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After The Paracast — What You've Missed

Gene Steinberg

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Again, After The Paracast is only available to Paracast+ subscribers. Episodes for the past year are listed below:

November 29, 2020
Writer, educator and blogger MJ Banias, from The Debrief, an online science, technology and defense news outlet, continues the discussion that started on the November 29, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He focuses on UFO culture, such as the controversies confronted by America's largest UFO group, MUFON, and why he believes it will fade over time as memberships decline. And what about the difficulties in attracting younger people to the study of UFOs? MJ also joins Gene and Randall in talking about a possible paranormal unified theory, in which all strange events might be traced to a specific cause.

November 22, 2020
Paranormal researcher and lecturer Morgan Knudsen continues the discussion that began on the November 22, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He discusses David Halperin's theory attributing UFOs to the collective unconscious, possible causes of some UFO abductions, whether we live in a "Matrix" reality, a simulation, and whether paranormal visitors may be positive or negative. Award-winning founder of Entityseeker Paranormal Research & Teachings (the evolution of The Association for Psychical Research in Canada, 1918) as well as the world-renowned Teaching the Living program for clients, Morgan brings classes and presentations on this phenomenon to a new level.

November 15, 2020
UFO disclosure lobbyist Stephen Bassett returns to continue the discussion that started on the November 15, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He speculates as to when the Pentagon UFO Task Force is expected to release its first report to Congress on whether the phenomenon presents a threat to national security, the possibilities of congressional hearings on UFOs, along with the history of government investigations into the matter, and whether and what kind of extraterrestrial beings might be contacting some Earthlings. Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG) founded in 1996 to end what he regards as a government imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena.

November 8, 2020
For Part II of an interview that began on the November 8, 2020 episode, author Nick Redfern expands the discussion of his book, “The Martians” to cover the so-called “unified field theory” of the paranormal, in which such phenomena as UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot and other strange events are in some way interconnected. The discussion also covers the U.S. government’s ongoing interests in the paranormal, and the possibilities of reverse engineering alleged alien technology, such as the unverified claims made in the 1997 book, “The Day After Roswell,” written by Army Colonel Philip J. Corso and William J. Birnes. Is there any advanced technology at all that may have been funneled to private industry to somehow take apart and exploit?

November 1, 2020
Physicist and UFO investigator Dr. Bruce Maccabee continues the discussions that began on the November 1, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He speaks of his prediction that the Pentagon UAP Task Force will admit some of those craft have offworld origins and also debates Randall on the controversial UFO photos and videos from Ed Walters, a key figure in the 1987 Gulf Breeze UFO case. Dr. Maccabee says that he set up Walters to take some of the first stereo photos of UFOs. In addition to a brief talk about possible origins for the UFOs, he makes brief remarks about his ongoing musical interests. He became seriously interested in the UFO phenomenon in the late 1960s, while working for his Ph. D. at The American University.

October 25, 2020
In Part II of an interview that began on the October 25, 2020 episode of The Paracast, documentary film producer James Fox, a long-time friend of The Paracast, continues to provide fascinating background information about his long-awaited UFO documentary, "The Phenomenon" which represents some eight years of work to bring a conclusion to this project. During this interview, Fox will also present some personal asides as to his involvement, years ago, as one of the hosts of a short-lived UFO reality show where things rapidly became unglued, and about three instances of encounters with possible government agents focused on the enigma.

October 18, 2020
Investigative UFO researcher Samuel J. Maranto continues the discussion that started on the October 18 , 2020 episode of The Paracast. During this segment, he focuses mainly on the November 7, 2006 UFO mass sighting at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. Sam paints a detailed picture of the case, which involved a disc-shaped craft that was seen to shoot through the clouds at high speed, leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud layer. He also explains why theories that the UFO was itself an unusual cloud formation simply don't apply, and also covers some potential explanations to the UFO mystery with Gene and Randall. As a guest to a variety of radio shows as well as a public speaker, Sam makes a point to cover key fundamental facts that unshakably illustrate the genuine nature of this phenomenon.

