enforcement officer currently assigned as a lieutenant in the patrol division. Recently he was the supervisor for a lake patrol and scuba team specializing in aquatic death investigation. He has worked as a hostage negotiator, as a SWAT entry team member, and as a homicide detective. He also served a combined 10-years in the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. Our special guest cohost is Tim Swartz.

October 17, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins discuss UFO franchises, such as Area 51 and Roswell. And what about the Men In Black, the original claims from Albert K. Bender as first reported by Gray Barker in "They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers," an early best-selling book. Gene wonders, again, whether it's possible that a real flying saucer crash landed at Roswell, only to be recovered by aliens when the military tried to transport it. And what about the early work of UFO jokester Jim Moseley, who claimed to have smuggled ancient artifacts from Peru, but is also credited with publishing a highly-regarded effort to debunk contactee George Adamski? Curt specializes in exploring the early UFO culture in a site he runs with Claude Falkstrom, The Saucers that Time Forgot.

October 10, 2021
UFO author Dr. Irena Scott returns to discuss her 2017 book, “UFOs TODAY — 70 Years of Lies, Misinformation, and Government Cover-Up,” focusing on the 1947 Maury Island UFO incident. The controversial case included the attempt by Kenneth Arnold, the witness to the classic June 24, 1947 sighting of nine unknown objects, to investigate a report about metallic debris recovered in the wake of a UFO sighting near Tacoma, WA. His report, as published in a 1952 book, “The Coming of the Saucers,” read like a possible spy caper involving government agents and wiretaps. Dr. Scott also briefly describes her personal paranormal experiences. Her publications include books, and works in peer-reviewed scientific journals, magazines, and newspapers. Her photography has been shown on television and in magazines, books, and newspapers.

October 3, 2021
UFO researcher Barry Greenwood continues his description of a project to scan many thousands of UFO files from such organizations as NICAP and the Center for UFO Studies. He also explains why he quit MUFON after several troubling episodes, including the organizations' decision to evangelize rather than investigate UFOs and submit stories to tabloid newspapers. Greenwood has studied UFOs since the 1960s, and has also published the online "Union Catalog of Periodical UFO Articles," a massive reference listing of UFO articles published in worldwide periodical literature. He specialized in researching government documents in the late 1970s, which included numerous requests via the Freedom of Information Act, leading to co-authoring the book "Clear Intent" (with Larry Fawcett) in 1984. He also edited the newsletter "Just Cause" for "Citizens Against UFO Secrecy" (CAUS) from 1984 to 1998.

September 26, 2021
More amazing stories of encounters with the unknown featuring outdoorsman and author Steve Stockton, as he tells Gene and special guest cohost Bob Zanotti about his most compelling personal experiences. Steve tells the frightening tale of the time he met up with so-called “black-eyed kids,” and how he avoided the possible unsavory consequences of taking them on a ride in his car. In addition to UFOs and folklore, the trio also talk about their favorite TV murder mysteries. Steve has been investigating the unexplained for over 35 years. Originally from the mountains of East Tennessee, he has traveled all over the country and many parts of the world and now makes his home in Portland, Oregon, near the wilds and “bigfoot country” of the Pacific Northwest. Steve cites as his influences his “gypsy witch” grandmother who told him multitudes of legends and stories as a small child, as well as a number of authors of books about the strange and the unknown.

September 19, 2021
UFO/Fortean investigator Stan Gordon hangs with Gene and Tim to talk further about the amazing number of sightings in Pennsylvania. In addition to focusing further on possible government visitors looking into a Bigfoot case he refers to possible shape-shifting cryptids, whether the phenomenon is physical or non-physical and other questions still being explored. Stan has been taking calls on UFO sightings and other strange reports from the public since 1969, and he continues to receive unusual reports on a regular basis. He has given illustrated lectures both locally and nationally on the topics of UFOs, Bigfoot, Cryptids, and strange encounters since the late 1960s. In recent years he was also seen on The Close Encounters series on the Science Channel, Monsters & Mysteries in America on the Destination America Channel, Monumental Mysteries on the Travel Channel, In Search of Aliens on H2, and UFO Conspiracies on the Science Channel.

