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About Political Discussions

Charlie Prime

Paranormal Adept
Han makes good points.

In the 1990's I owned a motorcycle forum and a martial arts forum. I love throwing my political ideas into the merciless crucible of public dissection to test if they stand, or get crushed, but I realized most people do not.

My solution was to create a sub-forum called "The Political Hell-Hole" that:

* was visible to only registered members (not guests).
* required 100 posts elsewhere to participate in.
* did not display posts when users clicked the "show new posts" function.

It mostly ran well, and didn't burden me. My only prohibition was against "drive-by posting", ie. posting articles or tracts and then refusing to respond to criticism of them. I did have to ban a few people who began using that sub-forum as a graffiti wall, refusing to respond to other users' criticisms of their proselytizing.

A political sub-forum can be arranged that does not consume very much Administrator time or hammer the database.

It makes a handy place to chuck threads that go sideways without having to delete them, or offend sensitive user egos.

Charlie Prime

Paranormal Adept
P.S. - The best motorcycles come from Germany. The best martial arts come from Brazil.

Anybody who sez different is a looney-toons fool. :D


Paranormal Adept
Venusian Aikido
Sometimes known as Venusian Karate.
The Martial Art practiced by the third Doctor (portrayed by John Pertwee).
The martial art itself involves pure pwnage that can be applied to any situation.
If you've ever watched the third Doctor unleash his martial arts skills and thought "OMFG! That was AWESOME!", the art is called Venusian Aikido.
The third Doctor was a prominent user of Venusian Aikido.