October 11, 2020
In Part II of an interview that began on the October 11, 2020 episode of The Paracast, researcher/writer/author Andrew Colvin. He continues to talk about the Mothman, plus possible shape-shifting creatures, the JFK assassination, Nazi conspiracies, mind control, 19th century airships, and even the controversial legend of the Philadelphia Experiment. In addition to his expertise on the Mothman, Colvin is an eclectic artist, photographer, filmmaker, publisher, musician, and bestselling author, who has been called "one of America's great, pain-in-the-butt original thinkers." Colvin has written or co-written over 50 books, and is credited with co-discovering the "11-11 Awakening Code" and advancing the practice of "synchro-conspiracy."

October 4, 2020
UFO disclosure lobbyist Stephen Bassett returns with an update about the Pentagon UAP Task Force, and how he expects efforts to reveal the truth about the phenomenon to turn out through early 2021. He covers the ongoing political byplay, the potential impact of the election for President, and why the decades of previous research doesn't appear to play a part in the current situation. Bassett is the executive director of Paradigm Research Group, founded in 1996, to end what he describes as a government imposed embargo on the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. He has spoken to audiences around the world about what he feels are the implications of disclosure by world governments of what he regards as an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

September 27, 2020
In Part II of an interview that began on the September 27, 2020 episode, investigatorStan Gordon continues to discuss the possible connections among UFO, Cryptid and other strange events. The history of the U.S. government’s UFO investigations over the years is also covered, along with dimensional portals, advanced holographic projections, and shape-shifting and disappearing craft and creatures. Stan has been interviewed for TV and radio programs nationally and internationally. He has been seen on the History and Discovery Channels, SyFy Channel, Fox News Channel, Destination America Channel, and Unsolved Mysteries, as well as numerous other TV programs.

September 20, 2020
Curt Collins joins Gene and Randall for an extended discussion that includes: The History Channel’s “Project Blue Book” TV show and its flaws, Dr. John B. Alexander’s wide-ranging interests that cover such topics as UFOs and include life after death. The trio also looks at the U.S. government’s recent efforts to examine UAP sightings. Curtis runs Blue Blurry Lines, a website focused on the UFO mysteries, as well as its legends and hoaxes. He also runs The Saucers That Time Forgot with Claude Falkstrom, focused on unearthing “tales that UFO history has overlooked or would rather forget.” A recent example is an article on how legends of flying saucers were used in the late 1940s and also the 1950s as a gimmick to sell stuff to children.

September 13, 2020
Long-time UFO researcher Richard Hoffman joins Gene and Randall to continue the discussion that began on the September 13, 2020 episode of The Paracast. In addition to the Pentagon UFO task force, he talks about the work of the late researcher Leonard Stringfield, who spent years cataloging possible UFO crash/retrievals. He also talks about the influence of Captain Edward Ruppelt, author of the 1950s book, 'The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects," as an original source of UFO information, and his expectations for ongoing work of the SCU in its continuing studies of the phenomenon from cultural and scientific aspects.

September 6, 2020
Longtime Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski returns for Part II of the interview that began on the September 6, 2020 episode of The Paracast. There a heavy focus on UFOs seen by children, his debates with the late Professor Michael Persinger over whether distant earthquakes can somehow influence or cause paranormal encounters. He also continues the discussion about the state of UFO research, and whether any of the current personalities in the field can serve as a major spokesperson on the subject in the tradition of Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Since 1989, Chris has compiled sighting reports into the “Canadian UFO Survey.” The survey is made publicly available in an attempt to promote the dissemination of information across the field of Ufology.