September 12, 2021
UFO author/playwright Ryan Sprague hangs with Gene and special guest cohost Tim Swartz for a special session that focuses on such topics as Ryan's personal beliefs about UFOs. Are they extraterrestrial visitors, a manifestation of the collective unconscious, a matter of cultural co-creation? Ryan also talks about confessing a belief in extraterrestrial UFOs to a Catholic priest and that priest's very fascinating response. Ryan is a familiar presence on UFO and paranormal reality shows, is a lead investigator and co-host of the CW television series, Mysteries Decoded and is a regular on the Travel Channel series, Mysteries at the Museum, and will be a regular on the upcoming season of Ancient Aliens, on the History Channel.

September 5, 2021
Gene and special guest cohost Curt Collins talk about their impressions of Jacque Vallee's visit, where he discussed the book he cowrote with Paola Harris, "Trinity," about a possible 1945 flying saucer crash in New Mexico. There's also discussion about the Roswell case and Curt's feeling about the legendary episode and whether it really involved a spaceship. Curt's web sites are devoted to both current events in the field and pop culture. One of his sites, The Saucers That Time Forgot, which he runs with Claude Falkstrom, focuses on fascinating stories and fascinating, sometimes eccentric, people — forgotten and otherwise — from the early days of the UFO era.

August 29, 2021
Gene and Bob have an extended chat on "Voices of the Past," the 1960's Ufology movement in New York City, which featured such notables as Jim Moseley, the field's unique "court jester," Dominic Lucchesi, August C. Roberts, John J. Robinson and even ancient astronaut pioneer Yonah Fortner. So did Robinson really befriend an artist who was once captured by the infamous deros of Richard Shaver fame? When Yonah spoke of his theories about extraterrestrials in Biblical times, was he just putting us on, or did he truly have a handle on our early history long before such authors as Eric Von Daniken became prominent? And just what did Yonah tell Gene about his involvement in the movie industry?

August 22, 2021
UFO researcher Cheryl Costa joins Gene and Randall to continue the discussion of the book of which she is co-author, "The UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001 — 2020." Aimed at the serious UFO researcher, this comprehensive volume is also of value to academic and public libraries, news organizations, and anyone who is interested in what is flying in the skies over the heads where they live. This segment focuses what what people see, statistical studies of the shapes of UFOs and whether they tend to appear in special locations, such as the 37th parallel. What about the contribution of women in Ufology, and is it given the importance it deserves?

August 15, 2021
We are rejoined by Fortean researcher Micah Hanks, Co-Founder / Creator & Science Writer for The Debrief. During this episode, Micah will talk about what the U.S. government may or may not know about the presence of UFOs in our skies. And what about the connections between rock musicians and UFOs? How has the mystery influenced hit songs by famous artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and others over the years? Micah is a longtime advocate for scientific research into UFOs. As a frequent commentator and writer on this subject, he maintains an interest in the history, and possible scientific explanations for aspects of the phenomenon.

August 8, 2021
We present even more cutting-edge conversation on the paranormal with cutting-edge commentator on all things Fortean, Red Pill Junkie (Miguel Romero). After a pop culture discussion, the major focus of this episode is on UFOs and entertainment, and the possibilities of producers delivering accurate documentaries or reality shows on the subject. By day RPJ serves as Grand Master in the International Sacred Order of Lucha Libre. At night he pursues his life-long study of everything mysterious and/or "paranormal." When he's not exploring the web looking for his daily fix of Forteana, he can be found making artsy stuff, fooling around on social media, or offering his services as writer and news administrator at The Daily Grail.

August 1, 2021
Ufologist and student of advanced physics Thomas R. Morrison continues to explore theories of antigravity, said to be the propulsion scheme used by UFOs to perform their incredible maneuvers. During this episode, Morrison also talks about the scientific writings of one Daniel W. Fry, one of the contactees from the 1950s, who wrote about the Dark Energy Effect, a property of physics not discovered until decades later. Thomas enjoys sharing his findings on social media platforms like The Paracast Forums, and at the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program Discussion Cell on facebook, where he serves as an administrator along with a group of other dedicated researchers.

July 25, 2021
Paranormal investigator and educator Morgan Knudsen continues her presentation, focusing on such topics as embedding the remains of an individual in an inanimate object, such as a bracelet or necklace. She also joins Gene and Randall to discuss how creative people, such as musicians, have been influenced by the paranormal. As host and creator of the sold out dinner galas, video productions, as well as in-depth walking classrooms that give people hands on experience with the investigative field, Morgan has brought her unique and paradigm shifting programs to television, conferences, comic expos, theatres, workshops, fundraisers and more. Her deep personal experiences with the paranormal and spirituality connect with audiences on multiple levels.

