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Actual Solution To Kepler Conjecture


Paranormal Novice
Thomas Hales solution is incorrect. Your computer can't check for what you never programmed into it!

First: encoding? I mean and intend for you to know. Encryption? Trying to hide it.

There are eigennotes. I thought they'd figure this out but no.

See Cohl Furey who told me losing a property is disturbing and with octonions they don't know what happens at Jordan algebra.

I do.

See rhumbline.

See Gauss and the simple curve versus a disc.

With the rhumbline?

Every point on your curve is a disc.

Using a rhumbline you have 4 poles but one is your destination and one is your angle of incidence. Two are the N and S pole. Mag? Heading vs bearing?

You have horizontal, vertical and "diagonal" waves!!!

Eigen for 5?

Eigennotes. You go thru q, with octonions at Jordan algebra you will go through it!


Shperical cavities.

Your mag plasma is the other side of mag soon glass so you could call it an electric spin glass in your terms.

Does fire cast a shadow? Does plasma? There are 3 parts to a shadow.

And there are plastic numbers in math, there's an algebraic form.

Newtonian fluids???

Think about a shape colored in. It has an outline.

And think about poles. The mystery particles streaming in?

They are LOCAL if if we're the center! Think celestial geometry. Saggitarius is telling you where the center of the universe is! Same tilt!

The Gauss algebra problems. One? A curve and a disc. One about rotation around poles, multiple.

Our spectrum has a spectrum.

Xerox? Isn't 4 color printing!

Xerox is rgb.

4 color is cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Where's the white?

Red blue green white

Metal, what's it glow?

Carbon becoming silicone.

There is an optical window for silicon at saffron or Buddhist monk orange and hang purple. Use less than half wavelengths as you need to account for the ACTION of the bond.

There's the bond itself and then the action of it that creates the new thing and the new action of the new bond.






You know how you get phi top? Get pi top!

Hysteresis in a cavity

Micelle water. Turn that inside out so oil in water.

Wanna create a nuclear reaction using pot? You need what Lavosier had, a blowpipe. Only you'll inhale.



Amber or brown colored glass pipe, what they call an oil burner

Pot wax but in what they call caviar form

I used a cured or tempered pipe. It had been used for meth as in methyl group. Haven't determined if that made any difference yet.

Ppl who use meth told me that they cool the bowl with water and they think that this causes any exchange with heat, that after a while it ruins their drugs.

The water is important.

To do this? You can do it via mistake. But to do it correctly? You need to know the science. And if your intent is to cause harm? Won't work.

I cleaned the pipe using bleach. Chlorine gas? Think!!! I rinsed it well.

I'm not a smoker. And pot does not effect me as it does you. First I had to watch the pot wax melt. First clue? Melts like glass, hardens like glass.

After a couple of days as I couldn't draw in a steady, I got it. A controlled breath? Damn near impossible for me and I can't do circular breathing! Where you exhale and inhale like Wynton Marsalis.

I added water to the bowl. And I did it, strong force at room temp. Cold fusion.

Bowl cracked. The sound! Odd. Blowback. You can't see the cloud! You won't! You're playing with the fluid motion of the combination of forces as gravity arises due the intersection so you calculate g based upon this. 6 forces. 6 equations.

Weak, strong
E, M
2 aspects of consciousness

Use base 12 and mag asc and declination, azimuth, zenith and nadir

Flatten the E wave. Something you call scalar?Think flat M wave. Egyptian coffin lid? 24 hr time?

Aaaaargh. You make a turn not a full rotation! Think turn. And think polehode. See using dry ice to freeze mercury. See? Dry? Anhydrous? See metal salt?

Cube within a cube rotation. See the wiki animation. It forms an hourglass shape. If you keep going you get

A lozenge

The hourglass becomes that.

Think phantom crystals.

If I want this chain reaction, chain of causation? Seed it


Start with two chains of double helix..golden braid...see what I'll use? I gotta seed, I gotta bond. If I'm this particle then inside, I'm looking AT the H shaped frame or lattice. If I'm outside? Im looking AT layers.

What's the vibration or sound???

Aleph. NUN. That's a clue, a clue.

The shape? You see it in India. I've seen it in Africa. A circle with Ts sticking out in 4 places.

Hydro, research it. Water loving or fat loving...is water hating the same as far loving? Why does science sometimes use these phrases interchangeably but not Everytime? Why abandon a word such as "enthalpy"?