August 30, 2020
Paranormal author and investigator John Olsen continues the discussion that began on the August 30, 2020 episode of The Paracast, as he offers even more truly fascinating tales of the strange and the unknown, including ones involving his own family. These include sightings of translucent entities known as Hatman and other incidents at his parents’ residence. There is also further discussion about the Mandela Effect, how Star Trek has influenced new scientific developments along with other pop culture references. John’s Stranger Bridgerland series contains firsthand accounts of everything from ghosts, monsters and hauntings, to glitches in the matrix, Sasquatch and UFO’s.

August 23, 2020
Best-selling author Sidney D. Kirkpatrick returns for the second part of his interview, which started on the August 22, 2020 episode of The Paracast. Again, his main emphasis is the late psychic Edgar Cayce, this time focusing on whether any of the psychic communications he reportedly had involved beings from other planets. Sidney also talks briefly about UFO sightings involving people he knew, and he also focuses on notables who also given readings by Cayce, such as a scientist who once researched the possibility of anti-gravity propulsion. Sidney also talks about other psychics, such as Peter Hurkos, who allegedly manifested such abilities after he recovered from a coma caused by a head injury. His original Cayce work is "Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet."

August 16, 2020
Gene and Randall present Part II of the interview with Micah Hanks that began on the August 16, 2020 episode of The Paracast. After a brief pop culture talk, Micah moves to renewed hopes for UFO disclosure in response to a CNN report about a Pentagon task force to probe the phenomenon. He also discusses space exploration, mysterious ancient mysteries about the migration of humans around the planet, and the legends of Atlantis. A longtime advocate for scientific research into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), he maintains an interest in the history, and possible scientific explanations for aspects of the phenomenon.

August 9, 2020
Skeptical paranormal researcher Bryan Bonner, from the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, returns to discuss the actual causes of the so-called "exploding head syndrome" and also sleep paralysis phenomena. The latter is sometimes attributed to possible UFO abductions. He also talks to Gene and Randall about the organization's "Parastupid" investigations, where they find conventional explanations for what appears to be extraordinary phenomena. With extensive experience and training; using a collection of equipment and the most important tool, critical thinking, Bryan utilizes stage magic, mentalism and science to seek the evidence to solve the mysteries, and, where possible, close the cases.

August 2, 2020
Gene and Randall continue the discussion with UFO writer/researcher Preston Dennett that began on the August 2, 2020 episode of The Paracast. After some pop culture talk about more and more people skipping movie theaters and watching them on their flat-screen TVs, Preston continues to reveal some more fascinating cases of UFOs from his book, “UFOs at the Drive-in,” whether some UFO cases are government experiments, plus some UFO abduction cases, including some where the victim fought back against the alien captors. Preston also talks about cattle mutilations and why he feels they are related to the UFO phenomenon. And is it possible that some UFOs are actually a form of advanced holography?

July 26, 2020
Long-time UFO investigator Dr. Roberto Pinotti, author of "UFO Contacts in Italy," continues the discussion that began on the July 26, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He focuses on such topics as the World Coalition for Extraterrestrial Contact (WCEC). which he heads. The organization is intended to work with the UN to advance any disclosure. Roberto also talks about the value, if any, of using the acronym UAP instead of UFO, and his own UFO sighting in 1978, which involved multiple objects seen by multiple witnesses for over three hours. And do large UFO groups, such as MUFON, have any future in advancing the cause of UFO research?

July 19, 2020
Gene and Randall continue the discussion with Australian UFO researcher and experiencer Tino Pezzimenti that began on the July 19, 2020 episode of The Paracast. Tiny has worked with UFO Research of Queensland,one of the oldest existing UFO organizations. The discussion moves through whether we are ready for visits by extraterrestrials, Tino’s personal paranormal experiences, and two UFO abductions involving friends of us. One of those cases included a possible alien implant, and the other a possible missing time episode. And whatever happened to the “angel hair” phenomenon of the early UFO era, which involved a sticky, fibrous substance sometimes reported in connection with UFO sightings?