July 18, 2021
Veteran UFO researcher Jan L. Aldrich returns to talk about the work of Project 1947. He also focuses on the Pentagon UAP Task Force report and whether it has released anything significant, and focuses on something not mentioned, possible satellite tracking of the phenomenon. He also talks about the Aztec, NM and Roswell crashes and the possible impact of UFO abductions. Jan received a B.A. in History from the University College, University of Maryland. He retired from the U.S. Army with over 25 years in the field artillery and seven overseas tours, and has had 16-years experience in meteorology with the remaining time in intelligence, personnel, and safety positions.

July 11, 2021
UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett returns to focus yet again on what he calls "the disclosure train," which he says is steadily taking us towards the end of the "truth embargo." He talks about a Pentagon press conference, where the UFO question was handled remarkably seriously, about academia's growing serious interest in the subject, and about ongoing media manipulation that helped keep the secret. As executive director of Paradigm Research Group, he spearheaded the 2013 “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure” at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. On November 5, 2014, PRG launched a Congressional Hearing/Political Initiative seeking the first UFO-related hearings on Capitol Hill since 1968.

July 4, 2021
Another dose of reality from UFO researcher scientist Chris Rutkowski who, as he promised in our Paracast forums, reveals the name of a town in North America that was named after a UFO. Chris also continues the discussion about the first Pentagon UAP Task Force Report and expectations for the next promised report. And just what would constitute proof positive that UFOs are spaceships? Chris Rutkowsk’s name is synonymous with UFO research the world over and, since 1989, the organization with which he is associated, UFOlogy Research of Manitoba, has solicited sightings data from active Canadian researchers. This data is annually compiled into the “Canadian UFO Survey.” The survey is made publicly available in an attempt to promote the dissemination of information across the UFO field.

June 27, 2021
Gene and Randall bring back researcher and author Tim Swartz, who will focus on such topics as how advanced UFO technology might be. Is it possible ET simply stumbled on the technology that created advanced aircraft? What about the possibility that UFOs are controlled by a breakaway civilization that resides in parts of our planet that are kept hidden from us? The discussion will also turn to how the forces behind the UFOs continue to manipulate our behavior when we observe their movements. Tim is the author of numerous books and magazine articles, and he is an Emmy-Award winning TV producer/videographer. He worked closely with the late researcher/writer/marketer Tim Beckley for many years.

June 20, 2021
Gene and Randall bring back researcher/historian Curt Collins to talk about the state of the UFO field and other important issues. From an historical perspective, he'll discuss the military's efforts to build craft in the tradition of flying saucers, and whether the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, their purported UAP study, was by and large a reward to one of former Senator Harry Reid's supporters, paranormal enthusiast and hotel magnate Robert Bigelow. There will also be a discussion of a dustup over the work of researcher Ray Stanford and attempts to have his evidence presented during a conference held by the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU).

June 13, 2021
"Tic-tac" UFO witness and researcher Gary Voorhis Jr. returns to speak further about his approach to studying the phenomenon. He offers his views about a possible multiverse solution, where we are being visited by entities from another reality or dimension. Gary also talks about his close encounters with reality TV, and even the possibility that the beings behind UFO sightings are made of pure energy; hence can manifest themselves in any form they prefer. Since leaving the military, he has focused on continuing his studies of UFOs, described as "searching for unidentified aerial phenomena through technosignatures in our skies."

June 6, 2021
UFO writer/researcher Preston Dennett is back to talk about his book, "Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters." He'll cover some of the amazing UFO-related events he's investigated, including a possible alien implant experience involving a teenager, and a strange report in which a landed UFO was seen one day in someone's back yard, followed, another day, by a Bigfoot. Preston will also talk about his out-of-body experiences. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and has taught classes on various paranormal subjects and lectures across the United States. He currently resides in Reseda, California.

May 30, 2021
Jonathan Lace, the Public Relations Officer for the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU), joins Gene and Randall to continue talking about the forthcoming report to the U.S. Congress from the Pentagon UAP Task Force, expected to be delivered in June, 2021. Will it confirm expectations that UFOs are spaceships, or put off a decision until another day? Just what is the actual mandate of the Task Force? During his military career, Jonathan served in the United States Air Force as a Computer Systems Operator at the United States Strategic Command. His interest in the UFO phenomenon stems from his early interest in aeronautics and the space program.