The thing they call the other side in science? Lol!!!

See electrical engineering and waves in a pipe with one closed end.

You have a drum.

Ppl said I looked dead. Thought they were exaggerating. Nope. Holy shit!

See sugar coated nanocrystals.

The solution to mass volume exchange is

Ridged wedge

See scallop shell. See Tuts gold mask, the stripes. See checkerboard pattern known as electric impedance/resistance, and...neuroscience evoked potentials

Ego is
Crosswired to outside, duh. That's you, fucked up

So see using two chains, see Intarsia crochet, or how to use two chains and the wrong side of your work to turn a granny star into a star embedded in a square not a circle

You will still work the wrong side and all tails left to right.

Ego and Id.

So I conducted another experiment.

I had a pinwheel once. Now? I saw a five pointed shape.

Carbon black turned into brown or amber colored clouds.

First? White lump. Odd opaqueness. Fuzzy? Brushy plasma? I blew on it. It remained. That's not smoke then, plasma.

So I heated it again.

I saw it happen. Using a clear blow pipe.

I tell a joke: What's my favorite color?

Clear and plaid.

My love crystal became a white lump that became a large amount of what looked like brown or shades of amber clouds. See? See? The internal structure??? The forces shaping it, that are my shape?

A child's soap bubble. If the lattice is the crystal? You're looking at the lattice/crystal when you lol at it. Look at a diamond? Not looking at the crystal.

Also: iridescent quartz. Coated with metal.

I then had aromatic rings! As my brown puffy clouds turned more black but I had it


Think effect. Think artifact.

Glass is amorphous like Jordan shapes are.

There is a third vortex within the earth.

Also see sacred metal, composed of many metals.

See Daniel telling a King his vision was the king is the statue and a rock hits him on the head, causing the statue to shatter into innumerable, uncountable sparks of gold that fly off in every direction.

See Sumer and Wakei (sp), Suzianna and creating life using a block of clay. See the Hangman's card if you survive the west.

I can read these depictions and alchemical books fluently.

Basil Valentine? When you see that triangle shape? You'll see it usually as three animals...something moving.

Fidget spinner.

The shape Cohl Furry works with.


Influential numbers not transcendental.

I'm working on a conversion chart now, so you can translate.

The only thing I haven't told you, didn't post or file some place?

You miss translational post transcription changes. Oh, banks? Aren't accounting for this thing. Some thing I have told you so too bad, grid is already collapsing as they can't create energy so when your money disappears it's on you. Currently? They wait and return it after a time but now? They can't do that anymore. Never went with flawed money system until this point before, get it? Rome collapsed first.

Anyway, the only thing I didn't tell you?

About the water. I will tell you that I ignored the instruction to use distilled water, I did use it from a faucet for reasoning. And I will tell you that Rennes?

Baines. Look at the water. Also? A book. Associated with Rosslyn.

The red serpent? Oil.

Turn micelle water inside out, lol!

White ppl are the guardians of fire.

You don't think a nuclear chain reaction stops when the mushroom cloud does, do you?

H isn't 1!!!



As there is place but then a force acts THRU a substance.

I'll be back but the answer?

Was never hidden as there is no such thing as an actual secret anymore than there is as a vacuum with equal power not energy on each end.

There's reasoning a Q looks like a neutron bomb with its tail or why we see this symbol in Sumer, a circle with a tail, or why if you study language and the majuscule there are 7 of something.

My solution to the Kepler conjecture?

Gives you infinite density or volume as first???

You gotta unite space WITH time.

Time has an amount of mass. Space has an amount of volume.

Triangles aren't scalar depending upon

Orientation, is that direction? Speed? Velocity? Momentum?

Navies. Stokes.

There is no shadow at noon, vertically. Or is there?

Your math stops at decomposition.

And you deny that the "aether" is oxygen and that there's nanogold in space. And on heads of sperm and in our brains. But you sent the magnetic quality our mind or consciousness has. Is!

That's why combustion confuses you. See Fulhame on Combustion.


China. They call quartz and oil

Stone flower and stone oil for reasoning.

You do get oil and water from a rock. Flowers?

You tell me. It's in plain site.

Got a book you want me to translate?
Send me the title via email.
inresusan@gmail.com . Put the title in the header with n/m for no message.





Mer line.


"...and you're just a bubble in it".

I'll be back. Working on a translation now. The North Pole?

Years ago I told you and I filed it to a court

An old, old, structure.


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