July 12, 2020
Gene and Randall are rejoined by experiencer and empath Kevin Killen for an interview that began on the July 12, 2020 episode of The Paracast. Gene leads off the discussion by talking about some of the TV shows he recommends for folks who are spending most of their time at home during the coronavirus, focusing on police procedurals and mysteries, plus a mini-series that stars someone who might be an ideal candidate for the next James Bond.The author of "Ghosts and Me,"Kevin talks about more of the ghost encounters he has experienced or heard about over the years. You'll hear about the possibly haunted car he once owned, along with phantom whistlers, phantom basketball players, and other unusual events that reportedly occurred at the rehabilitation center at which he works.

July 5, 2020
Gene and Randall focus on trivia and pop culture in this special color commentary episode. You'll hear Gene explain how monster movies and magazines about monster movies combined to direct Gene, as a teenager, to his career as a radio talk show host. And will any of the recorded interviews of personalities in the UFO field, which Gene did decades before The Paracast debuted, ever be found? The focus also movies to two versions of World UFO Day and whether each has any significance. Randall presents stories about UFO sightings of hundreds of years ago that, in many respects, mimic the characteristics of sightings from the modern UFO era. And there's also a bit of music trivia.

June 28, 2020
Politics remain front and center as Gene and Randall continue their discussion with UFO lobbyist Stephen Bassett on the prospects for disclosure. Starting with published reports on the efforts of Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio to require the Department of Defense to reveal what it knows about UFOs, Stephen focus on the potential impact, and whether it'll take until 2021. well after the Presidential election, for anything meaningful to occur. He speculates on what might have happened to the treatment of the UFO subject had Hillary Clinton been elected President in 2016, and also reminisces about the impact of the late astronomers Carl Sagan and Dr. J. Allen Hynek on the way the subject of UFOs has been treated over the years.

June 21, 2020
In Part II of a discussion that began on the June 21, 2020 episode of The Paracast, Gene and Randall present Rona Anderson, a psychic medium who says she can communicate with earthbound spirits and remove them from people’s homes and businesses. During this episode, Rona talks about her two UFO sightings, one of which was a relatively close encounter of a strange object. She also talks about investigating reports of goblin-like creatures, her ongoing role as a medium and how she manages to do her work. Rona and her husband, Ben, focus their efforts on the area in which they live, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She can be contacted at her site, The Paranormal Explorers.

June 14, 2020
Gene and Randall present the second part of an interview with skeptical researcher Benjamin Radford, which began on the June 14, 2020 episode of The Paracast. The discussion continues to focus on Ben's books, emphasizing our fear of clowns as possible evil-doers, cricketers, evidence of mass hysteria, and the ever-mysterious goings on in New Mexico. Does he buy claims that the U.S. government may have been responsible for some of the early UFO and abduction-related episodes? Ben has done first-hand research into mysterious phenomena in 16 countries on four continents including psychics, ghosts and haunted houses; exorcisms, miracles, Bigfoot, stigmata, lake monsters, UFO sightings, reincarnation, and crop circles, and many other topics.

June 7, 2020
This is definitely not a politically correct episode as Gene and Randall have an extended discussion with paranormal podcaster Katina Kyle, a.k.a. K-Town, on the black experience, the paranormal, and the worldwide turmoil that has erupted over race issues. Katina is a military veteran and the host and creator of Mysterious Radio and The X Podcast. K-Town has had a long interest in all things strange and unusual since witnessing “fire” suddenly start to blaze out of a hill at night when she was 14 years old. Always knowing that there was more going on in the unseen world, she started Mysterious Radio in 2016, and has conducted interviews on everything from UFO and alien phenomena, true crime, strange disappearances, true hauntings and more.

May 31, 2020
In a follow-up to the May 31, 2020 episode of The Paracast, Gene and Randal present ghost and monster hunters Chad Lewis and Kevin Lee Nelson, whose book's include "Wendigo Lore: Monsters, Myths, and Madness." During this extended visit, Chad and Kevin continue the discussion about the mysterious and frightening Wendigo legends, the hidden symbols that may exists within events of high strangeness. plus other incredible age-old mysteries. Both investigators have spent years traveling the U.S. in search of America’s hidden legends and vanishing folklore.