May 23, 2021
Author/researcher Nick Redfern is back on our premium show focusing on two of the classic conspiracy theories, the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. And what about the strange characters associated with these episodes, especially JFK's death, such as Fred Lee Crisman, who was also one of the key figures in the 1947 Maury Island UFO case. Nick will also talk about some mysterious deaths that have been connected to the UFO enigma. Nick Redfern is the author of more than 60 books on UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, zombies, and Hollywood scandal. His books include The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy; The Roswell UFO Conspiracy; Women in Black; Men in Black; Nessie; Chupacabra Road Trip; The Black Diary, and 365 Days of UFOs.

May 16, 2021
Author/researcher A.R. Roberts returns to talk about his revised book, "From Adam to Omega: An Anatomy Of UFO Phenomena." But first he talks about his musical background, where he played guitar and organ in several bands, and even appeared once on national television. Allen and Randall also have a spirited debate about the authenticity of the Travis Walton UFO episode from 1975, where he was allegedly taken aboard a flying saucer. Does the fact that Walton may have failed a lie detector test and had once been arrested for a possible white collar crime hurt his credibility as Randall maintains? Allen also discusses some of the UFO cases he included in his book.

May 9, 2021
Veteran UFO author and researcher Kevin D. Randle sticks around to talk shop, pop culture, and such topics as whether UFOs are time travelers from the future or just a fun topic for sci-fi writers to use as a plot device in their stories. He also talks about Travis Walton and other UFO abductees, the "Not" Roswell Slides affair where false hopes were raised about the discovery of a photo of an alleged "alien" body, and what it might take to interest younger people in getting involved in UFO investigation. In addition to his work in the UFO field, and as a sci-fi writer, Kevin served in the United States Army during both the Vietnam War and the Second Gulf War.

May 2, 2021
Paranormal talk show host Katina Kyle, a.k.a. K-Town, returns to talk pop culture and other subjects, including Star Trek, Babylon 5 and even the Canadian “steampunk” crime procedural drama, Murdoch Mysteries, which has some sci-fi elements. Katina also talks about the apparent low participation of blacks in paranormal media. In pursuing her path of podcasting several regular programs, K-Town realizes that she’s just now starting to learn about the true nature of our reality and believes that no matter if it makes us uncomfortable the human race STILL has to face…and deal with it.

April 25, 2021
Documentary producer Ron James, host of "MUFON TV," returns to talk with Gene and Randall about pop culture, including the achievements of Elon Musk. He also explains how he got involved making documentaries about UFOs and the paranormal subjects. Gene explains what he was doing while UFO sightings have occurred in his vicinity, yet he never saw anything. In additions to his forays into the world of the paranormal, Ron works in new formats such as VR and Immersive Branding, designing immersive experiences such as the Microsoft Kinect Dome for the Super Bowl two years in a row. He has pioneered live interactive special projects for many Fortune 500 companies through his long relationship with Vortex immersion Media, Inc.

April 18, 2021
UFO researcher Erica Lukes hangs around for more discussions about a variety of topics. She joins Gene and Randall in a pop culture discussion that includes Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Gene's encounters with the late military fiction author Tom Clancy. There's also talk about how UFOs changed her life, and questions and comments about the U.S. government ignores its past investigations in the way its Pentagon UAP Task Force has been presented. Erica Lukes also has an undying passion for the mysteries of the universe, particularly UFO reports and other strange aerial phenomena. Since childhood, she has been fascinated with imagery of how vehicles and beings from space might appear and she pursued this interest quietly but with determination.

April 11, 2021
Long-time UFO researcher/science writer Chris Rutkowski is back to talk about UFOs and sci-fi pop culture. Taking cues from such films as "Earth Versus the Flying Saucers (1956) and "Man of Steel (2013), just how would aliens announce themselves to Earthlings? Whatever UFOs are, Chris points out how throughly their existence has influenced our culture. He also explains why the efforts of radio astronomers to locate radio signals from ET are likely doomed to failure regardless of whether alien life is out there. Chris is responsible for the long-running Canadian UFO Survey. Since the mid-1970s, he’s written about his investigations and research on UFOs, for which he is best known. He is author of "A World of UFOs" (2008), "I Saw It Too!" (2009), and "The Big Book of UFOs" (2010).