May 24, 2020
Prolific author and veteran UFO investigator Kevin D. Randle returns to continue the discussion about the book, "The Best of Project Blue Book," which started on the May 24, 2020 episode of The Paracast. Kevin continues to discuss revisiting major cases examined by the Air Force in search of new evidence, and describes why he feels the 1964 Socorro, NM sighting was bundled by such investigators as APRO and NICAP in their coverage of the case. Randall and Kevin debate on whether the UFO might have been a test aircraft or some kind of unknown phenomenon, perhaps a spaceship. And what about Project Moon Dust, reputed to be a once-secret successor to Project Blue Book?

May 17, 2020
Author and original thinker Nick Redfern returns to continue the discussion about new explanations for some of the UFO field's sacred cows. As author of "The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy: A Close Encounter Exposed as a Top Secret Government Experiment," Nick provides more details about how he came that conclusion about this classic case, and how other cases, including the 1952 Flatwoods Monster, might have involved government experiments, although Nick does believe there is a genuine UFO phenomenon that remains unexplained. There's also a brief discussion about the latest Star Trek TV series, along with Nick's unexpected reaction to sci-fi.

May 10, 2020
So it is another one of “those” episodes, where Gene and Randall wonder aloud just what might have gone wrong when author/channeler Dianne Tessman appeared on The Paracast on May 10, 2020 to talk about her time-travel book, “Future Humans and UFOs.” Your humble hosts speculate about the potential consequences of time travel and why a book author might be disappointed when they are asked less-than-softball questions about their theories and beliefs. Randall also briefly recalls his encounter with the notorious paranormal huckster, Bill Knell, who once bailed on a Paracast episode when he was asked just a few too many uncomfortable questions about why some of his claims couldn’t be supported by facts.

May 3, 2020
Ghost investigator Stephen Williams, founder of Memphis Ghost Investigations & Spirit Rescue Website, returns to continue the interview started on the May 3, 2020 episode of The Paracast. He first joins Gene and Randall in some politically incorrect chatter about the coronavirus pandemic before jumping full stream into the world of the paranormal. During the wide-ranging discussion, Randall brings up the possibility that ghost phenomena and other paranormal events, such as UFO sightings, might have similar origins, and whether that should form a possibility for ongoing investigations.

April 26, 2020
In Part II of an interview that began on the April 26, 2020 episode of The Paracast, veteran UFO investigator Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio, returns to focus on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, and a possible conspiracy theory of how it all got started. Do the edicts about staying at home, wearing face masks, and "social distancing," staying six feet apart, present a potential threat to personal freedoms? Don muses about political outcomes before returning to the UFO field and whether proof of their reality might be handed off to private industry to shield that evidence from Freedom of Information Act requests and other attempts to discover the truth. And where is the next generation of investigators willing to put in the hard research to follow through on the evidence?

April 19, 2020
Author and experiencer Kevin Killen, author of Ghosts and Me, returns to talk more about his lifetime of paranormal encounters, which began at age four and have . These episodes have involved not just ghosts but possible shadow entities. But first Kevin joins Gene and Randall to talk the ongoing impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and its potential negative influence on our personal freedoms. Are the authorities taking advantage of the situation to further encroach on our privacy? Kevin, who works nights at a rehab center in Virginia, also provides more details on the various workplace hauntings he has experienced and heard about from his coworkers.

April 12, 2020
Gene and Randall introduce Ben Hurle, President of Victorian UFO Action, a UFO group from Victoria, Australia. Formed in 2010. VUFOA investigates not just sightings, but they also do investigations and counseling for experiencers, and produce Australia’s only UFO TV-oriented show. During this episode, Ben will discuss the group's origins amid what he calls the relative lack of active UFO organizations in his country. He'll also offer some amazing case histories, including the classic 1993 Kelly Cahill abduction episode that is a mainstay of ongoing UFO research in Australia.

April 5, 2020
Continuing an interview that began on the March 29, 2020 episode of The Paracast, Gene and Randall present UFO researcher Preston Dennett, author of Onboard UFO Encounters. Before covering additional case histories, Preston joins the crew in talking about possible conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus, such as whether it was created to subjugate humanity, and whether any alleged extraterrestrials would be interested in doing anything about it. Preston also continues the discussion about whether supposed UFOs have been involved in possible healings, along with stories about famous people seeing UFOs and possibly having close encounters with them.

March 29, 2020
Continuing an interview that began on the March 29, 2020 episode of The Paracast, Gene and Randall present UFO researcher Preston Dennett, author of Onboard UFO Encounters. Before covering additional case histories, Preston joins the crew in talking about possible conspiracy theories about the novel coronavirus, such as whether it was created to subjugate humanity, and whether any alleged extraterrestrials would be interested in doing anything about it. Preston also continues the discussion about whether supposed UFOs have been involved in possible healings, along with stories about famous people seeing UFOs and possibly having close encounters with them.

March 22, 2020
In a very special episode, Gene and Randall present a compelling discussion about the Pentagon UFO Study/Robert Bigelow/MUFON connection featuring researcher Curt Collins, who coauthored an article on the subject. According to Curt, "AATIP [Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program] news has surfaced, including a batch of documents that prove payments from Pentagon’s AAWSAP [Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program] and Robert Bigelow to a civilian UFO organization -- MUFON." He says that Part II is including "comments from some of the MUFON players that were involved, a short interview with James Carrion and further details about Robert Bigelow and his AATIP connections and activities."'

March 15, 2020
For a change, Gene and Randall play catch up, talking about current events and issues and possibilities in the UFO field. Topics include the possibility that some UFO sightings are actually psyops staged by governments, dealing with major unexpected events, citing the coronavirus as an example, and relating it to how we'd deal with extraterrestrials staging a public landing at one or more locations around the world. What about the danger of ET accidentally bringing an unknown, virulent virus with them? The discussion also includes a sci-fi movie, "Arrival," in 2016, which deals with finding ways to communicate with alien visitors.

March 8, 2020
Gene and Randall introduce Chris Holm, host of the Conspire A Theory Podcast. In addition to podcasting about fortean topics, Chris also uses his artistic talent to recreate accounts of paranormal experiences. With college level traditional art training applied from magazine publishing to comic books. Chris' primary interests in the paranormal are alien abduction phenomenon and cryptids such as Dogman or Chupacabra. During this interview, Chris will focus mostly on the first, and whether we're dealing with visits by ET — or something else entirely!

March 1, 2020
Gene and Randall present Part II of an interview with author and experiencer Kevin Killen . His book , Ghosts and Me, covers a lifetime of paranormal experiences, and this interview focuses on Kevin’s strange encounters that involve two of his girlfriends. He describes one of these girlfriends as a “psychic witch.” This segment includes such episodes as the time a ghostly entity joined Kevin while he was taking a shower, and reports about a possible shadow person. He has also had paranormal encounters at his workplace, which were also experienced by other employees. Is he just lucky that such things continue to happen to him? You be the judge.

February 23, 2020
Gene and Randall introduce author and experiencer Kevin Killen. His book, Ghosts and Me, covers a lifetime of paranormal experiences, ranging from phantom footsteps to shadow people. Kevin hopes this book can help others understand the paranormal, and to give insight into what others are experiencing. Kevin resides in Alexandria, Virginia, not far from his childhood home in Falls Church, where he had some of his earliest paranormal experiences. He won five Virginia Press Awards during his time in journalism. Having stepped away from journalism, Kevin now counsels recovering addicts. This is just the first part of what we expect to be as multipart interview.