April 4, 2021
Paranormal writer/researcher Constance Victoria Briggs returns to talk about unusual personal experiences, such as ones involving Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and a series of alleged channeling episodes. Constance also talks about the influence of channelers and the message they reportedly convey. In addition to authoring such books as "The Encyclopedia of Moon Mysteries," "The Encyclopedia of Angels," "Encyclopedia of God," and "The Encyclopedia of the Unseen World, she is a frequent radio/podcast guest and has been featured on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Midnight Society, The Leak Project, The Kingdom of Nye, Earth Ancients, Paranormal Soup, The Paranormal and the Sacred and others.

March 28, 2021
Expanding upon his appearance on the March 28, 2021 episode of The Paracast, author/adventurer Jeff Belanger talks about efforts to unify the collection and reporting of paranormal occurrences. Topics include: The new ways streaming services allow us to consume media and a politically incorrect talk about how polarized content might be used as a gimmick to make money. In addition to The Paracast, Jeff has also been a guest on hundreds of radio and television programs including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Biography Channel, Reelz, PBS, NECN, Living TV (UK), Sunrise 7 (Australia), The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, CBS Sunday Morning, FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates, National Public Radio, The BBC, Darkness Radio, Australian Radio Network, and Coast to Coast AM.'

March 21, 2021
Veteran investigator of all things paranormal, Stan Gordon, continues the discussion that began on the main episode of The Paracast. His focus on Bigfoot sightings even includes encounters where one of these critters left a distinctive and foul odor that stuck around for several days. Stan began chasing Fortean events as a child, and he has kept a 24/7 telephone line open to receive reports of strange events in western Pennsylvania and elsewhere. He is the producer of the award winning UFO video documentary, “Kecksburg The Untold Story,” and is the author of three books, "Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook," "Really Mysterious Pennsylvania," and "Astonishing Encounters: Pennsylvania’s Unknown Creatures."

March 14, 2021
Author and paranormal researcher Trey Hudson returns to talk further about his strange encounters in the mysterious area that forms the topic of his book, "The Meadow Project – Explorations Into The South’s Skinwalker Ranch." He joins Randall in talking about "Flatlands" concept of spacial dimensions. A Security Specialist by profession, Trey was an Eagle Scout and former Army Intelligence Officer. He has a psychology degree from the University of West Georgia where he studied under Dr. Bill Roll and other luminaries. He serves as Director of the Oxford Paranormal Society and its Anomalous Studies and Observation Group (ASOG).

March 7, 2021
We are revisited by Canadian ghost hunter Morgan Knudsen to talk pop culture, humor in the afterworld, our concept of reality, and other topics. Morgan runs Entityseeker Paranormal Research and Teachings as well as the world-renowned Teaching the Living program. She brings classes and presentations on paranormal phenomena to a new level, and is also the resident paranormal specialist featured on the Haunted Hospitals and Paranormal 9-1-1 TV reality shows. Morgan is also author of Teaching The Living.

February 28, 2021
Our 15th anniversary episode continues with UFO historian Jerome Clark, author of the "UFO Encyclopedia" and other works. During this discussion, Jerry talks at length about what he regards as the two different forms of paranormal encounters. One is the "event anomaly," which involves seeing physical objects, possibly spaceships. The other is the "experience anomaly," involving episodes of high strangeness that include UFO abductions, sightings of Bigfoot and ghosts and other strange encounters. The latter, he says, exist outside of our "consensus reality." In his "other life," Jerry is also a songwriter whose songs have been recorded or performed by such musicians as Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Tom T. Hall.

February 21, 2021
We are rejoined by UFO researcher Sheryl Gottschall, President of Australia's UFO Research Queensland (UFORQ). During this segment, Sheryl talks about such matters as MIB in Australia and the Pine Gap UFO. She also discusses her ongoing interest in UFO abductions. She says that many of the witnesses she spoke with during the 1990s sought hypnosis for their missing time experiences, but she was dissatisfied with the hypnosis techniques used to recall their memories. She wanted to understand hypnosis more deeply, so she completed a course in hypnosis in 2000, and has worked as a professional clinical hypnotherapist since. She explains to Gene and Randall her concerns about the limitations of hypnotic regression and why she doesn't recommend its use to recover lost memories, such as those involving episodes of possible missing time.