February 16, 2020
Author/screenwriter/producer Bryce Zabel returns to continue a discussion that started on the February 16 episode of The Paracast. With a main focus on pop culture, Bryce talks about a forthcoming project of his, a World War II film in the early stages of production entitled "The Last Battle." But the major focus is on Bryce's alternate history novel, "Once There Was a Way," which creates an alternate reality in which the fab four were able to work out their differences and find a way to stay together. The story presents a fictional "break point," an incident that diverged from the real Beatles story and changed history.

February 9, 2020
Gene and Randall present Part II of our interview with Nick Redfern, which began on the February 9, 2020 episode of The Paracast. Here, Nick discusses the curious case of Albert K. Bender, who had an experience with three Men In Black that helped start a legend, and it all took a surprising turn when he wrote a book, "Flying Saucers and the Three Men," about it. You'll also hear more details about the mysterious Collins Elite, a government organization that believes in demonic UFOs. And then there's contactee Orfeo Angelucci, who was one of the few flying saucer contactees from the 1950s who evidently doesn't have an available FBI file on his activities.

February 2, 2020
Gene and Randall welcome David Stone, an active forum member and paranormal theorist, to continue the discussion that began on the February 2, 2020 episode of The Paracast. During this episode, the discussion includes the possibilities of life in outer space, dealing with possible alien technology from landed spacecraft, and the possible involvement of the CIA and other intelligence agencies, in infiltrating and spreading disinformation among contactees and their followers. David also has some unfavorable things to say about Wikipedia, and its potential value as a mostly accurate information resource. And what about those skeptical factions that deliberately alter listings, over and over again, to fit their own beliefs?

January 26, 2020
Gene and Randall present Part II of an interview that began with journalist Leslie Kean on the January 26, 2020 episode of The Paracast. In this segment, Leslie participates in a discussion about the possible UFO and paranormal connection. Speaking about her 2017 book, "Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife," Leslie also talks briefly about ghosts or apparitions, near-death experience, and the possibilities of reincarnation. Leslie is working with a production company to produce a six-part documentary based on this book.

January 19, 2020
Gene and Randall present a UFO sighting update from Special Correspondent William Puckett. This week, William covers several sightings, which include a report of missing time, a strange presence, and a car crash from St. Claire, MI in October of 2018. He also covers sightings from Hampstead, NC on January 2, 2020, South San Francisco, CA on January 14, 2020, Newton, Abbot, Devon, UK on January 3, 2020 and Gainesville, FL on March 11, 2018. You’ll also hear Part II of an interview with Jeff Belanger, paranormal author and adventurer, who tells more fascinating ghost stories. They include so-called “ghost pianos,” including one that allegedly occurred in a lighthouse. He also talks about ghostly phenomena at the Green Mountain Inn, in Stowe, VT. And why, indeed, do ghosts tend to wear clothing? Do their garments somehow survive a transition to the afterlife?

January 12, 2020
This week, Special Correspondent William Puckett presents more recent UFO sightings. They include: A report of a long object with a fiery glow from Hobart, IN on August 23, 2019, a circular object seen in Slidell, LA on January 6, 2020, a silvery object spotted following a commercial jet in Hampstead, NC on January 2, 2020, and a star-like object that split-up and rejoined itself in Hanceville, AL on January 6, 2020. In a conversation that began on the January 12, 2020 episode of The Paracast, Gary Voorhis, Jr., a witness to the 2004 Nimitz “tic-tac” UFO, joins Gene and Randall to talk about possible spoofing of UFOs. He also discusses plans of the UAP Expedition Group, of which he is Vice President, to take a voyage to the area of the coast of southern California, where the Nimitz episode occurred. The group is seeking evidence of other paranormal encounters.