February 14, 2021
Paranormal writer and researcher Tim R. Swartz rejoins us to talk about the strange and unknown. His topics include the influence of UFOs on musicians, such as the Foo Fighters, a rock band who records on their own label, Roswell. Among conspiracy theories, Swartz talks about the strange case of Bob Lazar, who claims to have been involved in reverse-engineering alien technology at Area 51 and Philip J. Corso, co-author of "The Day After Roswell." In addition to his contributions to numerous books, Tim is the writer and editor of the online newsletter Conspiracy Journal; a free, weekly e-mail newsletter, considered essential reading by paranormal researchers worldwide. He's also the host of the webcast "Exploring the Bizarre" along with Timothy Green Beckley on the KCOR Digital Radio Network.

February 7, 2021
We are rejoined by Martin Willis, host of Podcast UFO, and paranormal experiencer Tom Warner, who tells of his encounters in his autobiography, “Beyond the Stars.” During this episode, Tom details experiences of precognition, which included dreams of a serious traffic accident that occurred when he was 17. He goes on to describe incidents where he was able to actually save the lives of some people, and the ongoing emotional impact he still feels when he talks about it. Martin feels certain that we are not alone in the universe, and thinks it is possible that some small compartmentalized part of our government may know that and keeps it from us. Tom was inducted in the Great Barrington Historical Society Museum Berkshire UFO, and was recently featured on a Netflix show, the reboot of “Unsolved Mysteries,” Episode 5, “Berkshires UFO.”

January 31, 2021
Former FBI and AFOSI agent and paranormal writer Walter Bosley returns to continue the interview that began on the January 31, 2021 episode of The Paracast. He focuses, first, on his skepticism of possible UFO disclosure in light of the Pentagon UAP Task Force and other developments. In addition to offering a reality check about optimistic expectations based on his government intelligence background, he also talks about a possible paranormal encounter that occurred while he visited Disneyland in the early 1980s, The experience is also described at length in one of his books, Latitude 33: Key to the Kingdom.

January 24, 2021
Gene and Randall are revisited by professor and biological anthropologist Dr. Michael P. Masters. Rather than just focusing on the possibility of UFOs being time travelers, the topic of his book, Identified Flying Objects: A Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach to the UFO Phenomenon.he considers whether they also visited us in our past, thus becoming what we call ancient astronauts. Or were there advanced human civilizations in our past? Over the years, Dr. Masters has developed a broad academic background, which began studying physics and astronomy at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, with further undergraduate and graduate coursework in astrobiology, statistics, astronomy, and physics along with a perennial review of developments in modern physics regarding time and time travel.

January 17, 2021
Special Correspondent William Puckett returns to continue the discussion of recent UFO cases that began on the January 17, 2021 episode of The Paracast. In addition to reports of possible UFOs as photographed by door bell cameras, he also talks further of his expectations for the report required from the Pentagon UFO Task Force in mid-2021. Disclosure, or yet another excuse about the lack of impact to national security? William's UFOs Northwest site is a national reporting center for UFOs that is seeking to find the truth about the phenomenon and share its results with the public. He believes that, for far too long, citizens have been kept in the dark by government and research agencies.

January 10, 2021
Futurist Gray Scott returns to continue a discussion that began on the January 10, 2021 episode of The Paracast. In this segment, he focuses heavily on the paranormal and the personal experiences he alluded to on the main show. His lifelong paranormal encounters include episodes of precognition, the awareness of things to come that he claims is also part and parcel of the abilities of other futurists. He also talks about sightings of orbs and other phenomena, and reveals that his new home is located in the Hudson Valley in New York, the scene of a number of strange occurrences over the years, where author/experiencer Whitley Strieber experienced the UFO abductions he reported in his various books. Gray says: “The future is a portal inward, what we find there will be computational and ancient.”

January 3, 2021
Gene and Randall are rejoined by author and experiencer Philip Kinsella, who continues to talk about his book, "YOU - THE PUBLIC DECEIVED: The Grand UFO Deception." In addition to talking further about the gray aliens he observed, he refers to other possible types of ET, such as the Nordics reported by UFO contactees in the 1950s and 1960s. Philip and Randall also have an extended conversation about the nature of consciousness, and the possible multifaceted reality of his abduction experiences. Apart from dozens of published articles on the paranormal, Philip has also appeared on Channel 4, Central, Live TV and Digital, Anglia News, along with radio interviews. He has also had other books published on the UFO phenomena, including ""Sky Crash Throughout Time: A Continued Investigation into the Rendlesham UFO Mystery," which he coauthored with the first investigator/author on the case, Brenda Butler.