January 5, 2020
Special Correspondent William Puckett presented another quartet of sightings, that included a report about three burning orange balls in Scottsdale, AZ on New Year's Day 2020, a silent low-flying diamond object reported in Gainesville, GA on December 31, 2019, a vintage case involving two cigar-shaped purple objects that changed color, observed in Bend, OR in 1969, and a case from Alberta Beach, Alberta, Canada on November 26, 2019, where a kitchen was suddenly lit up by a possible UFO. Long time UFO author/researchers Jerome Clark and Chris Rutkowski join in to talk about the possible meanings of UFO abductions, and the fact that UFOs are getting serious attention at academic institutions.

December 29, 2019
This week, Special Correspondent William Puckett focuses on two notable cases among the sighting reports he has received. The “sighting of the week” occurred in Frackville, PA on June 29, 2019 and involved a hovering dark metallic object. William also talks about a possible abduction episode from Stout, OH, dating back to 1998, where a couple was taken aboard a UFO and given the “usual” physical examination. Ghost hunter Jill Foote-Shelley, from St. Croix Paranormal, continues the discussion that began on the December 28, 2019 episode of The Paracast. She tells about ghosts in such places as an infirmary, a “castle house,” a ship, and a dance studio.

December 22, 2019
Special Correspondent William Puckett presents another quartet of recent UFO events. They include a report of an object with four separated lights in Conway, AR on December 17, 2019, the sighting of three reddish-orange lights in New Vienna, OH on December 15, 2019, a glowing flying object seen in San Pedro, CA on December 10, 2019, and a report from Cancun, Mexico, on December 8, 2019, involving an unknown object discovered in a photo. UFO disclosure activist Stephen Bassett provides an update on his work since 2017, which included a visit and Russian media interviews in Moscow. He also speculates on the possible impact if and when the existence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth is revealed. Note: There is background noise due to Stephen speaking with Gene and Randall from his car.

December 15, 2019
This week Special Correspondent William Puckett continues to present recent and vintage UFO cases. They include a report from Worcester, MA on December 7, 2019, involving a bright floating object that morphed into smaller shapes, a white "streaked" object found in a photo background from Ocala, FL on December 9, 2019, a case from the 1970s, near Fort Bragg Army Base, NC, which may involve missing time, and the sighting of a multicolored star-like object seen in Kona, HI on December 8, 2019. Skeptical paranormal researcher Bryan Bonner, from the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society joins in the discussion of these reports, and then talks with Gene and Randall about examining the credibility of some sightings and exposing fakes.

December 8, 2019
In another extended segment, Special Correspondent William Puckett discusses another quartet of UFO cases. They include a vintage sighting from February, 1959 in Fort Riley, KS, where a veteran saw a flying disk with multicolored lights, a report about a triangular object and other phenomena seen in Portland, OR on October 28, 2019, a goldfish-shaped object, the size of a VW Beetle, seen in Jamestown, CA on November 19, 2019, and a report of a bright white light seen in Deforest, WI on November 22, 2019. William also joins Gene and Randall in discussions about whether the Roswell crash of 1947 might have involved a Skyhook balloon, and some observations about the case of Captain Thomas F. Mantell, who died on January 7, 1948 as the result of a crash that occurred after he attempted to pursue a UFO — or was it just a balloon!

December 1, 2019
Gene and Randall present an extended segment with Special Correspondent William Puckett, who discusses another quartet of UFO cases. They include: Yet another UFO, this time a vertical bar of light, observed in a ring doorbell video. This one occurred on November 24, 2019 in Portland, OH, a report of a triangular multicolored light observed in Dallas, OR on November 21, 2019, very bright lights moving northeast in a straight line in Boulder, CO on November 25, 2019, and reports of 20 to 30 starlike objects moving northeast in a straight line in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. The last two appear to be among a surge of UFO sightings reported in the wake of the launch of SpaceX Starlink communication satellites that began in May of 2019. These satellites, in low orbit, are expected to begin to provide broadband Internet beginning in 2020. Astronomers are concerned that they will disrupt ground and space observations.